Stung By 1000 Bees: The Chiron Return

So I was writing about a moment of spontaneous forgiveness
that I experienced the other day. I mean, I forgave someone spontaneously (they are dead so this happened inside me and on the astral plane) and that was WEIRD, and I know it’s somewhere here, the saved post, but I couldn’t find it.

The gist of the post was that I don’t think forgiveness matters. Forgive or don’t forgive. Up to you. You won’t heal any better or any sooner with (or without) it. Forgiveness isn’t necessary and yet it happened to me, this spontaneous forgiveness of someone who was, well, my enemy. That wasn’t all she was, but she hurt me and I was walking home or walking away from home (I forget which) and suddenly… it happened. Like a sneeze. Achoo.

This morning I was back on the podcast (the link is here) and I was talking about some hard transits I’m under but I don’t think I called them by their names so let me mention one of them: the Chiron Return! And let me say this: I’ve experienced worse. In my life. But this one? Gonna try to find the words now…

The rug. It’s not only pulled out. It’s torn to shreds. Or: ┬átearing off the band-aid with a sheet of skin along with it. It’s that kind of metaphor and you start to see your trauma and how it’s affected you SO CLEARLY. That’s the Chiron Return. The Chiron Return may not be MORE trauma (unless it’s a repeat) but a clarity so sharp so sharp so sharp. You see ALL your wounds as though your sliced-through wrists were a mirror.

It’s not like the Pluto wrecking ball or the Uranus wrecking ball. Those transits bring more trauma for sure. And Neptune, too, has its own diaphanous wrecking ball (it shreds your sanity). Chiron/the Chiron Return doesn’t come with a thud. It’s more like a sting. Stung by a 1000 bees kinda transit. (Disclaimer: your Chiron Return might be GREAT so don’t take my words too much to heart. Yours might be rainbows and spaghetti. Really. Not really.)

Of course the House matters. The House ALWAYS matters. So I’m having an Eighth House Chiron transit and I was born when Chiron was stationing (retrograde) and I always recall Jeanne Avery writing that the Eighth is the House of getting your needs met (among other things), and if you have Chiron there and it’s in Aries there’s this wound around standing up for yourself (Aries/Mars the Warrior). It’s always a little awkward, a little painful. A lot awkward, a lot painful and really it’s not only that you have trouble standing up for you… it’s that you can’t find so easily the others who will stand up for you. You may feel, and be, unprotected, left to fend for yourself, tossed around by the raging wind.

What can help an Eighth House Chiron (which is also the sex therapist placement – yes we are objectively speaking “great in bed” — sorry, that sounds gross but it’s true) is, well, a good chart. If you have a good chart (helpful placements, luck, harmony)… you’ll fare better because this truly is a gruesome placement. People will only feed you so much. It’s like the Six of Pentacles. They will measure it. They will substitute gruel for milk. They will forget you exist. You’ll get a few drops, a crumb or two of what you really need and really require. It’s like pixie sticks for breakfast.

Damn. I’m making it sound bad aren’t I, but hey I’m at my Chiron Return (the last pass I think. I should check) so I’m feeling it, but all transits END. That’s a truth you can take to the bank. All transits end. Even the really really really really really really really long ones. They end. Or you die!

And I know Chiron is tough everywhere. I have clients of course with Chiron all around the wheel. We all have a Chiron. We all have wounds and scars and 1000 stings.

Let me think if there’s anything else I want to say for right now. Some guidance maybe for the Chiron Return and I’m thinking I should write more about this. The Chiron Return is gonna take you back to the original wound(s). That’s what I know. That’s what I feel. One card for now.

They (the guides) are telling me GROUNDING. That’s the most important thing. Being here. In the body. King of Wands. Being strong and stable. Sitting up straight! Managing your life not running from it. And you CAN. You CAN manage it. You’re a King. Be in charge of your healing.

Alrighty, we’ll talk more later

PS One good thing (and there is more than one) about Chiron in Aries (and I do have a few Chiron in Aries posts on this site just search for it and you’ll find them) is expedited healing. It can go fast. It will go fast. If you step in the ring.

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