Bloody Bloody Aries Season

The menstruation of mid-life, for me, has long been an underworld adventure. A trip. This one is typical and yet not so bad. Is it me? Am I reacting differently? Are those vitamins helping me out? New liquid iron supplement. My mother always said to take the B’s although sometimes the energy burst from them is a bit much. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, black seed oil and Manuka honey and I forget what else. I’m just sitting here, riding out the blood wave, listening to music, and talking to you. Although I did take out the trash. It’s a sunny day.

This weekend begins Aries Season and I think people rejoice when this happens. It’s the start of the astrological new year, the head of the year, and I also think people prefer fire over water. It’s faster and brighter and lighter. Pisces Season was a rough ride.  I’d like to blame the South Node newly in Scorpio. It hasn’t been that long. We don’t know quite how to handle this yet. I sure don’t. I’ll be making a special Aries Season video (audio) for the Coven tier on my Patreon.

Keep in mind: Aries Season means we’ll have a Sun Chiron conjunction. Keep in mind that Aries is associated with Mars. Keep in mind that Mars doesn’t wait. Remember what I said yesterday about progress? I do expect more progress in Aries Season than we saw during Pisces time. Yeah you’ll make more progress than feels comfortable for you during Aries Season but in your Aries House in particular and maybe in the part of your chart where your natal Mars lives. Keep in mind that Mars rules Scorpio too.

But what about that Sun Chiron conjunction? Yes, I hear you asking this. What does Chiron want? Good question. This is a broken glass transit. Like, something is broken in your life and I see you trying to fit the pieces back together like a puzzle, but here’s the thing: you could just get a new glass. Why not? Stop trying to tape up the ghastly one. Sun Chiron conjunction is you sweeping up the shards. Then maybe you vacuum just to make sure you got it all. But you’re still looking at yourself, looking for your reflection in a mosaic of broken pieces. Not sure why you do that. Maybe you think it’s the only mirror you have. But, see, it’s not. You can reject it. That’s the Sun Chiron conjunction. That thing, over and over. Personally, I think you should throw those shards in the trash. I did mention I took out the trash today, didn’t I?

In other news, my characters are more alive than me. That’s how it feels. I’m still finishing my book although it’s mostly done in my notes already, just needs to be laid out. It’s a love story but not a “typical” love story. I love it so much. In my head, I love it so much. I have so much tenderness for these people. Maybe every story is a love story. And I know I can’t get my wish. I know the book won’t be how it lives in my head but I can try and I will finish it. Sometimes that’s the most we can ask for as writers. To accept that it will be smaller than the vision and to feel the pain of that and finish it anyway. It’s like getting up each day even though this and even though that and even though you feel like a motherless child and maybe you are and you get up anyway because as Katagiri Roshi wrote: the only cure for getting out of bed is getting out of bed. 

Stuff I like: 
Shout out to Katie who always gives me credit. She said a nice thing about MY SATURN BOOK in her Stories.
Listening to this Lady Gaga (well, kinda the same couple songs over and over and I skip the rest)
Catching up with past seasons of Survivor!

Kirsten and me doing the Joint Readings this April!
Book with me (solo) 
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