Stop Setting Yourself On Fire: Chiron Return

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So this post is a reminder to trust your instincts and about how the Chiron Return is the end of a cycle of pain and misery, and you can finally see clearly the mistake you keep on making, really see it clearly.

It was a set up. It was always a set up. I mean, you got set up a very long time ago, and then the Chiron Return comes along to rectify it, and it’s in Aries these days so it’s fast and the cards I did for Patrons showed us Wheel of Fortune/Knight of Wands/momentum.

The truth, the answers, are in your body, in your instincts. The other day I woke up with a five alarm fire in me and I kinda listened. And then I moved away from it, pushed it with a stick to the side, and I was wrong to push it to the side. Sometimes I’m wrong (when the brain gets involved/rationalizing/dismissing most obvious cues) about my own life but the body isn’t wrong and doesn’t lie. Ever.

It’s scary I know. It’s scary I know to realize you’re on a path of self-realization but in a shark tank and the thing is this: stop making yourself such a tasty morsel. You know all that bleeding out is so appealing to a predator.

SO. The Chiron Return can end all that writhing and being eaten alive, it really can, but you have to pass through the gate. I imagine that Chiron has a gate. It’s not a Saturn transit, it’s not a Pluto transit, it’s not even a disappearing Neptune transit. It’s about Chiron who wants you to stop setting yourself on fire. There is something else you need to do with that fire, that heat. I’m sure you can think of something. Anything is better than being a sacrifice. Stand tall.

I’m about to make a video for my Patrons at the astrology tier and it’s a slow week which is a relief. What’s Chiron up to? Chiron in Aries sextiles all the planets in Aquarius: Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Juno too! Remember what we always say about Juno: the place in your chart where you must not betray yourself. Don’t do it!

Love you so much