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This page is always in progress as I’m always trying to better explain what I do.

Scroll down for rates, but here is part of the story of my evolution as an astrologer:

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Some background:

I started studying astrology around 2003 — at a class, in person, in NYC.  I attended this class for years. I never thought I would do it for a living, but by 2011 I had set up my blog (the same one you’re visiting now) and was taking clients. I did blog for a famous astrology blogger for a few months before I went off on my own.

I remember the day when I decided to commit to astrology. I had nothing to lose really. I had a small pet sitting business and had been learning astrology all those years. It was raining and to escape the rain I stopped into a fast food restaurant in Union Square. I had a book with me by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene, one of those books based on their lectures and the audience Q&A. Howard had mentioned the aspect Uranus trine MC, that such souls could become astrologers! I have this in my chart and had fallen in love with (was obsessed with) astrology.

In that moment I decided to ditch my poetry and playwriting (I got an MFA from Iowa in my early 20s) and ONLY write for my new blog. I decided to transition out of petsitting. All my writing had to lead back to an income (was what I decided). That income was to be astrology, which was a crazier idea back then. There was no instagram and YouTube wasn’t what it is today.

These days, if you go on Instagram, or wherever, astrologers and other spiritual teachers are a dime a dozen. Things have changed.

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TRYING TO EXPLAIN WHAT IT’S LIKE TO GET A READING WITH ME (which reminds me, I need some new testimonials):

I feel like I’m not a typical astrologer, what I understand to be a typical astrologer. I’m more intuitive. The chart is a jumping off point, although the natal (and transits) are right there when we talk.

I’ve often had clients tell me that they’ve been to “the best” or the most famous and… then found me and I offered something the big names couldn’t. I’ve been doing this work for so long, over ten years (feels longer!) full time. Readings, readings, readings.

And it’s evolved. At first it was only astrology and only email readings! I moved to phone eventually and I would add in a few Tarot cards, here and there. Then I added in more Tarot. And got REALLY into Tarot. It became an integral part of every reading, as important a tool as astrology. And my intuition grew. Sometimes, these days, I call myself a psychic astrologer.

I really don’t like doing pure natal chart readings. I rather work with your specific questions — about the here and now/past/future, YOUR LIFE, and bring the natal in, rather than go systematically around the wheel: your Sun means this, your Moon means this, etc. although such details often do come out to play, in our conversation.

I like it when you ask me specific questions that your natal chart can answer i.e. your skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses, best career, love life issues, default settings, life purpose, and so on.

I particularly like predictive questions, although no psychic is 100% correct, ever. For me, the Tarot, the astrology, and intuition/guides are pulling from the same stream of information.

We can talk about practical matters (work, money, family, relationships) or esoteric matters or past lives or life purpose. Anything. I enjoy it all. I enjoy deep people who think about their lives and their place in it. I don’t care what kind of mood you’re in. I won’t give you any “toxic positivity” and my clients say I don’t sugarcoat although I think I do see the bright side of ANY transit while being honest. Health questions are probably my least favorite but I do answer them.

I have many repeat clients and new ones show up, of course. Some of my folks have been with me since I started. My main advice on getting a reading from me: do not ask what you do not want to know.

And the usual disclaimer: a reading with me is NOT a substitute for any other professional help. I’m not a psychologist or lawyer or doctor or accountant. A reading with me is NOT therapy. I was telling someone the other day that what I do is somewhere between therapy and talking to a priest, but it’s neither. I never found the perfect name/word for it so I really depend on my testimonials (and book reviews too) to help me out and describe it!













To get in touch:

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To get in touch:

Sometimes I have same day availability and sometimes I’m booking weeks or months in advance. Message me and I’ll let you know! 

I use astrology and tarot in every reading although the mix, how much of each one, will vary. I always have the chart and cards in front of me. Readings are conversations and I like to work with your questions, what you want to know.  I also get intuitive hits (“downloads”) during our talk and will share what comes up. In fact, I can’t *not* share it! 

Healing Sessions (done remotely) are also available but I am not advertising them so much. I trust you’ll find me if it’s how we need to work together.

Please read my terms of service before purchasing.


*I do readings by phone or Skype audio or typing back and forth on FB Messenger/Gmail Gchat/Twitter DM
*No email readings. No video readings. 

*One chart only (unless the reading is 90 minutes or more).

*I don’t record readings but don’t mind if you do.

*You can PAYPAL me at or email me for the link or use the menu below.

*I mostly do readings between 10:30 am – 5:30 pm NYC time (Eastern time). Monday through Thursday, and Sunday


Please read my Terms of Service before purchasing.



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Readings with me are deep, not surface. I love working with your questions no matter how specific or philosophical. My readings are practical and spiritual. I call it magical problem solving. Duende! 

I am grounded and compassionate, a Cancer/Virgo mix. I have a First House Moon Pluto conjunction, well-aspected all around my chart. This gives me intuition, insight, depth, seriousness, and honesty.

To get a sense of my style, take a look at my Testimonials page.
(I need to post some new ones – many of these are years old now)

My book reviews might also be helpful

Contact me:

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What is Duende?

Duende is a word that I learned in a poetry workshop many years ago.
We were reading Lorca at the time.

From Wikipedia:
Duende loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity, often connected with flamenco.

Duende reminds me of the intuitive leaps that happen during a reading. Magical problem solving.


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