Sun square Chiron: Like a Song

Everything should be like a song. I mean everything you do — should be like a song. With that grace.

This is not a Mars in Capricorn post. Mars enters Capricorn tomorrow.

This is a Sun square Chiron post (which I also wrote about yesterday).

Sun square Chiron asks us to peer, to look carefully.
Sun square Chiron asks us to be small. It’s not a big, large, loud, dramatic movement. It’s subtle.Every transit asks a question.
And I was listening to this one song and walking from the kitchen table to my big green chair and thinking to myself once again 🙂 about my novel. That my novel is like a song. And even though I am surrendering to its hiddenness, to the idea that it may never ever be published except perhaps circulated among a few….

I thought to myself: it’s like Sun square Chiron. It’s the still small voice. It’s the little flower. (Little flowers grow though don’t they? Small voices get louder.)

Every thing you ever write, every thing you ever write that you have poured yourself into IS you. So my book is Moon Pluto conjunction and Sun square Chiron and Mercury conjunct Mars and Venus in the 12th House sextile Jupiter and so on. Your writing is your chart which is your soul.

What are you writing?

What does Sun square Chiron ask you to write?

In astrology, the Sun in your personal chart is you, your essence. Something of that sign is your essence. Chiron is the Wounded Healer.

Chiron could not heal his own wounds but had good medicine to share with others. When the Sun (you) and Chiron (wound) meet up in the sky it’s best to go with the energy. It’s not expansive. It’s not carefree. It’s not Jupiter. It’s not Moshiach times. It’s small. It’s small the way you feel when you get out at Penn Station and look up at the tall buildings. A feeling of awe. That’s Sun square Chiron. It doesn’t have to be a humiliation. It can be awe. It can be observation. Sun square Chiron shows you what you cannot do. No omnipotence here. It reminds me of Jacob wrestling with the angel who then injures him. I tell that story in my novel. I tell a lot of stories there.

Your life should be like a song. Sometimes with words and sometimes without. Sometimes harmonious and sometimes discordant. Sometimes deeply sad and sometimes… like those other kinds of songs 😉 😉 😉


So that’s your Sun square Chiron homework. Look up at a tall building or look up at the sky, the airplane flying through the clouds. Do what you need to do this week, but make sure to look up. If you go *with* the energy, it won’t hurt as much. It won’t make you feel weaker but, instead, as though you were wrapping your arms around it.

Sun square Chiron is exact on Saturday, January 6th.

Sun in Capricorn, Chiron in Aries.

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