Sun Square Chiron: Adversity Stones

My blog is ancient now, a relic, but new clients still find me there even though I’ve been blogging only sporadically over the last few years. I never really committed to YouTube or to any other platform other than my own. So hello if you are new here. The best way to keep up with me is on Instagram or to join my Patreon. And yes I still do astrology and tarot readings and you can email me to book one. You can also learn Tarot from me. I’m back to one-on-one or small group teaching.

In other news, I’m writing to you close to the time of my Solar Return and I’m thinking: I’m not sure I’ve learned how to age yet, but I will definitely keep you updated. In fact (in fact!) the new book I’m writing has a little something to do with the topic of aging, which is a new and bewildering experience for me. I mean, I’m really thinking about it.

In other other news: we’re still under that Sun Chiron square. A transit of embarrassment or even shame. I was asking a friend the other day if she had the same negative self talk phrases as I do and she concurred. I started to wonder if it’s universal. Without meaning to (and sometimes intentionally) other people (usually those closest to us or who have raised us) don’t want us to grow or change — or age! I still have relatives who ask me if I’m working because they remember me in my flailing and confused mid-20s after graduating with an MFA in Creative Writing who had just quit another job.

So. Happy Birthday if you’re an early July Cancerian and I’m sorry you have that nasty Sun Chiron square in your Solar Return. It’s like a strikethrough on your soul. You can’t really see who you are in all your glory and you may hold yourself back and/or let others hold you back. I don’t think we necessarily draw to ourselves who we are, but we draw to ourselves what happened to us which then became an invisible, energetic imprint. But that’s another story.

The Sun Chiron people have an innate capacity for healing themselves and others too (and we all need healing) and this is a good thing. I’m so sorry the road to that healing is paved with adversity stones so paint and arrange and decorate the stones however you wish. Remember that Chiron is a centaur, half horse. That’s pretty great! Horses are beautiful but they are prey animals. Yes the square makes things difficult and the difficulty is splashed across your very being. You always feel a little or a lot bashful or undeserving or like something on the bottom of someone’s shoe. That you don’t quite deserve to BE. Yes, it can feel that intense (for a natal Sun square Chiron person). And there are other aspects too which inspire such lowly heights.

What to do besides arrange the adversity stones? Maybe nothing (arranging the adversity stones is a pretty big, time consuming, life long pursuit) except to find yourself a teacher/mentor/guide (as I did, inadvertently) who will take you to the bottom of the ocean, your ocean. Learn everything you can while you’re there, no matter how painful or destabilizing, however long it takes. Done right, one or the other or both will know when it’s time to move on. People talk about doing the work and they talk about taking breaks from doing the work or that we don’t need to do the work but I am here to tell you that if you have a natal Sun Chiron square YOU HAVE WORK TO DO. and you must do it.

Dear Sun Chiron People, you really *can* spend your life not hating your life. And then you’ll be free. Horses are free.

Alright my darlings, much love from the big city.