The Stars Next Week: A Very Quick Heads Up

"uranus in taurus"
I was just letting my Patrons know about THIS WEEKEND (to become a Patron look here) when I realized EVERYTHING that is going on next week. 

This weekend though is the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus AND Mercury going direct and I told them it may be MESSAGES MESSAGES MESSAGES all weekend long – like all the Pages from the Tarot REVERSED!

You may feel frazzled. Confused. Busy. TOO MANY MESSAGES!!

But about next week. Listen to this y’all: 

Venus in Taurus opposes Jupiter and trines Pluto.
Sun conjunct Uranus (and remember Uranus enters Taurus in May)
Sun enters Taurus
Pluto goes retrograde

Is that enough for you? It’s enough for me. I think what I’m going to do is break it down EACH DAY on my YouTube channel. Visit me there. I’m uploading frequently including new astro/tarot videos each morning (although I didn’t today – I probably will in the afternoon).

Each day I’ll have something to say about each of these aspects…

Stay tuned my friends. Love you. And as always, if you want to reach out for a Reading, look here. I’m ready when you are. 

What To Wear To A Fire: Sun Square Pluto April 10th

"sun square pluto"
from the home office

I didn’t get much sleep last night so I figured may as well write. I’ve got a lot on my mind. Let me explain. 

I decided to go to sleep early last night. Daylight Saving time has been kicking my ass. Up too late and sleeping too late. Napping in the day.

So last night at 10:30 pm sharp I turned off Survivor and went to bed. I was awakened at midnight by a sound – wasn’t sure what it was. Different, louder, more persistent than the usual ambulance or cop or firetruck that make routine visits next door to the two elderly lady roomates. What it was was a fire.

On my block, about four houses down, a house was burning.

Eventually happily we found out that the owner of the old stone house was at work overnight and perfectly fine –

except now his house was badly burned and everything he owned irretrievable. It was devastating to see and I did see — I stayed a while because the immediate neighbor couldn’t go back inside his house.  He was clearly in shock. He thought it was HIS place on fire as the huge hoses had to douse the side of his place so that the fire wouldn’t spread and could have as the paint was bubbling. It took hours to put it out. It was reaching the trees and we have TALL TREES here. He didn’t even have shoes on. He must have run out.

There’s a big used booksale a couple times a year where I live and the last couple times I’ve scooped up as much astrology and tarot as I could and yesterday finally dipped into Celeste Teal who I’ve never read but had one of her books sitting on my porch for over a year.

Astrological keywords and themes are familiar to us all by now, if we read this material, and I don’t mind when the same stuff repeats as it often does. Some say it better than others and Teal is one of those someones. I loved the way she talked about Pluto which of course was the first chapter I turned to (First House Moon conjunct Pluto here). 

Paraphrasing Teal:
Pluto roots out, exposes what is HIDDEN so that it can be cleansed, cleaned, healed.

Okay I am not so tacky as to say this is a metaphor for the man’s house burning.  It’s a major trauma. His experience shouldn’t be reduced to a blog post and it’s not–

but these three things happened at the same time – my thinking about Pluto, collaborating on a spiritual project with my sister, the burning house.

Pluto destroys in order to rebuild. It HAS TO. 

This week (tomorrow, in fact) we have that Sun square Pluto and it’s an opportunity, your opportunity to go deeper, even deeper down than you’re used to and with a holy holy purpose.

Something in your life needs to be dredged up, exposed… so that it can be re-seen and, yes, healed, transmuted.

Reconnecting with my sister over the last few days has been a bandage for me. Staunching the bleeding. Before it happened, I was bleeding out, homeless in spirit. And believe me I have no idea how to “deal with” family. So we reconnect and we are collaborating on an ancestral healing but life with family isn’t all light work. It’s earth work. The other day my editor said working with a publisher is like a family. You won’t bug us when you reach out. I realized I had no idea what she meant. Family? Huh?

I remember from another book about Pluto, how Pluto rules mines, hidden treasure beneath the earth.

How do you know when you’re healing?

When the magick or exorcism or process is working? When you don’t have to TRY to feel better meaning more open or connected LESS IN PAIN or it may be a different word for you. There’s a groundedness to it. Reality. Much more to say but have to go for now…

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The Stars This Week: Sun Square Pluto Is Your Exorcism

"uranus in taurus"
So I already wrote about Sun square Pluto here

Could be dark at times BUT Sun Pluto has power AND there are good aspects too. Let’s explore a bit.

What is Sun square Pluto good for? WORKING WITH THE DEAD.

But this isn’t the Rated G version. More like a messy exorcism (aren’t they all?) than a love and light “energy clearing” but it’s ALL energy clearing as I wrote on my Twitter today.

All these magical and spiritual techniques exist to adjust OUR energy. That money spell you did is drawing money to you because you wipe away the schmutz from your own spirit. Easier said than done? Probably. Yes.

But Sun Pluto can help you with this. Because it’s compulsive. You’ll want to look for the monster in the closet. Talk to the monster. Love the monster. Just bring a bib or a broom or something for the clean up crew.

Last night after having a certain spiritual conversation with someone (I’m being vague on purpose) I had to lay down. I got a physical reaction. I was fine but affected. We are being detectives and we have a job to do. But first we are figuring out the way and then we will do it. And then she said to me: first for us and then for others.


Venus trine Mars and both sextile Neptune. Consider this a light touch, a comforting touch. Venus is in croissant-loving Taurus and making good aspects to both Mars and Neptune. This is a good news for our collective mood and appetites. We can take breaks without feeling guilty. We look good, we feel good.

And then on Sunday Mercury goes direct and we have a New Moon at 26 Aries. I’ll address these in a separate blog post.

Until then I wish you good stars and good cards xoxo

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Sun Square Pluto This One’s For You (April 10th)

"sun square pluto"
Although the weekend is more cheerful
(if you can call *any* Venus Saturn combo cheerful) than the past few days, next week we go dark again.

Why do I say this? Sun square Pluto. Does it even matter what sign? Sun square Pluto is Sun square Pluto is Sun square Pluto. Or is it? Don’t signs matter? OF COURSE THEY DO. Pluto in Capricorn is not Pluto in Libra or Pluto in Virgo. Not concerned with the same stuff of life.

If Pluto is a destroyer (one of her many incarnations) and Capricorn is associated with Saturn the Builder, then what? Then what you are building is constantly dying on you.

And here comes Aries Season, here comes the Sun in Aries, and one esoteric Sun in Aries meaning is the near death experience and walking away from that experience into life. Alive. Redeemed. Let me explain. I grew up Jewish, traditionally so. My family left it in certain key ways and I returned to it intensely in my 20s and 30s and I had a Jewish education so it’s no surprise that I will give you a story from the Torah.

The Aries glyph is the ram and in the book of Genesis, Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his beloved son Issac. In the nick of time, God calls to Abraham and tells him to substitute a ram in place of his son. Scapegoat.

Can you imagine how Issac must have felt? I wrote a poem about it once. But what I want you to take away from this Torah story and astrology story is this:

We are always having a near death experience. We are always on the altar. And we are always being called to by God. It’s just that sometimes the astrology makes it more clear, makes us SEE.

The Sun enters Aries and says to Pluto in Capricorn:

Don’t die that way. Die this way.

Our job is to find out what that means (for each of us individually) and how to do it. How to do it right. How to change right. How to sacrifice right. How to surrender right. How to be a servant of what is holy right (whatever holy means to you).

Think of the Death card in the Tarot. Not always a literal death, right? No. Not always.


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Saturn Goes Retrograde April 17th

"when does saturn go retrograde"
Are you thinking about Saturn going retrograde? It’s on my mind.

What have you been building? Ready to reassess?

I know a thing or two about Saturn y’all. This triple Cancer knows a thing or two, yes.

But I’ll tell you this. Saturn isn’t enough. Ever.

If you’ve had a very Saturn life – lots of lessons, HARD lessons, pain, then you know what I’m talking about. I’ve had a Saturn life. It’s how I know so much. How I can help people.

This is Saturn talk, real talk. One of the most difficult sides to Saturn is deprivation. Feeling that hunger, emptiness, loss. That life is only hard. You got no money, no love, no sense of purpose. What else God take away now? What else is there to take? Your last tooth maybe. Sanity. Peace of mind.

Here’s my question for you – Saturn is going retrograde soon and you get a break. WE get a break

So the question is: what will you do with that time, those months, so that you can come back to Saturn with a PLAN. A plan that will last a while. A plan that is worthy of your soul’s purpose.

Hey you know me. We can talk about this. We can talk about your Saturn. It’s why I’m here. I’m just a phone call away. But in the meantime, I want you to think about it. Think.



"mars conjunct saturn"
Commit or quit. This is on my mind today.

So I started to write a new book. Actually a book proposal. For a book.

And I sent it to one agent and I think she didn’t really feeeeeeeeeel the material and this happened yesterday under THIS SKY and I really wanted to quit. Maybe. Maybe. I was on the ledge. How long have I been writing? Forever. Writing, striving, writing, striving. I’m tired. Give me some ease please. Let me send my proposal to ONE person and get a YES. Is that too much to ask. Apparently it is.

And this morning I started thinking thinking thinking. Yesterday too. What to do. Ideas started to come about the outline and how to write the rest of it, or more of it, and just now looked at the chapters I submitted wondering what I needed to change to make them “better” and I thought NO. I have to write this… THIS WAY. 

I want to write a BEAUTIFUL book. But it’s also a story. A memoir.

It takes courage to not give up, to stay true to a vision, especially when no one can see you. But that’s what Mars Saturn energy is to me. Mars Saturn does not give up. 

I wanted to quit my Saturn book too. I had to do a HUGE rewrite in a short amount of time. I wanted to quit. I didn’t quit. And now the book can be purchased (soon). 

Quit if you want. It’s up to you.
Commit if you want. It’s up to you. But under this sky? Make it matter.

That You May Hate Everyone: Mars Saturn square Mercury

mars conjunct saturn
That you may hate everyone under this sky. I just made a video about this. Not the hate but the difficulty of this square-sky.

Mercury square Mars today.
Mercury square Saturn tomorrow.

Frustration. Delay. Depression.
HOWEVER Mars Saturn doesn’t give up. Ever. Yes, I would say EVER.

How are you feeling?

Mercury retrograde in ARIES: your perceptions are skewed. You are too fast, making snap decisions. Slow down. DO YOU HEAR ME? Slow down.

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So I Got On A Plane: The Healing Power of Chiron in Aries

"chiron in aries"
Chiron in Aries: no time to waste

Chiron in Aries: crush the disease
Chiron in Aries: what do we want? HEALING! When do we want it? NOW. 

It’s like a television show wrap-up, after the finale. We have to talk about Chiron in Pisces. What did it mean? What did we learn? How do we say goodbye?

A gal in one of my chat rooms mentioned this – that some of my Chiron in Aries writing so far (look here) was helping her gain perspective.
She is Chiron in Pisces generation. I am Chiron in Aries.

I’m a very HOUSE oriented astrologer when there are houses available (when we have a birth time) so I am thinking about what will change when Chiron leaves my 7th House. You may want to do the same. What part of your chart is Chiron leaving? 

The sign Chiron is in describes HOW we try to get well, when healing ourselves or others — and I do identify Chiron as healing activity: medicine, magick, help, treatment — as well as our areas of focus. Chiron in Aries: HEAD CHAKRA. CROWN.

I wrote on my Facebook yesterday that Chiron in Aries will bring us medical breakthroughs. Will there be new treatments for burn victims or a cure for migraines? Aries and Mars rule fire and headaches.

Chiron in Pisces brought us spiritual and metaphysical “cures” and courses of study, such as the trendiness of everything tarot and astrology and occult these days. Shamans shamans everywhere! This was Chiron in Pisces for sure – the spirit as healing agent but with Chiron in Aries it won’t be as soft. It won’t be as compassionate. Aries is more hurry, more ego, more SELF.

Pisces is anti-self, anti-ego. See where I’m going here? Pisces is ALL ARE ONE. Aries is I AM ONE! The individual!

We are shifting from Jesus the lover to Jesus the fighter. Turn the other cheek was Chiron in Pisces. Throwing out the money changers from the temple is Chiron in Aries.

This Chiron in Pisces tarot and magick trend will cease to matter or be way less everywhere than it is now – and replaced by what? Car parts? What does Aries healing look like? Here’s one idea:

The holy masculine. And the holy masculine is more than car parts.

Chiron in Pisces was soggy. At worst, self pitying energy. Wet gushy attempts at healing trauma but ineffective inadequate platitudes. WHY ME type of energy.  I HURT. But Chiron in Aries is angry. I HURT AND I AM ANGRY. Winning at healing. Self-care. Self-cure

Why I believe Chiron in Aries will bring us modern medical breakthroughs may be my own intuition more than anything, but I feel the Aries wave coming and I feel like those of us Chiron in Aries generation will finally truly understand what Chiron in Aries wants from us because we will feel the CONTRAST (between Pisces and Aries). We will feel the compulsion to BURN WHAT NO LONGER SERVES US. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN.

This is not to say that the entire Chiron in Pisces generation did nothing but wallow. The opposite is true for Chiron in Pisces brought and still brings true healing for many and Chiron in Pisces people are HEALERS. MORE GOD.

But there just won’t be much patience anymore for wimpy escapist inspiration. You may notice FEWER sunset yoga memes on Instagram. Not totally eradicated but less and less and to be replaced by a more MASCULINE style and imagery of helping, fixing, healing. Resurgence of men’s movement, men’s groups. HURRY UP AND HEAL.

Mars is anger. Mars is brute force. Join the army. Use anger as therapeutic tool. Leeches come into fashion again. Bloodetting. Cutting and self-harm in the news again. More tattoos.  More talk about women’s menstrual cycles as innate healing wisdom. Mars rules blood. Mars rules boxing. Sports and fitness on social media expand even more. More strength training, especially for women (this trend has already started but not peaked yet).

Here’s an example of Aries and Mars energy from Grey’s Anatomy (I am their biggest fan).

Owen and Teddy have a complicated past. They were together in Iraq, both doctors. Teddy was in love with Owen. Owen was engaged. Back in Seattle Owen falls in love with Cristina, but Teddy was in love with Owen. Then she fell in love with someone else…

OKAY LONG STORY SHORT this week on Grey’s Anatomy: both Teddy and Owen are single but Teddy lives in Germany and Owen impulsively hops on a plane to go see her and pledge his love and desire.

I’m not gonna tell you how it ends but THAT IS MARS, THAT IS ARIES. One discussion with his ex and he’s on a plane to Germany to tell Teddy let’s do this!!! HELLO MARS!

Chiron in Pisces would HOLD SPACE or meditate. Should I visit Teddy? Maybe I’ll think about it, draw a couple Tarot cards, not follow their advice, ask my guides.

Chiron in Aries gets on the plane. Chiron in Aries flies the plane. Chiron in Aries IS THE PLANE.

And because Chiron in Aries is obvious, lays it all on the table, you may miss the opportunity if you don’t jump when Aries says jump because before you know it they are long gone.

Any questions? 
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Chiron Enters Aries (April 17th)

From the newsletter. You can SUBSCRIBE at this link.

Chiron is controversial.
Some astrologers don’t include him.
I do.

But when I realize that I’m avoiding the topic of Chiron changing signs in April — yes, next month — I know I need to pay attention.

Chiron matters and Chiron is not an easy energy.
If you’ve spent time in astrology circles at all then you know we call Chiron the “Wounded Healer.”

Chiron, a centaur, could heal others but not himself.  Astrologer Howard Sasportas wrote that our Saturn problems could be healed, but not Chiron, that we carry these issues with us until the end.

There’s always a risk of that old wound getting ripped open.
No salve. Vulnerable there.
And maybe we need this Chiron. Do we? 

And this:
Is all hope lost? Due to Chiron’s presence in our psyches?

No, but it will be helpful if you can make room for Chiron.
Make room for your wound, your vulnerability.
This is not easily said or done. Feels better just to hide it away.

Chiron in Aries ain’t gonna hide it away.
Chiron in Aries: LOOK AT MY DAMN WOUND SEE IT???? 

Ideally, Chiron in Aries = NO SHAME.
But if YOU have Chiron in Aries and your Chiron takes some hard aspects, it won’t be so easy to be honest and open with yourself/others about your Chiron problems!

So what do we do?

We check our charts. We see where the new transit will be, how long it will last, the aspects it will make.

Chiron in Aries may be the most important healing transit of all.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, associated with spring, is ruled by fast and furious Mars.

It’s an initiating energy. It begins. It moves forward. It’s not roundabout. It’s direct. Direct route to healing, to a cure.
Expedited healing as I wrote on Facebook earlier today.

Sexual healing.
Passionate healing.
Healing WHO YOU ARE i.e. Aries and Mars are associated with First House of the zodiac which describes YOU.

Aries/Mars is warrior energy, pioneering, independent.

And Mars rules blood.
Chiron in Aries = blood healing, blood medicine, blood magick.
Magick of LIFE.

We are leaving the floating sea mystical realm of Chiron in Pisces for a more direct approach.

If the medicine of choice does not work? We will move on.
Chiron in Aries will be obsessed with its own healing and finding a CURE for pain.

We’ve only just begun to talk about this but I hope I’ve got you thinking… 

My book comes out June 1st! You can pre-order right here! 

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Uranus In Taurus (Part Two Of Many): What Does Uranus In Taurus Mean For Taurus Sun/Rising?

"uranus in taurus"
A few thoughts, dear Taurus: 

Talk to an Aries.

Uranus is leaving their sign. They can tell you better than anyone at this time what it might feel like, but do remember they had a URANUS PLUTO square in their life for years and Taurus folks will have a Uranus Pluto TRINE. Big difference! Better! Squares cause problems and thus solutions, but trines make life easier. Also, Saturn is in Capricorn for the first part of Uranus in Taurus. Think about that. Saturn, Uranus, Pluto ALL in earth signs! Grand trine in earth (by sign).

Uranus energy is disruptive. It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. You know how I’m always saying that Saturn is not Venus? Uranus is not Venus either. Uranus is not about MAKING NICE. Uranus is about, well, making messes. And these can be creative messes or messy messes or a little of both. One silver lining is that we usually have more than one transit going on at a time so if you are heading towards a challenging Uranus transit you are bound to be under something easier as well. If Uranus is about to enter your First House, you know change is coming to your town, to your life. Shake ups and break ups.

Once Uranus enters your sign and starts to move around a little, you may not recognize yourself, dear Taurus. You may not recognize how you think, how you feel, what you do, what you want. It’s that big. It’s that important. Uranus on your Sun or Ascendent in particular will change you. So the question is: what do you want to change?

Now I’m not saying that you go to the Uranus restaurant and sit down and order something off the Uranus menu. That’s not how it works but I recommend you have your own plan going (Saturn in Capricorn supports that) to counterbalance, even in a small way, the liberation themes of Uranus in your life.

More to come, my friends

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Uranus In Taurus: What Does It Mean (Part One of Many)

"uranus in taurus"
It could feel like this

A friend of mine asked me this. She wanted to hear my take on it. Uranus in Taurus: what does it mean?

And I told her the truth: first and foremost, transits for me are PERSONAL (a transit = where the planets are now and how they affect us).

I’m not a global astrologer. I have built my practice around working one on one with folks, helping them with their dark, and light, nights of the soul. I don’t tend to predict economic or political or even cultural trends. And I’m definitely not the weather psychic. (Unless people ask and we do get into some of this stuff on my Patreon.)

But then I mentioned the earthquakes. I’m sure everyone is mentioning the earthquakes (I honestly don’t know).

Uranus (crazy) in Taurus (earth). 

But that’s not all it is right? Of course not. We have to think: okay what is Uranus about. We have to think: okay what is Taurus about?

The least you need to know: 

Uranus: not stable. 
Taurus: STABLE (supposedly, ideally, intractable stubborn earth energy, the seasons come like clockwork right? but global warming right? Uranus in Taurus)

Uranus in Taurus is Taurus gone haywire. Taurus gone “different.”


(And of course I can help you with this. You can book a Reading. You can get astro tutoring. We can talk.)

"uranus in taurus"
I LIKE Uranus in Taurus.

And not just because I have a lot of earth in my chart (planets in Virgo in particular and these will harmonize with Uranus in an earth sign) but because Uranus is frightening. I’m not a fan generally.

Yes I know some folks like Uranus energy a lot but they are often the ones with a pretty substantial safety net and enjoy a good joy ride and I’ve never been one of those. I don’t like those wild surprises unless they are good ones and with Uranus we cannot choose. We cannot predict how it will play out (to paraphrase Isabel Hickey who probably would have sucked at Twitter).

See, it’s hard to love Uranus unless we know we have somewhere to land (or someone to land with) after everything’s blown up — that we still have love and safety and bottom line is:  not everyone does. But I digress.

SO I like Uranus in Taurus because it slows Uranus down.

Uranus is fast, my friends. Very fast, direct, aggressive, neutral. The changes that Uranus brings to your life show up in an instant. A phone call. A flash of insight. An earthquake. Everything was one way and then… it was gone.

Taurus will slow Uranus down. That’s Point Number One that I want to make. So that fast and furious unpredictable crazy train Uranus may be less likely to leave you there bleeding.

You *may* be able to see it coming a leeeeetle better than in some of the other signs.

Yes it’s still Uranus but if you know a Taurus then you KNOW you cannot make them do anything. Not even Uranus?

We shall see…
Many more points to make. Stay tuned.
Uranus enters Taurus May 15th

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Maybe Painful: New Moon In Pisces – March 17th

"mars conjunct saturn"
from the home office

The New Moon this weekend is at 26 degrees Pisces so it’s time to check your chart and think about what this could mean for you. Something new?

Ordinary New Moons are ordinary New Moons. Sometimes they fit a pattern that’s easy to see and sometimes… who knows? Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to find that New Moon in your chart and see what she’s up to. Yes I can help you with this. 

What I don’t like: 
It’s a Sun Moon CHIRON conjunction. Chiron hurts. Your pain becomes painfully clear to you. It’s not necessarily what you’re in the mood for.

Mars enters Capricorn this same day which wouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself but we all know that SATURN is in Capricorn so Mars jumps head first into a Mars Saturn conjunction (exact April 2nd)

and then Mars will square whatever planets are moving through Aries including Uranus when it gets to the later degrees.

Mars Saturn: driving with the brakes on.

Dear Cardinal Signs:
You may feel a little frustrated.

Yesterday I was trying to explain the concept of the CARDINAL CROSS to a client who doesn’t know any astrology, other than her Sun Sign (and no shame in that, we all start somewhere) and I told her how the Cardinal signs are each aligned with the Equinoxes, the Seasons, and thus they are BEGINNERS i.e. they start stuff! They begin!

These four signs (four points of the cross) are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Spring Fall Summer Winter. When these signs interact in your chart or in the sky, there is tension, frustration AND drive and compulsion (squares and oppositions). I tried to leave out the jargon and just explain the bigger picture and how it feels and I think she got it. She said she did. It’s a Cardinal CROSS folks. We can feel mighty stuck.

This is why I give you the “frustration warning” now. Fast moving planets in Aries, including the SUN soon enough. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Folks with planets in any of the cardinal signs will really feel this I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN”T GET UP feeling.

You may feel stuck or hopeless or hopelessly stuck.

What to do when/if the going gets tough:

Breakthrough energy is here, my friends. Ace of Swords. This is you. Keep your weapon handy.

What do you use to cut through, break through, when you feel you just can’t?

In the words of the great Scorpio Neil Young: don’t let it bring you down. Easier said than done I know, but your Ace is sharp sharp truth.

Wise mind, my friends. Use your wise mind to cut through. Be wiser than your problems. The truth is that you are. No lie.


PS I had an Ace of Swords picture up but I’m having weird tech issues with pictures going sideways even when they seem fine — no matter what I try it’s not working! so I had a pic up but then had to take it down.

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Jupiter Retrograde & The Writer’s Way

"jupiter in scorpio"
I have a little homework for you.

A notebook. Any notebook. It doesn’t have to be fancy but some folks like fancy. Sometimes I like fancy.

I had times where I bought fancy notebooks and journals and all kinds, but these days it’s cheap spiral or composition notebook from Publix and usually these are for my “to do” lists but now I have an idea for Jupiter retrograde.

Keep track.

Until July 10th when Jupiter goes Direct.

Will you do it?

Slow Down For Jupiter Retrograde (In Scorpio)

"jupiter goes retrograde in scorpio"
I invite you to watch my trilogy, three videos for Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. Here is the link. And for videos and writing that aren’t available anyplace else, become a Patron here. 

I haven’t looked at next week’s stars yet.

I’m still thinking about Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio and how we are supposed to examine the direction we’ve been heading in ever since Jupiter hit Scorpio.

There are details we’ve missed. There is a story there.
You had no idea you needed to pause and now the pause is here.

What to make of it? Is this something we should put effort into? Make our lists or just vaguely keep it in the backs of our minds?

My vote is a vote for effort. Conscious activity and exploration of what you have been growing in your life in your Scorpio House(s).

Because something magnificent is starting or continuing and don’t you want to comb through it?

You may have missed a clue.


ARE YOU ON A QUEST? Jupiter Goes Retrograde LET THE BALLOON POPPING COMMENCE (A Cautionary Tale)

"jupiter retrograde" Last night I was talking to a friend (name redacted to protect the possibly innocent) and she told me a story. 

Some background:

she’s searching for the PERFECT JOB. The perfect job for her. She’s the breadwinner of the family. The burden’s on her. Her field is a money making field BUT… she has not been happy in it for years and has bounced around a bit (still in her field) trying to find this PERFECT JOB, including job counselors and healers and shamans to help “solve” this “problem.”

She’s on a quest.
It’s not just a job she’s after and not just a perfect job. 

If you are on a quest, let me give you a little advice:

BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO YOU about your dreams, plans, any of it!

Why? Because they gonna pop your bubble. Your well meaning friends and family who have some REALITY for you and are looking after your own good with their warnings and practical advices.

If you decide to share, take it all with a grain of salt because you may suffer what my poor friend did:

her balloon got popped!!!

She was SO excited, feeling her groove, her mojo, NEW PATH and the signs were coming fast and furious YES YES YES and then… just like that… the “friends” started showing up with their naysaying and by the time she spoke to me she wanted an energy read on the situation because of her deflated balloon of excitement. Gone.

Moral of story astrologically? Jupiter goes retrograde this week. You may encounter more of these balloon popping folks although actually many of us are surrounded by these “well meaning” types ALL THE TIME. 

Now I’m NOT saying to live in la-la land but there is a time and place for Neptune and there is a time and place for Saturn AND for Jupiter too. It’s okay to reach for the stars. It’s okay to be unrealistic.

Who can you trust? Find out. Have friends (maybe) that you tell your precious fledgling ideas to. It’s not gonna be everyone. Tell your astrologer/tarot reader (such as myself, yes!) who will hold your dream in her hands without crushing it.

So. Jupiter retrograde. People are not gonna be so rah rah rah but this may be true for Jupiter in Scorpio overall to be honest. It’s just a more… SKEPTICAL Jupiter.

And skepticism is the LAST thing we need when we are ON A QUEST!!!


"jupiter in scorpio"

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Writers Are Never Done: A Very Pisces Weekend

"sun conjunct chiron"
Sometimes I’d think:

I’m done with Moon Pluto. Done with Moon Pluto Astrology.

Not done with writing or helping people or being an astrologer but done with *this* blog.

My Tree City Witch blog on Patheos Pagan is going to get a new name and it will be a blog proper and not just a “column,” as part of their Agora section.

Although I do want to make that blog more my blog home, I started to realize today that maybe I wasn’t done yet – not done *here* yet.

Writers are never done. A writer is always writing. Even when they aren’t writing. Every moment is an opportunity for new ideas to come. This is how I’ve always lived and it’s what has always happened. Go for a walk and the poems come.

And now on the verge of having my first book published – not of poems but of astrology – I feel like I am a writer again. Even though I never stopped writing.

What are YOU? Have you ever stopped being you? 

When I saw all the planets in Pisces this weekend CONJUNCT I thought okay. I’m gonna flow with it. I’m gonna write and I’m gonna reach my Pisces North Node ONCE AND FOR ALL (ha).  Can’t fight the Pisces, y’all! It won’t work!

I made a video for my Patrons with some advice and drew cards about this weekend and no surprise to see the Seven of Cups right? Of course Seven of Cups.

Got weekend plans for the Piscean flow? What are you working on?

"saturn in capricorn"
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Saturn Changes Signs But Not Houses (In Your Chart): What Does It Mean?

"saturn square moon" It’s kind of a technical topic but an important one!

What happens when a planet changes SIGN but doesn’t change HOUSE — in your chart?

And let’s say you use PLACIDUS (or some other house system) and NOT the Whole Sign system (which would give you a new house position when the planet changes signs).

What does it feel like?
What can you expect?

I recommend to use the house system that you believe in, the one you are comfortable with, the one you believe to be true for you.

But I also think it’s worthwhile to do double-duty.

Do Placidus AND Whole.
Do Koch AND Whole.
Do Equal AND Whole.

Or whatever combination you prefer.

I’ll tell you what I’m noticing – about my own chart. I think it may help you too.

Saturn in Sagittarius was my 4th House.

And I also had Saturn square my Moon so there were big time lessons and messages and revelations about HOME and family and BELONGING and a move and a big rental house and etc etc and my beloved Cleo went from body to pure energy, pure spirit (very Saturn 4th, also Pluto 4th in my Solar Return)…

Using Placidus, Saturn is STILL in my 4th House.

I call it “finishing up” in my 4th House and won’t enter my 5th until… late this year or early 2019 (have to check the degree).

OR is Saturn already in my 5th? Is Whole Signs more TRUE but that cusp line is still a high vibrational point? 

We know one thing for sure: SATURN CHANGED SIGNS. Saturn went from Sagittarius to Capricorn. And Saturn is no longer squaring any of my Virgo and will TRINE my Virgo.

I am still in the house but honestly I have felt: I can move now if I want. And I have felt: I can stay. And I have felt: it’s okay. I love you, house, no matter what challenges arise. I feel more “settled” even though it’s not *my* house. After all this time, I’m finally there. It’s mine and not mine.

I think it’s an interesting set of questions and they don’t need ONE definitive answer.

Your LIFE will tell you what the answer is. Pay attention. You’ll know. 

FOR SURE the squares to my Virgo stuff are over. For sure Saturn is in Capricorn which is harmonious and “at home.”

And for sure I am suddenly literally suddenly thinking about: home and where do I belong and roots MORE than before. Where do I live? What kind of place? How does a self-employed astrologer purchase property? Do I want to? What to do? ALL such questions.

Saturn through my 4th… was TOO HARD to face those questions. I was too busy SURVIVING.

And now? It’s just not as painful. Not perfect, but not as painful.

As for what Saturn in my 5th might feel like, well, I don’t have kids (5th) but I am a creator and so maybe I’ve got one foot in one world and one foot in the next (4th and 5th) and it may be a similar situation for you. My book comes out this year. 2019 could bring new interesting 5th House stuff!

Where’s your transiting Saturn these days?

"Saturn in capricorn"

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On Tunnel Times & New Year’s Resolutions & The Meaning of Saturn In Capricorn

I think it’s important to trust the tunnel times and times of fluctuation.

By tunnel times I mean all the dark emotions about our lives that we would prefer to dismiss, feelings like:

jealousy, inadequacy, self-loathing.
And to trust that we will come out of the tunnel with SOMETHING.
Something in our hands.
Maybe no one else will trust us. We have to trust ourselves. That this is how it works.

And to trust the times of fluctuation – which is exactly how it sounds – that we are rising and resting. And the cycle may be uneven, not perfect, unpredictable.

"saturn in capricorn"

I am OBSESSED with New Year’s resolutions and I have been searching searching searching searching for mine and I found ONE and then I found another! And it took a while. Like finding coins on the sidewalk. SO OBSESSED I told my Starbucks barista. Sometimes I trusted the process and sometimes I didn’t. I had to flail around in the tunnel. I had to not see. I had to not know. 

And out of that dark place I went to Publix. Where shopping is a pleasure. And I bought the stuff I needed to rest today (under the weather but needed some supplies) AND I bought a notebook so I could write down Resolution no. 1 and Resolution 2 and all attendant details. I wasn’t ready before. I am ready now. Trust the process. Trust you will be ready IF IT IS RIGHT.

And I was watching a YouTuber that I like a lot from the strength-training world (by the way, I was not injured for as long as I thought I might be) and he talked about SETBACKS. They are inevitable. Call it Tunnel Time. Call it Dark Night of the Soul. There are always “setbacks.” We must balance intensity with rest. We must balance effort with recovery and what may appear ugly or stupid to others. They may abandon us when we lose sight of goals. When we flail. Let them go.


"saturn in capricorn"

Saturn is changing signs THIS MONTH, from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Saturn will remain in Capricorn about three years. This is the perfect amount of time. TO BUILD.

In plain English: Saturn changes signs and we have to change the way we WORK, The way. The how. The why. Maybe even the where and the who. The bones of our work, our life work.

If Saturn in Sagittarius brought us a philosophical crisis and quest, Saturn in Capricorn ushers in a three-year era of PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FOUNDATION, the bricks of your life, the bottom, the bones, the structure of your life. Saturn rules the bones.

Of what will you become an expert. The only impediment is yourself says Saturn in Capricorn. Will you wise up? Will you rise to the occasion? Will you DO THE WORK. Will you face the fear?


"saturn in capricorn"

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Transit Talk! Saturn Trine Your Venus Is A Good Good Thing ASTROLOGY

"uranus in taurus"
Knowing who you are and what you want.

YOUR VALUES. What you want to GAIN.

Being certain. Being REAL. Integrity, authenticity.

INNER KNOWING and not being ashamed of who you are and what you desire.
Yes, my friends. Bam. :) 

In case you were wondering what Saturn trine Venus means. In case you were wondering why didn’t SATURN TRINE VENUS bring me love. It did. Any step we take away from self-loathing or self-hate and into self acceptance is a good thing. WE STOP HANGING AROUND THE WRONG PEOPLE THEN. We stop waiting on the wrong people. Venus is social.

I’m thinking about this because I was noticing in a client chart Saturn on her Mars (cannot move!!!) but trine her Venus and she may say:

WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE I’M STILL SINGLE but honey there’s more to life than ROMANTIC PARTNERSHIP. (Libras cover your ears!)

There I said it. OMG. Sky. Falling.

Luv is not everyone’s path every minute of the day.
YOU EXIST OUTSIDE HIM (or her) and outside the longing for him (or her).

This isn’t to say that it’s wrong to love or wrong to desire!!! Not at all but not all Venus transits are about your legs in the air ;) 

They can be about you being so damn certain what and who is right for YOU because you are living your values!!!!!!

Make sense????

"saturn trine venus"

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WEEPY + HEALING Venus Trine Chiron Let It Flow

"venus trine chiron"
You’re totally on the edge of what hurts you, totally on the edge and you see at the edge of the edge that maybe just maybe that little light in the distance which could end all your misery.

Stop. T

hat’s impossible right? ALL MISERY CANNOT END but


there can still be a little light and there is magic in the world, right?

The new newsletter here so please LOOK it is about the Full Moon in Gemini which is coming this weekend 

But what I want to talk to you about right now is VENUS TRINE CHIRON which is healing love. OF SELF!!! OF ALL YOUR FLAWS LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF LOVE OF SELF!

Venus trine Chiron takes all your self-defeating hopeless self-loathing, hating, all the ways you reject yourself, YOUR CRIPPLING INSECURITY, it takes all of that and…

smiles on it. GRINS on it!! That’s what it does!!!!

It may last but a moment but it’s a good moment because it’s so easy. For a moment. And unexpected. For a moment. Because it’s not just Venus trine Chiron EXACT today but also the Venus Uranus inconjunct which makes this ship bounce and feel uneasy a little motion sickness HOW CAN I POSSIBLE HEAL THIS RACKETY RICKETY OLD SHIP BUT STILL

the trine. The trine comes to big kiss you. Today.

"venus trine chiron"

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When A Transit Happened And Nothing Happened ASTROLOGY

"Saturn trine venus"
I was waiting. I was waiting for love. I was waiting for money. VENUS RULES LOVE AND MONEY. I’m not gonna hide from you, hide behind some wall of I DO NOT WANT. Because I DO want. I want love. I want money. Just like you. Doesn’t mean I’m totally empty but I WANT.

And I’ve been under this transit for all of late degree Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn TRINE my Venus. Where Prince Charming? Where blank check?

WELL, there is much to consider and I’m gonna list just a few:

-the houses of the transit which are the AREAS OF LIFE to be affected
-other transits going on simultaneously which may hinder or help
-what the fuck is going on in your damn life! Transits happen to YOU, a soul in body
-the transit itself of course: which planets???? what is their NATURE????

I’ll use my own self as an example. Maybe you will relate! 

Transiting Saturn in my Fourth House (HOME) trine natal Venus in my Twelfth.

Can it get any more esoteric than this? Seriously? I mean, besides HOME. Fourth House is your home. That’s pretty practical but surely you can see that a 12th/4th trine is PROTECTION of the HOME. Spiritual protection thanks to your 12th House Spirit Guides.

And yet the 12th is also a money house. Did you know this? Despite my expenses TRUE STORY being MORE EXPENSIVE in Florida than when I was in NYC (!!!), all has remained stable. Money (Venus) has been stable (Saturn). DO I WANT MORE? YES. GIVE ME MORE. BUT. Here I am. Living life on my own terms (as a friend said to me).

Saturn will always TRY to create stability. This is Saturn’s nature to put ORDER IN YOUR LIFE. And yet this can be a problem of course. Because some situations need to be blown up but Saturn will tow the line, stick to the rules, be a good girl. Saturn is not a freak accident. Saturn is not pennies from heaven. Saturn is = work for it and get it IN PROPORTION. Saturn puts a frame around your life.

STABILITY IS NOT EXCITING. Or is it? Saturn is not Uranus. Saturn is not Pluto. Saturn is slow and not shocking. Saturn in a trine I would argue is still a lesson but not as sharp and not as hard. It will build you up. Easier to gain confidence than a Saturn square which seeks to make the lesson ache.

Strength training takes time. Steady increments. Go slow. Something about instant gratification culture. Consider that you may not feel or understand a long transit until after it’s DONE and you are NEW and one day you wake up with new skills fully manifested and you make decisions from that place. Consider that.

Some transits appear subtle or without fanfare, but make no mistake: something happened. OPEN YOUR EYES

But, MoonPluto, I’m looking! I HAVE been looking! And nothing, nothing. 
Look again, my friend. Look again.

"venus trine saturn"



Saturn in Capricorn Through The First House (By Transit)

"saturn in capricorn"
So I’m thinking of starting a little series on Saturn through the Houses by transit because Saturn enters Capricorn next month!

The question of the day: WHAT WILL BE?

Well, much depends on your chart of course, whether the sign of Capricorn is unsupported or supported by your planets!!!!

I think this matters MORE than the fact that Saturn is “at home” in Capricorn.

Let’s say Saturn will be transiting your FIRST HOUSE?

In the words of the first astrologer I ever went to, when I was in my mid-20s:

Now you’re back in charge! 

I know many of my clients with Saturn First House transits have heard me use this phrase. It’s still true. I still believe it.

We cannot underestimate this movement from the 12th to the 1st! From dark to light. From above horizon to below. Seems contradictory, doesn’t it?

Saturn through the First House is a powerful Aries/Mars transit (because the First House is associated with Aries/Mars) despite the beginning of going underground!! Houses one, two, three, four, five, and six are BELOW the horizon!!

Make sense? Saturn First House begins a new cycle among all the other cycles you are going through, with or without Mr. Saturn. A cycle of POWER. How do you feel about power? YOUR POWER.

"saturn through the first house"

Some things to remember about Saturn through the First House 

-First House is an ANGULAR (cardinal) house so life will MOVE. Things will change. Momentum! Dynamic experiences. You take initiation even if that initiative is sitting still. The other day a friend said to me: I LEARN BY DOING. I told her that “non doing” is also DOING.

-You will be called upon to be an AUTHORITY or EXPERT in your life and to be the authority or expert OF your life.

-Remember the First opposes the Seventh House. This transit will cause you to evaluate/re-evaluate your Seventh House i.e. OTHER PEOPLE i.e. who is in your life. Remember that the First House squares your Tenth/Fourth axis — career and home EXPECT SHIFTS OR ADJUSTMENTS IN THESE AREAS.

-Saturn is the Boss. BE THE BOSS. Take charge. Take control. Be firm. Have a plan. Commit. GROW UP GROW UP GROW UP GROW UP GROW UP.

Easier said than done? YES. But it wouldn’t be Saturn if it were “easy.” Often enough I talk to clients who say: I am Saturn so will Saturn transits really bother me? I am Pluto (well aspected Moon Pluto conjunction First House) and PLUTO OPPOSE MY SUN BOTHERED ME. Transits don’t happen and NOTHING happens.

Growing up doesn’t mean you need to be like anyone else. Growing up doesn’t mean you need a “normal” job or “normal life” — whatever that means.

Growing up means living YOUR LIFE with integrity. Grow up. Be you. Don’t expect or require anyone to clean up after you. Yes I know many charts/souls in this incarnation have a built-in clean-up crew (you know who you are) but Saturn finds this repulsive when it’s moving through the First House of Be The Boss Of Your Life And Stop Outsourcing Your Responsibility.

Make sense? Let me know! Stay tuned for Saturn in the Second House!

"Saturn in capricorn"

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The Sagittarius Search For Truth!!!!!!!

Stupid people are getting on my nerves. If that offends you I’m not sorry. But this is an ASTROLOGY blog so let’s get to it!

"sagittarius season"

Let’s talk SAGITTARIUS SEASON. I have a story for you. But first let me remind you that THE SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ON TUESDAY. This Tuesday. The day after tomorrow.

And today I went to church. Sometimes I do that. Go to church. You know it was funny I was talking to an acquaintance today who said:

I didn’t know you were “involved” in church. At first I silently balked at the word INVOLVED and then I said to him: you don’t know me. We don’t know each other. How could you possibly be surprised or not surprised. YES I GO TO CHURCH MOTHERFUCKER. Didn’t say that part.

ANYWAY so I was at church this morning because there is this class that I love besides which I like some of the people there AND I love the goddamn motherfucking Holy Spirit why is that so hard to understand who I sometimes feel the presence of AT CHURCH and my favorite priest (yes I have a favorite priest) was presiding over my favorite class and he was telling a story.

And he’s a Sagittarius. You know where this is going, right?

And I started to take notes while he was talking :) Sometimes I do that!

The Sagittarius search for truth. They cannot NOT tell the truth. And he was telling a story of how he almost got fired, years ago, from this particular parish because of his belief (Sagittarius rules BELIEF) that Christians are NOT better than any other religion.  His inclusive attitude, his inclusive LOVING beliefs got him in trouble to the degree that after one of his sermons he got called to the rector’s office and given a harsh talking to — NEVER to do that again.

Why am I telling you this story? Because you can’t tell a Sag what to do and Sag Season is around the corner.

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"

So my favorite priest didn’t get fired but he did get reprimanded for his “open-mindedness” and is a priest all these years later, telling us this story. He’s got a lot of stories. Famous for his stories I think.

If only the rector had known who he had hired, he probably wouldn’t have hired him (my priest said). BUT you can’t stop a Sag from telling their truth and this is wisdom for us all during Sagittarius Season. TELL IT!!!!!

Tell your truth but decide WHEN. Tell it after you have the job :)

"jupiter in scorpio"
Our Lady

Saturn is LEAVING Sagittarius. Saturn will be entering Capricorn NEXT MONTH. December.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been like the wild west. Rules? What rules? Order? What order? Structure? What structure? Not so Saturn in Capricorn. The rules, the order, the structure will be BINDING.

Saturn in Capricorn says: Do you have a plan? What’s the plan? Does your life have order? What’s your rule of life?

I love this story of my priest because I love the idea of a radical yet typical Sagittarius, priest, in this conventional path. With Saturn in Sagittarius the path was… the path. A winding road. It was the plan of no plan. Saturn in Sagittarius destroyed our plans with its refusal to plan so do not be surprised if all of a sudden in December, or already, you are thinking about your life in a more serious and responsible way, the Capricorn way, not this freewheeling maybe I’ll get fired way.

This question of plans and planning and GOALS will get more insistent. You will be called upon to create a SOLID LASTING ORGANIZATION TO YOUR LIFE.

FUCK! WHAT NOW? I’m feelin it. Already.

"moon conjunct pluto"

I will end this blog post with his words:
“We encounter the Divine, the Holy, in our own way.  As we grow and deepen our spiritual roots, our view of God, will change.” 

"saturn trine uranus"If you want to talk to me about Sagittarius Season or anything else, do contact me to schedule a reading! moonpluto@gmail or head to this link RIGHT HERE