So I Got On A Plane: The Healing Power of Chiron in Aries

"chiron in aries"
Chiron in Aries: no time to waste

Chiron in Aries: crush the disease
Chiron in Aries: what do we want? HEALING! When do we want it? NOW. 

It’s like a television show wrap-up, after the finale. We have to talk about Chiron in Pisces. What did it mean? What did we learn? How do we say goodbye?

A gal in one of my chat rooms mentioned this – that some of my Chiron in Aries writing so far (look here) was helping her gain perspective.
She is Chiron in Pisces generation. I am Chiron in Aries.

I’m a very HOUSE oriented astrologer when there are houses available (when we have a birth time) so I am thinking about what will change when Chiron leaves my 7th House. You may want to do the same. What part of your chart is Chiron leaving? 

The sign Chiron is in describes HOW we try to get well, when healing ourselves or others — and I do identify Chiron as healing activity: medicine, magick, help, treatment — as well as our areas of focus. Chiron in Aries: HEAD CHAKRA. CROWN.

I wrote on my Facebook yesterday that Chiron in Aries will bring us medical breakthroughs. Will there be new treatments for burn victims or a cure for migraines? Aries and Mars rule fire and headaches.

Chiron in Pisces brought us spiritual and metaphysical “cures” and courses of study, such as the trendiness of everything tarot and astrology and occult these days. Shamans shamans everywhere! This was Chiron in Pisces for sure – the spirit as healing agent but with Chiron in Aries it won’t be as soft. It won’t be as compassionate. Aries is more hurry, more ego, more SELF.

Pisces is anti-self, anti-ego. See where I’m going here? Pisces is ALL ARE ONE. Aries is I AM ONE! The individual!

We are shifting from Jesus the lover to Jesus the fighter. Turn the other cheek was Chiron in Pisces. Throwing out the money changers from the temple is Chiron in Aries.

This Chiron in Pisces tarot and magick trend will cease to matter or be way less everywhere than it is now – and replaced by what? Car parts? What does Aries healing look like? Here’s one idea:

The holy masculine. And the holy masculine is more than car parts.

Chiron in Pisces was soggy. At worst, self pitying energy. Wet gushy attempts at healing trauma but ineffective inadequate platitudes. WHY ME type of energy.  I HURT. But Chiron in Aries is angry. I HURT AND I AM ANGRY. Winning at healing. Self-care. Self-cure

Why I believe Chiron in Aries will bring us modern medical breakthroughs may be my own intuition more than anything, but I feel the Aries wave coming and I feel like those of us Chiron in Aries generation will finally truly understand what Chiron in Aries wants from us because we will feel the CONTRAST (between Pisces and Aries). We will feel the compulsion to BURN WHAT NO LONGER SERVES US. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN.

This is not to say that the entire Chiron in Pisces generation did nothing but wallow. The opposite is true for Chiron in Pisces brought and still brings true healing for many and Chiron in Pisces people are HEALERS. MORE GOD.

But there just won’t be much patience anymore for wimpy escapist inspiration. You may notice FEWER sunset yoga memes on Instagram. Not totally eradicated but less and less and to be replaced by a more MASCULINE style and imagery of helping, fixing, healing. Resurgence of men’s movement, men’s groups. HURRY UP AND HEAL.

Mars is anger. Mars is brute force. Join the army. Use anger as therapeutic tool. Leeches come into fashion again. Bloodetting. Cutting and self-harm in the news again. More tattoos.  More talk about women’s menstrual cycles as innate healing wisdom. Mars rules blood. Mars rules boxing. Sports and fitness on social media expand even more. More strength training, especially for women (this trend has already started but not peaked yet).

Here’s an example of Aries and Mars energy from Grey’s Anatomy (I am their biggest fan).

Owen and Teddy have a complicated past. They were together in Iraq, both doctors. Teddy was in love with Owen. Owen was engaged. Back in Seattle Owen falls in love with Cristina, but Teddy was in love with Owen. Then she fell in love with someone else…

OKAY LONG STORY SHORT this week on Grey’s Anatomy: both Teddy and Owen are single but Teddy lives in Germany and Owen impulsively hops on a plane to go see her and pledge his love and desire.

I’m not gonna tell you how it ends but THAT IS MARS, THAT IS ARIES. One discussion with his ex and he’s on a plane to Germany to tell Teddy let’s do this!!! HELLO MARS!

Chiron in Pisces would HOLD SPACE or meditate. Should I visit Teddy? Maybe I’ll think about it, draw a couple Tarot cards, not follow their advice, ask my guides.

Chiron in Aries gets on the plane. Chiron in Aries flies the plane. Chiron in Aries IS THE PLANE.

And because Chiron in Aries is obvious, lays it all on the table, you may miss the opportunity if you don’t jump when Aries says jump because before you know it they are long gone.

Any questions? 
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Chiron Enters Aries (April 17th)

From the newsletter. You can SUBSCRIBE at this link.

Chiron is controversial.
Some astrologers don’t include him.
I do.

But when I realize that I’m avoiding the topic of Chiron changing signs in April — yes, next month — I know I need to pay attention.

Chiron matters and Chiron is not an easy energy.
If you’ve spent time in astrology circles at all then you know we call Chiron the “Wounded Healer.”

Chiron, a centaur, could heal others but not himself.  Astrologer Howard Sasportas wrote that our Saturn problems could be healed, but not Chiron, that we carry these issues with us until the end.

There’s always a risk of that old wound getting ripped open.
No salve. Vulnerable there.
And maybe we need this Chiron. Do we? 

And this:
Is all hope lost? Due to Chiron’s presence in our psyches?

No, but it will be helpful if you can make room for Chiron.
Make room for your wound, your vulnerability.
This is not easily said or done. Feels better just to hide it away.

Chiron in Aries ain’t gonna hide it away.
Chiron in Aries: LOOK AT MY DAMN WOUND SEE IT???? 

Ideally, Chiron in Aries = NO SHAME.
But if YOU have Chiron in Aries and your Chiron takes some hard aspects, it won’t be so easy to be honest and open with yourself/others about your Chiron problems!

So what do we do?

We check our charts. We see where the new transit will be, how long it will last, the aspects it will make.

Chiron in Aries may be the most important healing transit of all.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, associated with spring, is ruled by fast and furious Mars.

It’s an initiating energy. It begins. It moves forward. It’s not roundabout. It’s direct. Direct route to healing, to a cure.
Expedited healing as I wrote on Facebook earlier today.

Sexual healing.
Passionate healing.
Healing WHO YOU ARE i.e. Aries and Mars are associated with First House of the zodiac which describes YOU.

Aries/Mars is warrior energy, pioneering, independent.

And Mars rules blood.
Chiron in Aries = blood healing, blood medicine, blood magick.
Magick of LIFE.

We are leaving the floating sea mystical realm of Chiron in Pisces for a more direct approach.

If the medicine of choice does not work? We will move on.
Chiron in Aries will be obsessed with its own healing and finding a CURE for pain.

We’ve only just begun to talk about this but I hope I’ve got you thinking… 

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Making Peace With Chiron: God’s Highway

"chiron return"
When I first learned astrology, all those years ago, in that class in New York City, near Penn Station, from a real Occultist, a real Magician, I learned about Chiron. He included Chiron in the chart. Not everyone does.

Some folks do not include Chiron or do not consider him as important as the other outer planets or slow movers.

I wish I didn’t.

I wish we didn’t have a Chiron or need a Chiron.

I wish all of us were without wounds. But this is not “Moshiach time” as a lady I once worked for would probably say. In plain English, this isn’t heaven on earth. Yet.

We have our wounds and they need a representative(s). Chiron is one of these. He makes sure we are continually reminded of our vulnerability. Fragility. Humanity. It’s soooo painful, says Chiron. Can you soften when you are reminded of this instead of hardening your heart? I’ll try too.

Over the years I’ve met more than one astrologer who felt Chiron could NOT be healed, that this wound always opens and re-opens throughout our lives, depending on the transit and our life experiences. This has been my perspective too, and I always felt those “love and light” astrologers were full of shit.  You know the ones I mean? The ones who talk about how great Saturn and Pluto are as if their transits were theme park rides. Life is hard.

No one wants to be writhing in pain all the time and we’re not, for the most part, hopefully, ideally, AND YET those of us who are the explorers and seeker and deep divers, well, we live on a sharp edge. We get hurt. We trust. Many of us are empaths, artists, believers in the invisible.

Question: how to make peace with Chiron. That something will always hurt, has the potential to always hurt, and can get triggered pretty much any time. What do we do? Can we make peace? What do we do? So let’s say Chiron can’t be healed. And let’s say we are so wounded, so so so so wounded. And we try to work and love and be and live whatever life we have and… Chiron. Always Chiron.

“They say” we are supposed to take knowledge from our personal pain. That it’s a gift we can eventually give. Teach. That we can help others. I do believe this is true. Take our writhing and our sorrow and straighten up and strengthen and be a lighthouse for others, be a help, be a heart, life preserver.

Today I reached out to a friend. I was so bummed about something and she was there for me and she showed me good things when all I had to say was sorrowful things. She was a good mirror. She was good.

It was Chiron that was talking, my essential wound. My rejection. Not my filth. That’s Pluto. Not my punishment. That’s Saturn. But my Chiron. My essential wrongness. In all of us there is a place deep inside that just feels incapable of redemption, fixing, perfection, help. That’s Chiron’s curse and the irony is we really can hold others up, comfort others, even when we feel beyond that same help.

Maybe that’s the only way to make peace with Chiron. To give him voice. Speak about the wound. Speak loudly about the wound. Sing it. I’m not sure I ever do. Yes another way is to counsel others and be a good friend but I think there has to be this other way because for many of us giving counsel is not our path. But in this age of social media we can all speak out and take pain out of the dark and make it plain and SEEN. And heard.

Chiron says: I’m not good enough. I’m not X enough. The X is whatever House he’s in for you. That House becomes a black sun. X it out. Cross it out. Ignore it. Until BAM you are forced to confront your brokenness once again.

Advice: find a friend.
Advice: if you don’t have a friend find good counsel who will comfort you. Advice: if you don’t have a friend or counsel find GOD (Goddess, a candle, a Saint).

FIND IT. Because even if writhing in pain occasionally is inevitable, so is solace.

Have you made peace with Chiron? 

You, Too, Are A Centaur (Chiron Retrograde June 27th)

Happy Monday, star flowers.

You are now walking backwards –
Chiron goes retrograde today –

what of your healing story?
What needs to be healed still?
Is healing possible?
What does your body tell you?
What bell is ringing?

What did you forget and must retrieve from the house where Chiron transits
AND your natal Chiron house.

What is there? Questions, questions…
What is there?

I am sitting in the front room of the house as I type this to you –
I rarely sit here. I really haven’t yet.
It’s been almost a month in this palace and not yet have I just sat here with my thoughts and my music and you –

but Chiron goes retrograde and there is space to fill…

When Chiron goes retrograde you do not become less of a beast.
You do not become less of a man (or woman).
You do not become less of a healer.
You do not become less healed.
When Chiron goes retrograde what happens? I’ll tell you what I think happens.

For you, too, are a centaur, even when Chiron goes retrograde.
You lose nothing.
You do not lose your bottom part.
You do not lose your top part.

You are still a beast. You remain a beast.
You are still a man. You remain a man.
Because you, too, are a centaur.


The Stars This Weekend : Mutable Mess But I Like It

"venus conjunct jupiter" So. About this weekend.

Really it’s this extended Virgo-Capricorn TRINE which is GOOD. Grounded, earthy, get it done well and easily energy. But lucky. Lucky breaks for some. Taurus with degrees around 12/13/14 fill out the trine and get a Grand Trine. My Saturn in Taurus is a little bit too high for this configuration but…

About the weekend: so much going on so I keep writing about it.

Sun entering Scorpio on Friday:

From Libra to Scorpio: from objective and rational and fair and beautiful and charming to… completely irrational obsessive magic and power :)

(I love my Libras but my mother was a Scorpio so… it’s in the blood.)

Mars Chiron opposition (which is so very medical). And, again, Virgo trine Capricorn. Venus Jupiter trine Pluto and then throw in the Pisces Moon which will sextile (a good aspect) Pluto but oppose (fight with) the Virgo planets (and you know how Pisces fights — tears, victim-ing).

The Pisces Moon will also square Saturn in Sagittarius and square the Gemini folks reading this.

It’s a good weekend to CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a mutable mess! CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a good weekend to talk to the dead. Scorpio Season begins. It’s a good weekend to Mars Chiron. What is Mars Chiron?

I have a Mars Chiron interchange — my Chiron is in Aries. Chiron in Aries people, Mars Chiron people, they RUN after healing, they bravely fiercely chase it. Nothing can stop them. Yes we can get obsessive, we can get borderline about our mission to get well but that’s the nature of the brave soldier healer beast. And if you’re lucky, if you are near us, loved by us, we will bring you along, we will heal you too. WE CANNOT HELP IT. Chiron in Aries people cannot help but heal others. I’d also like to add that Chiron in the 8th House also cannot help but heal others. It just happens. See? You don’t need to GIVE as much as you do. It happens automatically.

And Venus Jupiter is love – no matter the sign. It’s love.

Got weekend plans? :)


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Help For Libra (From A Cancer With A First-House Moon – Me!)

"saturn in sagittarius"Had a mega Libra on the phone this morning (actually, Skype) and catching myself being VERY VERY ARIES and then realizing okay I’ll pull back a little BUT this mega Libra could benefit from a bit more Aries medicine. WE ARE THE OPPOSITION.

Each sign is NOT an island. I am Cancer Sun. You think I’m supposed to ignore what Capricorn is about? Noooooo!

And then I notice she’s got Chiron in Aries. The problem is worse than we thought ;) The wound around ASSERTING HERSELF AND BEING A LEADER A WARRIOR A MASTERFUL MAGICIAN.

And yes my dear readers I did indeed pull the Magician for her when I asked the cards what she needed to know most! The Magician card is not about being a great partner and she is a great partner I do not doubt that one bit being a mega Libra and Venus in Virgo.

But then frustration sets in and ennui sets in (and repressed or not so repressed RAGE) and IT ALWAYS will when we do not ALSO live OUR OWN LIVES. When we live through others for the most part… we get lost and lonely and we despair. And angry. Very angry. I’m not saying SHE is angry. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that anger is underneath some of the helping.

Now I’m not saying she needs to become Aries, not at all. She doesn’t need to un-Libra or be less of a supportive applauding lady BUT how about we balance it up a bit? Even it up. 

SHE IS OUT OF BALANCE when she ignores her own SOUL, including her 5th House Pluto HELLO YOU ARE AN ARTIST TOO whether or not you live it and if you refuse to live it, it will show up in other less friendly ways — including the aforementioned anger at those who… aren’t living the life YOU actually want!!!!!!!!

I was yelling today on the phone. Not because I was angry :) but because I had the windows open (this apt is overheated lately) and the loud traffic outside and I WAS ARIES and making point passionately.

I know she is going to care of everyone else FIRST. And that is fine. Free-will. Natal chart. Natal promise. FINE. We must be who we are. South Node in Cancer. BUT. But we’re not supposed to STAY in the South Node. We are supposed to master (Magician) and integrate. Can she nurture her OWN creative career/path. Not wait for everyone else to do it? North Node in Capricorn suggests to me that it would be a damn good idea. Saturn (Cap’s ruler) ALSO has to do with how we individually express ourselves in the world — our uniqueness. Did you know this? 

Again, I’m not saying we need to forget our Sun but we can’t stop there. You can’t possibly tell me that a mega Libra with Chiron in Aries is supposed to just… give up. I won’t believe it.


Why You Need To Pay Attention To Jupiter In Leo Right Now (and Venus inconjunct Pluto)

"Venus inconjunct Pluto"I felt redeemed today, earlier today. The gift of nectar sweet truth.

Both Venus and Jupiter in Leo trining my 8th Chiron in Aries.
Venus is exact to it now.
Jupiter has a few more degrees but is in orb.
And I was thinking to myself lately about this — looking forward to it, to the Jupiter Chiron trine specifically and forgetting that Venus is there too, deep in my 12th House pounding away at the waves.

Keep your eyes on this one — on your fire trines. On what Jupiter in Leo will bring you.
Jupiter is at 7 degrees Leo now and will get to 9 degrees by month’s end.
Jupiter gets as far as 22 degrees before going retrograde in early December.
This is no small travelogue, right? This is MOST of Leo.
Then sweetie pie J goes all the way back to 12 degrees before turning direct in April 2015.

SO LISTEN UP YE PEEPS OF EARLY DEGREE FIRE SIGN BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE FOR JUPITER TO TRINE YOU THERE! (Early degree i.e. at least 7 degrees because that’s where Jupiter is now as I type this)

Got it? Jupiter goes retrograde at 22. And then goes direct at 12. So we are right now covering material and experience and gifts of sweet nectar truth and story and Jupiterean abandon that you WILL NOT EXPERIENCE AGAIN until next time. And next time will be different. Yes, it will be different.

"jupiter trine chiron" Venus inconjunct Pluto this week. And Mercury trine Pluto. And I’ll write about the weekend in a separate post but about this Venus Pluto inconjunct:

What is the inconjunct? I call it the aspect of dissociation.
Think of anyone  you know who has a chart full of this stuff. Sagittarius Cancer for example. Gemini Scorpio for example.
You kind of have to wait around until you get the part that YOU prefer to deal with, you know?

Let’s say you like Gemini style but not Scorpio style and you’ve got a Gemini guy or girl and you are grooving grooving grooving on her/his witty vibe AND THEN when you least expect it — or for months on end — all you get is the person living out their relentless surgical analysis of your personality!

Or let’s say you have a Sag/Cancer girlfriend and you love her nurturing caring sweetness vulnerability and home baked pies, but have no patience for her Saggy oblivious distractibility.

See, many of them are just as freaked out by themselves as YOU are. Once they get a clue that they even are this way. And some never do. The inconjunct is not about meeting in the middle (like the opposition is) — a seesaw which goes one way and then the other way and the goal is to have it level. The inconjunct has no such “easy” way out. It cannot be blended. IT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP DO YOU HEAR ME THE INCONJUNCT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP. NO SMOOTHIE HERE, BABY!

We get Gemini intact and we get Scorpio intact and FULL-ON. But only one at a time! And sometimes five minutes apart. Like contractions! It can be shocking like contractions! And I call it dissociation because we get shocked when the “other” sign shows up. And they get shocked too — if they aren’t comfortable with BOTH the energies. Some natives are and some aren’t.

Now, in terms of an inconjunct by transit? We will all experience this. Venus in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

You better worship Venus in Leo (let people have their moments of pridefulness or vanity or glory, earned or not) or she will be PISSED and she will be mean and she will toss her hair and slam the door and #byefelicia.

So let Venus in Leo be and do Venus in Leo. Try not to be shocked or annoyed when she storms in and she storms out with script in hand. Because before you know it, Pluto in Capricorn will show his face too, and he is less pleasant and he is DEVILISH.

Understand, Venus in Leo is ultimately a loving pussycat that you better learn to stroke the right way or she will scratch and bite — but Pluto in Capricorn? Pluto in Capricorn is ccccccold. And is the other face of this transit. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care about you at all. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t going to bother hair tossing or storming or loving or making a scene. Pluto in Capricorn is long game strategy silence master builder scorched earth master plan THE ART OF WAR. You think everything is fine until one day: poof. No trace. Not even a hairbrush. Not even a hair.

You have to give them BOTH your time and attention. Can you do that? Can you embody both Venus in Leo AND Pluto in Capricorn for the next couple days without burning anything down?

So we are all under this energy, this unpredictable hide and seek switcharoo and whichever one predominates in your world is anyone’s guess. Or mine! But we’ll all have to deal with them BOTH.

Expect a few apologies by week’s end ;)

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Do You Hear Your Inner Voice? Mercury Conjunct Jupiter This Weekend!

"jupiter trine chiron" I posted this on my Facebook.

“I’m not sure how to get over it,” I said to myself.
“You won’t,” said the Voice inside me.

And I talked a little bit about “not getting over it” — as strategy.
Not skipping steps.

This encapsulates, to me, all the Venus action of this week. Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. This is much hardship for Venus, dealing with people she doesn’t want and feelings she doesn’t want, but she just can’t stop. Venus Pluto = power struggle and compulsion, but whose power is it anyway? And Venus Uranus is just plain crazy making. Uranus is the crazy part. Restlessness. Venus in Cancer just wants to Eat Pray Love.

There will be a time, there often is a time, when you don’t, won’t, can’t get over it. That is fine. But while you exist in that state, you should make yourself comfortable :) Eventually you’ll know “why this lesson.” Those of us with Chiron in the early-ish degrees of Aries (like myself!) will be getting a boost in the coming days from Jupiter in Leo. Chiron in Aries always brings expedited healing and with Jupiter involved? The ego is restored.

Mercury enters Leo today. PROUD WORDS. Pride in your words. Royal proclamations. Messages from on high. Shouting. Blustery, blowzy. Knowing what you say is important. Speaking with “attitude.” Talking over people. Interrupting. Leo rules the theatre. Mercury in Leo is a writer, a playwright. DRAMA. Dialogue. See what I did at the top? Two lines of dialogue. If you have trouble hearing your inner voice or hearing your GUIDES or the Divine, then practice this during Mercury in Leo.

Mercury in Leo: words of love, words from the heart. Big ones.

So Venus is jumping through hoops. Pushed around by Pluto and Uranus. But at the same time, Saturn and Chiron are trine and thus trining exhausted Venus. And then Mercury conjoins Jupiter on Saturday (and squares Mars in Scorpio).

You know what this is about? Loving yourself.

I remember in one of the classes teaching about Venus and rereading Howard Sasportas as always and him talking about self-love. We have to value what we value! Not reject ourselves, not reject what we want and need. And you better believe Mercury conjunct Jupiter is going to stand up for herself/himself! There may even be angry words this weekend but you know what? YOU ARE ENTITLED (says all this Leo energy square Scorpio in the sky).

They obviously felt entitled to do what THEY did. You are entitled to share how you feel about it :)

And that’s the story :)


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Chiron Goes Direct November 19th (2013)

In one of the chat rooms we were talking about healing from past pain versus letting go of the idea of having to heal, needing to heal.

That maybe this… compulsion to solve it all, fix it all, causes even more problems sometimes.

Behavior though (thinking of my own) can sometimes be… lacking in skill or even self-destructive (and hurtful to others) and thus… we simply CANNOT remain the same… if we want to keep what we love.

And we do want to keep what we love, right? Ask yourself this question. What’s the answer? Have a conference with your Higher Self :)

One way to look at it: the sooner you accept that it CANNOT be fully healed, that it won’t be resolved, the better off you will be. Scars are beautiful. That this is it. The BEST you are. And good enough. Functional enough. Broken enough. Happy enough. Unhappy enough. You are love.

I was born on a Chiron station. Chiron stationing to go retrograde, to go back, turning back, looking behind. What I believe today: the universe does not care what I want. Instead, I have a purpose and the less I fight it, the more normal-type perks I will receive,  like love, like safety. That’s my vision of my life. What’s yours?

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.  Seigneur, faites de moi un instrument de votre paix.”

If you too have a prominent Chiron in your chart, please know that you are part human and part sacrifice. You probably feel this too. Maybe didn’t know what it was.  You don’t belong to this world and yet you must be here now :) You must learn everything you can and help as you are able. Even one word can change someone’s life.

Chiron goes direct in late November at 9 degrees Pisces, making harmonious aspects to Mercury, the North Node, and Pluto. Many of my generation are under a nasty Pluto Chiron square at this time (Pluto in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries) so consider this the balm in Gilead.

Decided to draw a card for this weekend since I’ve got my deck out: Knight of Pentacles. No matter how long it takes, no matter how long it takes, no matter how long it takes. The cavalry is coming.

Love, MP


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Healing Fire: Chiron In Aries

Adventures in acupuncture. A no-brainer perhaps. That someone (me!) with Chiron in Aries would be drawn to acupuncture. Why? Mars rules needles and asteroid Chiron has to do with healing (self and others).

The first time I had acupuncture, years ago, I swore never again. It was frightening, painful. What I thought was the sensation of chi moving through my body was unbearable. I know now that wasn’t chi. It was someone who didn’t know their shit.

Flash forward: for a recent (since the spring) nagging health problem I decide to try it, based on the recommendation of a friend who has been going to Mr. Lee for years and who Mr. Lee has cured. I trust the triple Pisces. And he’s Aries and I don’t know where his Chiron is but a warrior (Aries) is what’s needed to deal with my needle-fear and worry. Break on through to the other side, Mr. Lee!

First session: it went fine despite my near panic attack and wanting to leap off the table. Once it was over, I felt like a brave soldier. And afterwards I had 6 hours of BLISS. I came home and alerted my roommate:  I just had acupuncture. Leave me alone. Can’t talk :)

Second session: more difficult. More needles.  And the ENTIRE time I had to pee REALLY BAD. And afterwards, some relaxation but no bliss, not like the last time. And I felt sad but in Cancer-land (I have Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer) crying is *not a bad thing*

I decided not to judge this experience. That I had had TWO different experiences. Big fucking deal. Wanting to hold on to any emotion is sweet but foolish. Doesn’t work like that. So I sat with it. There it was.

In the days following I did not feel sad but as a Cancer a mood a minute is a given so that’s not really the point here. The point is that it has been helping me already. Helping me so much that the MD (who I also saw that week) who prescribed me a medication, well, I may not take it.

I may have neglected to mention that my Chiron in Aries resides in my 8th House. Whatever is uncovered, whatever wants to be freed, whatever  is set in motion due to the healing fire of the needle is deep stuff, old stuff, old as… acupuncture?

Chiron in Aries chases healing. Hunts it down. Is it that way for you too?

How do you get well? 



Introducing my limited time New Year 2013 Tarot Special: the year ahead for you in: LOVE, WORK and ?????

I will draw two cards for work, two cards for love/relationships, and then two WILD CARDS i.e. on the topic of your choice: family? spirituality? creativity? healing? your pets? your dreams? your dearly departed? You get to choose!

30 minutes. Email only. $45 by PayPal. And these readings, like all my others, will be the same back and forth style you know and love :)

This offer is good from December 17th – January 1st, 2013

*All proceeds from these Readings will go towards my continuing acupuncture fund *

Aries The Brave Soldier: Chiron In The 8th House

"chiron in the 8th house"It all started with Twitter.

I started tweeting just a little about the 8th House. About the 8th House being “how we get our needs met” according to astrologer Jeanne Avery. I love her books :)

And this afternoon I was waiting for the train. Yes, some subways were running in Brooklyn today and I was thinking about my natal Chiron in Aries in my 8th House and how… true it is for me. How painful. How I couldn’t remember the last time I… And I’m not going to finish that sentence but I promise you, it’s not what you think.

So there’s Chiron. There’s the 8th. There’s needs not getting met. And I remember once in astrology class my teacher saying that with Aries there? On the cusp of that house? I WILL NOT STOP until I solve it, heal it. Aries, the brave soldier.

The thing is this though: every time we tempt that heart space (cunt space, soul space) we open the wound again. And again. And again. And I swear last week I swore to myself that I would NEVER… well.. I just couldn’t imagine NOT giving my heart a break. The 8th House is a heart house. And then the next day I spoke to my Scorpio friend and I felt desire once more.

Is it better to feel it and have no relief? Or not to feel it at all? Share your thoughts…



Music for your Mood: Patrick Watson – Noisy Sunday

Despite Hurricane Sandy, I am doing Readings as usual including Mini-Moons for the eclipses