Chiron In Aries Is The Plane

A few thoughts on this week’s #astrology – week of July 6, 2020. Follow me on Facebook.

"Chiron in aries" Dear monsters,

I was going to talk about Chiron going retrograde this week (and I will) or Mercury going direct this week

but really I want to talk ECLIPSE AFTERMATH and how my clients are feeling CLEANSED.

To paraphrase Madonna: they made it through the wilderness, and this is imagery I use a lot, the long long road from parched landscape to promised land.

Three summer eclipses DONE: one in Sagittarius, one in Cancer, one in Capricorn. We’re free of such intensities (and eclipses are nothing if not that) until November this year. Take a breath. Take another.

Why this feeling of cleansed? And what does that mean anyway? I looked it up. One on-line dictionary said: to make something thoroughly clean and (2) be rid of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted to defiling. DEFILING. And then: to free someone of guilt or sin.


Now, Chiron in the horoscope represents what was done TO us. It wasn’t our fault. Not for a minute, not for a second, not for a second of a second of a second. And we walk around cut open. Sometimes we think we sealed up and healed up but it’s not true. Chiron can’t be healed and we live with being broken and one thing to do is be okay with this and abandon any hope for perfection and purity.


the eclipses finish and my clients are telling me: I AM CLEANSED, I AM NOT BROKEN, and who am I to doubt them? What exactly is going on here? What witchcraft is this?

What I think is happening: the pandemic’s desire to sicken us has a counterpart which is healing beyond belief, unlike any you’ve ever seen.

I wrote this on my blog in 2018 when Chiron entered the sign of Aries. I will put the link in the comments.

Chiron in Aries: no time to waste
Chiron in Aries: crush the disease

The sign Chiron is in describes HOW we try to get well, when healing ourselves or others — and I do identify Chiron as healing activity: medicine, magic, help, treatment — as well as our areas of focus. Chiron in Aries: HEAD CHAKRA. CROWN.

I wrote on my Facebook yesterday that Chiron in Aries will bring us medical breakthroughs. Will there be new treatments for burn victims or a cure for migraines? Aries and Mars rule fire and headaches.

Chiron in Pisces brought us spiritual and metaphysical “cures” and courses of study, such as the trendiness of everything tarot and astrology and occult these days. Shamans shamans everywhere! This was Chiron in Pisces for sure – the spirit as healing agent but with Chiron in Aries it won’t be as soft. It won’t be as compassionate. Aries is more hurry, more ego, more SELF.

Pisces is anti-self, anti-ego. See where I’m going here? Pisces is ALL ARE ONE. Aries is I AM ONE! The individual!

We are shifting from Jesus the lover to Jesus the fighter. Turn the other cheek was Chiron in Pisces. Throwing out the money changers from the temple is Chiron in Aries.

This Chiron in Pisces tarot and magic trend will cease to matter or be way less everywhere than it is now – and replaced by what? Car parts? What does Aries healing look like? Here’s one idea:

The holy masculine. And the holy masculine is more than car parts.

Chiron in Pisces was soggy. At worst, self pitying energy. Wet gushy attempts at healing trauma but ineffective inadequate platitudes. WHY ME type of energy. I HURT. But Chiron in Aries is angry. I HURT AND I AM ANGRY. Winning at healing. Self-cure.

Why I believe Chiron in Aries will bring us modern medical breakthroughs may be my own intuition more than anything, but I feel the Aries wave coming and I feel like those of us Chiron in Aries generation will finally truly understand what Chiron in Aries wants from us because we will feel the CONTRAST (between Pisces and Aries). We will feel the compulsion to BURN WHAT NO LONGER SERVES US. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN.

This is not to say that the entire Chiron in Pisces generation did nothing but wallow. The opposite is true for Chiron in Pisces brought and still brings true healing for many and Chiron in Pisces people are HEALERS. MORE GOD.

But there just won’t be much patience anymore for wimpy escapist inspiration. You may notice FEWER sunset yoga memes on Instagram. Not totally eradicated but less and less and to be replaced by a more MASCULINE style and imagery of helping, fixing, healing. Resurgence of men’s movement, men’s groups. HURRY UP AND HEAL.

Mars is anger. Mars is brute force. Join the army. Use anger as therapeutic tool. Leeches. Bloodetting. Cutting and self-harm. More talk about women’s menstrual cycles as innate healing wisdom. Mars rules blood. Mars rules boxing. Sports and fitness on social media expand even more. More strength training, especially for women (this trend has already started but not peaked yet).

Here’s an example of Aries and Mars energy from Grey’s Anatomy (I am their biggest fan).

Owen and Teddy have a complicated past. They were together in Iraq, both doctors. Teddy was in love with Owen. Owen was engaged. Back in Seattle Owen falls in love with Cristina, but Teddy was in love with Owen. Then she fell in love with someone else…

OKAY LONG STORY SHORT this week on Grey’s Anatomy: both Teddy and Owen are single but Teddy lives in Germany and Owen impulsively hops on a plane to go see her and pledge his love and desire.

I’m not gonna tell you how it ends but THAT IS MARS, THAT IS ARIES. One discussion with his ex and he’s on a plane to Germany to tell Teddy let’s do this!!! HELLO MARS!

Chiron in Pisces would HOLD SPACE or meditate. Should I visit Teddy? Maybe I’ll think about it, draw a couple Tarot cards, not follow their advice, ask my guides.

Chiron in Aries gets on the plane. Chiron in Aries flies the plane. Chiron in Aries IS THE PLANE.

And because Chiron in Aries is obvious, lays it all on the table, you may miss the opportunity if you don’t jump when Aries says jump because before you know it they are long gone.

Love you,
Aliza xoxo