Everything Square Chiron: The Longing

I am feeling those squares to Chiron which is also my natal Chiron (in Aries): Mercury and Mars by degree this week (not just by sign) and here comes Venus into Capricorn also squaring Chiron, and Pluto has left the Capricorn part of your chart so there is A SPACE now, a gap, a lack, a lament. Your Capricorn House is missing Pluto thus these squares to Chiron, this pain, is trying to fill up the space. It’s twisted though. You don’t fill up a lack with more lack. I mean, it will only hurt more then.

Solution? I’m thinking the key to this week is to go with the drowning emotions and not to fight them off but to let them cover you, corrode you. Surrender in the seaweed. Your face is a wave and then you are metal and bone and shell at the bottom of the ocean. Not a bad place to be every once in a while. Saturday and Sunday bring us sextiles and trines so it gets easier as the days pass. This suffering is like a crow with a message in its mouth. Open the letter and read it.

My analyst knows nothing about astrology, but he used the word “longing” today not knowing I have a 12th House Venus (square Neptune), and I’m thinking these squares to Chiron will feel like that, this week, like longing. Lowering your expectations might be helpful. The energy will shift. Uranus goes direct this Friday and the weekend looks sweet.

To be continued…

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