Mars Doesn’t Give Up: Solar Eclipse In Aries (April 8th)

So I lit my Shabbos candles and poured myself a glass of kiddush wine and might even go to shul tomorrow morning, but here I am blogging — and I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight — but the sky is just so BUSY, and I’ve got Chiron on my mind.

Chiron, my friends, is in Aries.
The Solar (New Moon) Eclipse on April 8th is also in Aries.
Aries is ruled by Mars.
And what does Mars do? Mars hunts. Mars fights. Mars doesn’t give up.

This afternoon with my analyst and he said to me (and I forget his exact words): you might have to fight.

We were talking about an issue that I wish wasn’t an issue.
And I said: but I don’t want to fight!
And before the conversation drifted elsewhere I said to him: I’ve got Mars in Cancer. (Not that he would know what that meant.)

See, Mars in Cancer doesn’t want to fight. There’s no thrill in it. He was trying to make a point though that I already was fighting. I already was IN the fight. And that I might have to continue. Once again, he was showing me my life drive, Eros.

Mars in Cancer is a quiet warrior, the unsuspecting warrior. People think we’re pushovers, all angry about food and protecting baby birds. But Mars is still Mars. We can still kill (i.e. the death drive), but we’ll kill to protect our own.

So. This is a Mars eclipse. It’s a Chiron eclipse. Mars is currently transiting Pisces so it’s a spiritual eclipse. People walking around without their boundaries on.

But here come the questions:
What are you fighting for? What are you living for? What are you dying for? What matters to you? Where does your time go? And your energy? Where does your Mars go? And what on earth is going on in your ARIES HOUSE??? You’re healing there, hard as it is, slow as it is, worth it as it is.

And I want you to take this eclipse, this eclipse energy, and… I’m just picturing you right now as a shooting star across the sky. It’s so beautiful. I know with eclipses we’re supposed to be careful. Stay away from the magics. But I’m not sure I agree. The way the world is now, I think we need all the magic we can get.

Chiron in Aries doesn’t want to have to stand up for herself, just like Mars in Cancer. We rather nap. But that’s exactly why we need this transit. I’m sorry, but we do. So I’m looking forward to this eclipse because I’m thinking it will get easier, this whole warrior thing, leadership thing (it’s so lonely there, yes) and we’ll say what we mean and mean what we say and fight if we need to fight, and bravely. Every minute of every day, bravely.

Alright. To be continued…