You Did Good: Chiron in Aries

I need new music.

I need new music for this life I’m in now, and it’s not that I have music on all the time, but a lot of the time. There’s writing music and walking music and housework music, and I’ve changed so much that the old music is… who I used to be.

After my tarot students which was after a walk which was after that Jane Fonda workout and before making Patreon videos and the afternoon clients, I needed a nap, and I thought to myself: you did good. And I thought to myself this is the essence of CHIRON IN ARIES (driven to heal) and that if I could assign Chiron in Aries a Tarot card it would be the Magician, making something from nothing, and how maybe you need to hear this message today: you did good.

See, when I said to myself (and to YOU) you did good, I didn’t mean this day. I didn’t mean today. I meant the whole thing. The life. You did good.

Chiron, though, is never settled. There’s always the wince-factor with Chiron. Someone touches our painful part. But with Chiron in Aries it’s faster. The potential for healing is faster. Expedited healing. And you can learn to be brave although it’s not that Chiron in Aries isn’t brave it’s that… you feel alone in the fight.

What to do? Let’s ask the cards: I laughed when I saw it. The Death card. Keep changing. And then change some more. It’s never done. Deeper, deeper, deeper. Not every version of the Death card has a horse, but a lot of them do. The horse doesn’t need to divide you. The horse doesn’t divide you. We all have Chiron somewhere in our charts which is where we are more animal than not.

One more thought for now: don’t let your Chiron talk you out of anything. Chiron is actually the KEY to your joy. Really. It’s true.

We’ll have to continue this later.  Talk to you soon.

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