“Aliza is a gifted intuitive reader.

I have had a lot of readings but Aliza is the only reader I trust to take me to the core of my problems.

This is important, because lots of people can tell you what’s happening in your chart, but few will “go there” to the root of the problems without abandoning you alone there to pick up the pieces by yourself.

Aliza is a gifted, honest and trustworthy counselor. It helps that she’s also a poet — because she can connect words to feelings in the way that most people can’t.

Thank you, Aliza, for YEARS of help. I would not be who I am without you!”

Aliza is the rare mix of accurate psychic, skilled astrologer, and clear counsel, giving you the message you need to hear in a way you can hear it. Her reading has helped me navigate changes and challenges with more grace and awareness that I would have without her, affirming what I was feeling and giving advice on how to proceed. Highly recommend her if you are looking for some depth and help to navigate the future.

– Christopher Penczak, Author, Teacher and Co-Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft


“Anyone can learn the building blocks, but what you’re providing here I dare people to find similar depth of insight anywhere else. There are a few (FEW!) excellent astrologers out there, but what you do is the “complete package”, it will always be like this, no compromise. Your craft is nature and nurture. Granted, I don’t think everybody is ready to embrace what you put out there, because I feel your excellence demands that people also be open to do their own work – and how could it be any different?!? I’m not blowing up smoke up your a@@, and I don’t care if I sound like a fan girl – I’m an Aries.”

“I came across Aliza during a very dark personal time. I would avidly look for her tweets and read whatever posts she wrote. I found her to be informative, healing, and felt a connection with her without even speaking to her directly. I knew I would have a reading with her and that she would play a part in my spiritual and healing journey ahead.

I was able to finally get a reading last month. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. She answered my questions and understood what I was looking for without me having to directly say it. She is not all stars and hearts and will give it to you like it is, as long as you are ready. I appreciate her authenticity. She is a beacon of light helping me through whatever darkness remains.

I have also joined her Patreon, an amazing subscription with various tiers according to your interests and needs. I have joined The Coven, and this could not have come at a better time. Aliza’s Patreon provides a safe space to learn as much about astrology as you want, to just read and gain knowledge and a supportive community to share it all with.

If you have not had a chance to get a reading with Aliza I highly suggest you do so now! I am looking forward to many more readings and having Aliza as one of my guides and warriors on this journey!”

“I had the pleasure of reading Aliza’s chart and was so impressed by the intuitive talent I saw that I had to book in for a Tarot Reading. Aliza clearly saw my current issues and confirmed where I am heading. What I was probably even more impressed with was that she also accurately identified the psychological stumbling blocks in my way, and offered wise counsel on how to successfully deal with them. I highly recommend her services.” –Jamie Partridge of Darkstar Astrology

“I’ve had at least 3, maybe 4, readings with Aliza over the years
(more with her than any other astrologer) and she’s provided the most consistently wise and grounded advice that I’ve ever received in a chart reading.

She has many gifts–she’s smart and sensitive, with mad-intuition/psychic skills, but I think the thing I value most about her is her ability to cut simply and cleanly to the essence of a problem—she’s unflinching like that, but she’s also able to do this with great compassion. It’s this kind of deep, grounded wisdom–without any BS— that make her such an effective, profound reader.

I’m also a student of astrology and I learn so much just by watching and listening to her. There are things she’s said to me about my chart that changed my life–revelatory things that helped me shift my perspective and make different—better!— choices.

Plus–she’s seen and lived and heard it all—and offers a safe space for sharing your life stories. I can’t recommend her enough—book a reading!

“Aliza is a gifted intuitive reader.

I have had a lot of readings but Aliza is the only reader I trust to take me to the core of my problems.

This is important, because lots of people can tell you what’s happening in your chart, but few will “go there” to the root of the problems without abandoning you alone there to pick up the pieces by yourself.

Aliza is a gifted, honest and trustworthy counselor. It helps that she’s also a poet — because she can connect words to feelings in the way that most people can’t.

Thank you, Aliza, for YEARS of help. I would not be who I am without you!”

“Aliza is IT. She has it.

She’s like the map maker, going into uncharted territory, grounding you by painting a picture of where you are and where you can go.

Every time I’ve had a reading with her I walk away with more clarity in my options, and grateful for how she made sense of the jumble of feelings and events happening all around me.

And she always tailors her reading to what I need and how I need to hear it, alternating between empathy and compassion, to hard truths. I can’t gush enough about her work.

She is worth every single penny.”

“I’ve been working with Aliza for a number of years and am amazed at how many things she’s seen me through. I think of her more like an energy worker versus a soothsayer (although there are a lot of things that have happened as she predicted). Aliza seems to tap into different potentials and sorts it out in a way that helps guide you through so that you don’t end up getting stuck in old patterns. I also appreciate that she’s honest and real. Her openness to talk about the ethereal as well as dive into the subterranean makes her an awesome ally in the journey for self-realization. “

“To all of those who are thinking about getting a reading from the lovely Aliza, I really strongly say go with your gut.

I first started reading her blog in 2012, and finally got a reading this past year/summer. She is so wonderful. For one thing, she is very helpful during difficult transits in life (I was going through a Pluto and Uranus transit at the same time), she helped me navigate the dark corners and caves.

Sometimes when you’re in the cave you need a candle, and she is totally that for her readers and clients. She is a light in the dark tunnel, and she does it in a calm, gentle, peaceful way. I still carry a journal with all of my notes from her reading.

The other thing I would strongly recommend , is follow her video posts. She always knows (intuitively) when to post just at the right time.

She is a life teacher, and very in touch with her Goddess side. In a world that has a tendency to follow towards the ‘rational’ mind, Aliza has a way of balancing the rational with the intuitive.

Her readings feel very balanced, dedicated, and kind. Whether you are coming to her for astrology, tarot, or the combination, I very much say, do it!!! You will not regret it. Thank you Aliza for everything!

Working with MoonPluto, Ms. Aliza, has been enlightening on many metaphysical levels. I’ve been a spiritualist for over 40 years.

From her blogs, personal info connection, and especially the classes, I have evolved as a better reader, pagan ritualist, and an even deeper understanding of ALL that is of the universe.

Her innate contact with, as above, so below, will always give you more than you thought you might need. Already for her next class!
Grateful for her.
The rest is a gift!

“Aliza is my go to person when I am in a period of confusion or need advise with decisions. She utilizes astrology with tarot in an intuitive and thorough manner. Aliza not only helps you see a picture more clearly, she works in a methodical way getting to the bottom of an issue and providing you with a strategy to get to the point you want to be while remaining in one piece. I have recommended her to some of my friends who have worked with her and loved her just as much as I do. I will always recommend her to anyone who is in need of guidance in any form. Working with Aliza ends with satisfaction and an easing of the heart and mind.”

“Aliza is amazing to work with
. I was immediately drawn to her as I have a Moon Pluto conjunction as well. I had been looking for a spiritual teacher with whom I could plunge the depths and explore the caverns of my soul with and Aliza is just that person. I trust her immensely and felt safe with her from the beginning. She has the intuitive gift to see right to the heart of the matter, yet provides real very and practical advice that one can easily apply in their life. I look forward to continuing our work together and feel so blessed that the universe placed her in my life.”

“Aliza has been by far the most accurate Tarot card reader and astrologer I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Her deft blend of Tarot and astrology provide clarity for the issues I’ve brought to her, and even some things I didn’t know I needed clarity for! What I appreciate most is that I leave her readings with practical suggestions I can put into action immediately. She has established herself as my go-to for those times confusion casts its fog over my path.”

“Beautiful reading Aliza, as always. What I most appreciate about your readings is the insight you provide into the heart of the matter, while allowing free will that calls upon one’s strengths. You shed light without judgment, yet do not sugar coat or predict fairy tales.

You are responsible in your readings and that’s so important, especially when I’m in such a fragile place. This always helps me connect to MY higher voice and my own knowledge. It’s never a surprise, yet shocking in accuracy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a such a great help and resource.”

“Aliza impressed me with how easy she got to the core of who I am, and what my inner struggles are. She is gentle and encouraging, but does not shy away from telling it like it is. Because she cares about her clients, that’s what I feel every time I reach out to her for a reading. I trust her intuition.”

“Aliza is a great tarot reader/astrologer that not only answer those questions you desperately need to understand but she also does it in a way that empowers you. She is very clear, grounded and extremely accurate (sometimes annoyingly so) 😉 ”

“For many many moons I have longed to engage with others about astrology. I have precious little time to attend a course or go to a conference so Aliza’s room has become important. After a couple private sessions, I knew that Aliza’s style was a good fit for me. In my humble opinion, she is a gifted astrologer. She is kind, generous, thoughtful and seriously intuitive. I love that she is *herself* all the time.

The other folks in this room bring great energy to the conversation, certainly in part because of Aliza’s beautiful spirit. Many seem to be awesome astrologers in their own right. I am learning so much and it’s fun to meet so many interesting peeps in cyberspace. 

One cool thing is that Aliza’s writing(s) always speaks to me. I keep thinking “this is just a coincidence” – but after a dozen or so times, I think we were just meant to work together. The other folks in the room seem to feel the same way (I think) and it has resulted in a safe, creative, exciting environment to learn, share, and grow.”


“I write to recommend Aliza’s professional services to anyone needing advice on D/s or BDSM issues in a relationship, either real or contemplated.

I found her advice to be extremely helpful in dealing with my rather ill-formed relationship problem–my significant other and I were getting continually crossed up about the D/s side of our relationship and, as a stereotypical Virgo, I needed some clarification.

Aliza provided it in a way that left me particularly satisfied on two counts.

First, from her personal experience and that of others, she really does understand the dynamics of D/s relationships and what can go amiss. D/s relationships are like others  in many ways, but introducing power exchange into the mix can produce a lot of issues that don’t arise in vanilla relationships.

Aliza put her finger on the crux of my problem even before she read the charts, which someone without her insight into D/s couldn’t have done. 

Second, she really does provide very high quality for the money. I’ve never consulted an astrologer before, but all the incentives push practitioners towards a cookie-cutter approach to readings–you want to do as many as possible to raise your income, so you read the charts quickly, do your analysis and report your findings to your client, then move on to the next one.This approach may make you more money, but it also biases your interpretations towards the superficial and the easily seen and increases the likelihood that you’ll miss something important.

Aliza, by contrast, really took the time to understand and take ownership of the particulars of my situation–she certainly spent more time on my reading than the hour I paid her for. Her reading was much more nuanced and layered than I was expecting–just an excellent job.

So if you’re in a D/s relationship or are contemplating one, Aliza is the astrologer for you. She really knows what she’s talking about and will take the time to give you the advice you need.”

Our conversation has been replaying through my head all day; that was an amazing reading, Aliza, and came at the perfect time.

I love and appreciate the way you tune in and break things down. Through email or phone and over thousands of miles, you tune in, connect, and translate. That’s really a gift.

Everything you said resonates and is so right-on. Thank you SO very much.”

“Thanks, Aliza!

I’m really grateful for this report. You’ve taken so much effort over it, it’s astounding!

The reading has given me all the necessarys without any bullshit which I utterly appreciate! Love your writing style and your analysis.

I’ve forwarded your website to a bunch of like-minded friends and I will be definitely coming back for future readings (possibly with my birthtime, I’m working on getting that).

Myself and Mary (name changed to protect privacy) were only discussing the other day how if we were rich we’d keep you on speed-dial for readings and life advice.

Thanks so much again.”


Your reading made me really emotional and continued to each time I read it over. It’s the first time I’ve received an astrological reading that wasn’t just a reading, but good life advice on the VERY issues that have been on my mind for months now.”


“Aliza, I am so grateful to you for your insight. I would be amazed at how right-on you are, except that this is not my first dead-on reading from you. I love your writing style. Your straightforward guidance and your thoughtful, compassionate way are a winning combination. (Please quote me!) I can’t thank you enough.” 


“I wonder whether your out of the ordinary analysis of charts is a result of having a sound base knowledge of the skies that allows the freedom of interpretation.  Meaning you are no longer  bound/restricted by the science and literal interpretation of astrology because it is in your blood. Now you can allow yourself the freedom of “dancing” through a chart as you know all the steps and do not have to think about them.  And you’re a writer, of course, which implies an artist’s soul.”


“I am a working Astrologer but as we know, we fail to see our charts clearly. That’s why I come to Aliza who taps into that Virgo analysis like no one else. But she also has this amazing gift: Superb Intuition that works like a muscle! Even before she starts the reading she knows what is all about and has all the patience to lead your journey with her visions. She will make you a believer! the way she can tell you about the past,present and future of the situation makes you feel like this actually is a world full of magic, and we are Light Channels.

I recommend her 200%”


“I have to tell you, it’s a little spooky how this happens, all of this stuff is there but doesn’t crystallize until you point it out.  I feel all of it: square, inconjunct, trine, sextile & it’s unsettling until you put it together.  

 I’m deeply grateful for your insights and the way you help me make sense of myself.  Like a Sherpa ;) . I didn’t get this much to work with from years of therapy, you should seriously think about charging more.”


“Aliza, I promise I’m not just saying this, I’ve had my chart read by other astrologers and I’ve been to psychics, so obviously I’m very open to and believe in all of this… but honestly? I am a little freaked out right now, in a good way, because you’re amazing. I’ve never, ever had anyone hit the nail on the head like you have…”


“Amazing. I do not know whether to smile, cry or both. What a gift. This is exactly what is happening and exactly what I feel. And your timeliness and your way with words is poetic and also impactful. Trust me when I say you have a rare and true talent and gift and that both left and right brain people benefit from your insight. You are the best in my opinion in that you blend your skills and abilities and I swear you are a real live psychic as well. I can both sense it and no way could you know these things about myself or others without this gift. You are also very sensitive to your clients and in your writings. If you want- post this. I have utilized other astrologers, psychics and paid way more. You are the real deal my friend.”


Thank You so much, Aliza. This reading was like a session with a life coach! So enlightening! Your words convey the wisdom I needed to hear.”


“Aliza – you clearly care and you have a depth and range of emotion that gives you a portal to insights and a genuine desire to support bringing out the best in your clients.  It is worth noting how complicated I am and how complicated the people that I associate with are because you not only recognized that, but also have been smart and or intuitive enough to understand that you could not change us.  Understanding that what you could offer were insights as to how to work with the fundamental realities rather than trying to effect change on them.  That is about being the type of person who is accepting; non-judgmental; reality-based; and understanding that working with us as we are – and not how we “should be.” 


“Yesterday I was re-reading your take on my chart and was struck how good it was. Anyone can chart with the tools we now have on the net but it’s what you do with it that is the piece de resistance. Your analysis was insightful, out of the square, very encouraging and dare I say “poetic”. You dealt with my more challenging and meaty aspects with optimism and care. I’m almost starting to feel some fondness for my T-square, Saturn, Virgo-Pisces axis and sundry placements ;D Most importantly, I have been applying your advice re the above. Successfully.”


“Thanks, Aliza.  I knew as a fellow Sun in Cancer – your reading would touch my heart and feel like a mother talking to her child! Great motherly wisdom!”

As someone who studies astrology myself, I don’t get many chart readings. But I enjoy Aliza’s writing, so decided to give her readings a try. Man, I’m glad I did! It was apparent from the moment we started talking, Aliza is an exceptionally intuitive reader. I got way more than just an astrology reading…She worked my chart much the same way skilled Tarot readers work the cards–as a touchstone and springboard for accessing a bigger picture. I felt completely understood and supported from the get-go. She was direct, compassionate, and exceptionally  helpful, providing encouragement coupled with a practical plan of action. I’m very grateful for the energy Aliza shared with me, and would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone. It was a wonderful investment. Thank you so much, Aliza!”


“Firstly may I say (to use an Americanism) you get a lot for your buck.  You are concise, detailed and profound.  Your language is technical without overpowering the underlying human experience of those technical aspects to which you refer.  You substantiate your qualitative text with quantitative data.  So I believe that experienced and less experienced astrology followers would equally benefit from your readings.”


“Moon Pluto:  You’re unlike any other – your approach combines the wordsmith, the lyrical, the mystical, the otherworldly, the intense and nurturing parts of yourself into a high vibratory offering to help those in astrological and spiritual need.  Harsh, natal aspects pepper my chart and Solar Return, but you offered a different colored lens to gaze through, which has fully empowered me.”


While googling an astrological transit one evening I just happened upon Aliza’s website and began reading her posts.  She struck me as unique and authentic so I inquired about a reading, something I never do online but my intuition was giving me all green lights.  What I found is that she is the real deal and then some!

Aliza’s report,  a combination tarot/astrological reading in response to a question with scant information about my circumstances was so intuitive and insightful that it gave me goosebumps.  It contained specific references to my situation that could only come from a person deeply in tune with her gifts.  She addressed follow up questions with great generosity and I found her counsel direct, positive, wise and blessedly accurate!  In fact I went to see the doctor this morning as she suggested I consider, and found that my swollen lymph nodes which I had not reported to her (but are likely related to the stress and fatigue she spoke of) could use a dose of antibiotics and bed-rest. “


“I really can’t thank you enough Aliza, what a beautiful birthday present.  I think that my just “happening” upon your website was no coincidence.  You are exactly the person my spirit guides knew to get a reading from.  You have a very precious gift.”


“Aliza is a truly gifted astrologer. She combines Cancerian sensitivity with Virgo precision. What I appreciate most is her openness, patience and non-judgmental approach. So many astrologers have ground rules for readings, but Aliza is open to anything and you can ask for very specific advice about a situation or for a general reading. I asked her to help me with a friendship crisis and she read both our charts in very perceptive and wise ways. What ultimately comes through in her readings is her genuine passion for astrology combined with her real commitment to helping others through her skills. It’s a wonderful combination.”


“This is not just a testimonial to MoonPluto’s readings, but to her blog, and to her work in general.  I don’t think one needs to be an empath to feel how in tune she is with the planets, with the energies at work in the universe. Her words are striking and evocative, compelling you to deeply follow. This same quality is in her readings. She gets to the root and can even unearth that which you were feeling but couldn’t put a finger on.  As a college student, I am really fortunate that her well priced readings were within my budget. It’s not a matter of whether or not you need help, but how helpful it is to have someone share their insight with you in a way that will help you to grow. MoonPluto ftw!”