Venus Trine Chiron & The Healing Place

"venus trine Chiron"
What you need is a life that gives you life.

This is what I was thinking while taking the subway for the first time in three and half years, and I left a voice message for my friend wondering why I ever went to Manhattan when there was so much energy available in the outer borough I was living in. But I was younger then. You were too.

I don’t miss the South. I prefer the directness of the Northeast although I’m certain some of that Southness has rubbed off on me. I apologized for something today and the woman point blank asked me why I was apologizing. I had thought I was in her way.

If you are a person with energy, aggressiveness, fire, desire, you may need a bigger city to walk it off, people to almost bump into.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we have a rather majestic sky. In plain English: our self-esteem gets a boost but it’s not some superficial boost (although we need those too). It’s a bone-deep boost, a cell-deep boost, an ancestor boost. It’s a way back boost. And there’s nothing you need to do to activate it. No spell or ritual washing required. You just need to exist. Stay alive. It’s like rain. It falls. If you’re outside without an umbrella, you’ll get wet.

And yet tomorrow is a fire day, not a water day. The planets that inspired me to write this post are in fires signs — Leo and Aries. And what fire does is share. It spreads.

I remember down the block from me, in 2018, a house burning down in the middle of the night. Luckily the owner was at work and fine and he’s in the process of rebuilding, but that fire was the night’s enemy.

Tomorrow, the opposite is true, dear star lovers. Tomorrow’s fire is a healing fire. The fire of love. Venus in astrology “rules” love among other things. And tomorrow she comes not to destroy you, but to warm you. She comes to show you heaven.

And as I wrote above, you need do nothing, nothing special, except, maybe, to stop a moment, in your busy day, and notice this fire. That’s all the gods ever want. To be noticed. Acknowledged. Just like you.

Venus trine Chiron – August 1st


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