The Planets Move And Boom: More About Chiron In Aries

Why I’ve gathered us together this morning.

I want to talk a little about childhood trauma.
You know, those light topics I love so much and how Chiron is in Aries now

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And how with Chiron now in Aries you are going to get well in a rapid fire bullet train kind of way — compared to Piscean meandering slosh slosh slosh.

IT WILL BE RUDE but YES YOU CAN save yourself under this transit. Check your Aries house(s). Your areas of greatest healing will be there. Trust me on this. Maybe you think you’re a lost cause. You’re not. The planets move and BOOM. 

So let’s say you’ve got issues that have dogged you for centuries. Or maybe you’ve just discovered them. Maybe suddenly you’re seeing your life and your pain in a new sickening light.

CHIRON TO THE RESCUE. Seriously, y’all.

Chiron in Aries WILL NOT STOP until your healing is complete.
You’ve got until 2027.


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