Touch the Chiron!

Is the hard part over?

We had an ugly Mars Pluto. We’re finishing up an ugly Mercury Saturn.

What to do? Are you still awake, still listening, ALIVE AND ON YOUR KNEES due to, once again, the Gods knocking you down?

The answer, dear star lovers: touch the Chiron. 

I know what you’re thinking: you hate Chiron. You wouldn’t touch Chiron with a stick from 50 feet away. BUT hear me out. We got the GOOD Chiron this week. TOUCH THE CHIRON.

Yes, my friends, that’s the answer: TOUCH THE CHIRON.

Chiron, as you well know, is the Wounded Healer. You fare well when you help others, yes, but also when you help yourself! This is not self-sacrificial energy. This is not fending for yourself. This is making sure your needs are met and as your tank fills up? You lend a hand. It can be a small hand, a tiny hand. It can be a finger to touch someone else’s Chiron but touch it you must. TOUCH THE CHIRON! (I hope at least I got you laughing.)

I have never yelled so much on a Wednesday.  The astrology? Venus AND Sun sextile Chiron. Balm in Gilead.

Chiron in Aries doesn’t know how to stand up for herself. She’ll flail. She’ll withdraw.. She sticks her neck out in the hope that it will be chopped off! But here’s some real talk:

Dear, dear star lovers, there’s a pair for you to grow. (A pair of what? That’s up to you). All of Chiron in Aries is a “stand up to bullies” transit. We only have a couple more years of Chiron in Aries so PLEASE get to know your Mars. Mars rules Aries, and Chiron in Aries is a WOUNDED Mars just like Chiron in Taurus is a wounded Venus just like Chiron in Gemini is a wounded Gemini.


It takes time to heal. It takes time to work through. It is a process.

Chiron in Aries isn’t about lashing out. It’s not about flailing or withdrawing. It’s about using your Mars (anger, energy, passion) effectively, powerfully, fearlessly. And for healing. That’s the transit: FOR YOUR HEALING.


So after some delays, it’s back to work on the Patreon and maybe back to writing today and… we”ll see what other delights shine upon us this fine fine day.

To be continued and keep passing the open windows.

"chiron retrograde"