Raw, Plain, and Forever: Sun square Chiron (January 2024)

Sun square Chiron blog post from a couple years ago 

So I’m posting regularly on Facebook again these days, a few times a week, little forecasts, but I’m gonna try to post them here too. 

I like this sky.

I like Jupiter direct. I like Mercury direct. I like Mars going into Capricorn. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough. I like it so much that I’m doing laundry. This sky is, well, uplifting. We reach towards the sky.

But Chiron.

I spoke to my cousin this evening. We talked about death. She said she rather be there than here, but then added (and I’m paraphrasing): it might not be better over there.

I said that I thought it was. I said… I think it’s like ice cream. And then I had to go downstairs to put the wet clothes in the dryer.

My cousin is an Aries. All Aries have to reckon with Chiron bearing down on them these days. And I think to myself: maybe how we leave this world is how we came into it. And maybe how we leave this world is how we lived it. And maybe they are the same.

Today I had a Chiron conversation with a woman at the institute who is farther along than me. She’s been seeing patients for years but not licensed yet (soon, I think). And when I say “Chiron conversation” I mean we talked about real life. Like when I asked my cousin how she was doing and she asked if I wanted the lie or the truth.

I’m not ready (I think to myself). I’m not ready to not have her here. Chiron in astrology is the Wounded Healer archetype. Chiron conversations have no drama in them, no pretense. They’re too real for that. There’s no Pluto bravado, no style, no glory, just the unvarnished moment. That’s Chiron. Chiron hurts in a plainspoken way. Chiron = can’t be healed. It’s always raw.

But here’s the thing: there’s a power struggle going on in the lives of Aries at this time. I call it signs of life. I see it. I sense it. But then comes the return of the repressed and it’s ruthless: everything unspoken (and unfelt) shall return. Of this you can be sure. It will show up in your psyche, your emotions, in your body.

We have an exact Sun Chiron square on Saturday. What needs to be said? Don’t let the words go unspoken. This is life advice. You may not say all the words this weekend or even next weekend or this month but… it’s a worthwhile project to go as deep as you can go. And then a little more and a little more. “Down to the deepest layers,” as Ferenczi wrote.

Okay. One card. The Queen of Cups.

Feel. Feel it all. And then say the words.

To be continued