Visiting Adına In The Psych Ward + Chiron Time

First, a story:

Some years ago, I had a friend who was schizophrenic, and she would go off her medication with some regularity and would wind up back in the hospital after violent behavior.

She lived in a boarding house run by a kindly woman who took in all kind of people (I wrote a play about it once; well, it was one of the arcs of the play). There was even a man who slept on the couch, which the kindly woman rented out.

And then there was this girl who was so smart and so kind and so schizophrenic. And she would return to the hospital and I would get word of it (she was more friend of a friend. I had a closer friend who lived in this same house) and off I would go to visit her, with a large sweet Starbucks drink in tow. Extra large, extra sweet.

I loved visiting Adina in the hospital. I don’t know why. I think of it as a personality quirk. I knew another neighborhood lady who said to me she could never ever do what I did: holding the hand of someone dying; visiting Adina after another psychotic episode and staying to chat with her while she chatted with people who weren’t there. Meanwhile this other lady, the one who hated hospitals, would go door to door collecting money for various charities (something, I said to her, I could never ever do).

Blame it on my 12th House Venus. The 12th House rules places of confinement and Venus is love. Visiting Adina was fun. Bringing her a fun beverage was fun. Hanging out was fun. I had a miniature Tarot deck in those days which I didn’t know how to read (I wasn’t yet a professional reader of cards or charts), and we would play with the cards and yeah she would whisper to them.

The doctors on the floor thought I was one of them. I could tell. Thought I was a social worker or some such. I guess I had an air. I’m not sure if I still do.  Truth is I’m somewhere between the madwoman locked away and the one with the degree who helps. Depends on the day I suppose!

What does this have to do with the sky this weekend? Chiron (the wounded healer) is everywhere right now, in us. We’re searching for our health. The New Moon was conjunct Chiron. The New Moon was really a Sun Moon Mercury Chiron mashup which means it’s time to pay attention to our mental health, emotional health, spiritual health. What’s missing? What do you need? Do you need therapy? What kind? Do you need a healer? What kind? What will bring you balance for maybe the first time? Is happiness possible? The Moon today squares Pluto. Actually, it just squared Pluto, as I type this, and there could be a truth we don’t want to see (Pluto rules what’s hidden) and a truth we need to see (Pluto exposes) and we could figure out so much, so much. I know I am!

This sky doesn’t necessarily promise a solution. It is a New Moon, after all. A beginning, a seed. I think that’s fine. We’re not supposed to figure it out today or next week, but over Aries Season. Over Aries Season, we will know, and then in Taurus Season, we will plant. Got it? Okay!

I love you so much, dear star lovers. Until next time….