This Chiron Sky & The Chelsea Hotel

I meant to take a picture of the Chelsea Hotel but I was heading to the train and I didn’t stop to think and I didn’t stop to take the picture.

I have one or two Chelsea Hotel stories in case you’re wondering and the first one, the one I have in mind, is reminding me of this Chiron sky.

I’m calling it a Chiron sky because the Sun is in Aries and Venus is in Aries and Mercury will be in Aries and CHIRON IS IN ARIES and Chiron is a slow mover so this energy is ours and ain’t gonna change for some years. Get used to it. And I’ve blogged about this before. I’ve blogged about expedited healing and I’ve blogged about the healing fire and I forget what else Chiron Chiron Chiron but the point is this: it’s a Chiron sky. Healing is possible. 

Healing is possible and sometimes I hate that word healing and I hate the way we talk about it. As if healing is a place we can get to on the map, some clear cut straightforward destination when really it’s spectacularly circuitous although I do believe the spontaneous happens, including miracles. And people do get better. Rashes disappear. Bones mend. Broken hearts tumble out of our bodies and onto the floor and shatter like glass. Healing happens.

So what happened was this: I met a guy.

That’s how all the stories begin, right? With some SOMEONE. He made movies for a living and he was visiting America and, dear reader, it was an interesting time in my life and I only thought of it today because of seeing the Chelsea Hotel in my peripheral vision and thinking: oh yeah. That guy.

What the fuck was I doing? Was I young? I was young. It wasn’t just that though. It was my damn CHART! It was my natal Chiron in Aries (among other things).

Listen. Friends. I don’t want to tell a sad story today but the truth is there are people who will not, cannot, love you. And you have no business making deals with them. You’ll never win. And the Eighth House is an angel or a devil and sometimes both.

I remember some things about the Chelsea Hotel. I remember sharing an elevator with Ethan what’s his name, that actor from Reality Bites. And I remember the guy and I stayed at the Chelsea because I requested it. I remember getting Thai food at some point. And I remember some things which would shock you.

It’s a Chiron sky. Your Aries House is kicking up more than memories and more than pain. There are stories in the Aries part of your chart if you dare you remember them, if you dare feel them, if you dare tell them. I don’t dare tell half of what I know and and what I experienced but I can tell you one thing I’ve learned:

We really are doomed to repeat the same “mistakes” over and over unless WE TALK TO OUR CHIRON. Sit down at the table, pull up a chair, beg Chiron sit down, and talk. There’s no other way. Chiron is that place in your chart where they tried to kill you. And it’s scary but you have to ask Chiron what he wants, what he needs, and how the two of you can come to some kind of agreement because you’re here and you deserve to live.


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