This Weekend’s Sea Might Be The Small Waves (July 11/12)

"Chiron in aries" Some thoughts on this weekend’s astrology:

Two big events.
Chiron goes retrograde. Mercury goes direct. They are related because they are both happening in such a short span of time. One in Aries, the other in Cancer, two signs (astrologers tell us) that are at odds with each other. Aries moving straightforward and Cancer indirect.

Now I talked about Chiron turning back in the previous post, about how Chiron is the wound that cannot be healed and those with Chiron in Aries in their natal charts compulsively seek to heal. They can’t escape. They don’t escape. They are always facing their pain. Is it a losing battle? If Chiron can’t be healed and Aries (i.e. Mars) is always at war with someone or something, then what?

This weekend Mercury in Cancer goes direct. You were asked to review. Did you? Maybe you got in touch with family (Cancer) members or had home (Cancer) issues to tend to. Maybe it was your feelings (Cancer) that you dunked in. Maybe you hate Cancer Season and you’re just ready to move on (Leo Season awaits).

Any time a planet stops, starts, turns around, we need to return to our natal placements, our natal charts, and… think about them. Chiron goes retrograde: how’s your natal Chiron doing? How do you handle the triggers? Do you feel safe? Mercury goes direct: are you speaking your truth, your peace, your desires? Do you feel safe?

This sky is asking over and over DO YOU FEEL SAFE.

"Chiron in aries"Something about this weekend feels still to me or slow moving. Maybe not great revelations but a placeholder like a bookmark and we’re being asked to read that sentence one more time, maybe even the entire paragraph and it’s time to underline the most important passages, about your Chiron, about your Mercury, about the summer eclipses and what next for you in pandemic times. Nothing is normal and but this weekend’s sea might be the small waves and I think that’s a good thing.

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