House Special: Quick One for Cancer Season

Damn. I just did something really difficult. One of those rip off the bandaid things and LISTEN I don’t know anyone who is having a fun and frolicsome Cancer Season. I pretty much hate summer. And maybe there’s a band-aid YOU need to rip off. I keep hearing about all the crying but the crying is cleansing, right? Without emotional flow, we got nothing. Here’s to doing the difficult Cancer Season things. May it go down easy.

We must never underestimate Chiron and we do have a hard Chiron aspect this week despite the blessing of the good aspects, but we need look no farther for why this week is a wounded bird. Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries (which is, well, my chart). If this week doesn’t feel like an exorcism, you’re doing it wrong. Mercury is your mind and Chiron hurts. Your mind hurts. Your head hurts. I’ve been thinking the light around the Hanged Man’s head is actually a migraine.

AND THEN comes Saturn retrograde. Fine, I say. It’s fine. I was telling my Patrons that I like Saturn rx, at first. Eventually it feels sluggish but we get a break. I believe that. How is it that time keeps on rolling?

I don’t know what’s causing these break throughs and breaking points and yet here they are. So much more to say but I’ll stop here for now.

Keep passing the open windows xo

"mars in cancer"