Jupiter Transits: Keep Trying Until You Get It Right

But it doesn’t really feel like trying because it’s Jupiter. There’s an ease to it, a flow, and so much more these days with Jupiter in Pisces. There’s no stop/start or overthinking or underhandedness like Jupiter in the other signs. Jupiter likes being in Pisces (they say) and I think it’s true. And I like it too even though it’s a lot a lot a lot, but it can work for you if you give it a chance i.e. keep trying until you get it right. Sounds like a song.

You’re job hunting and not getting the job. Keep trying. You’re love hunting and not getting the love. Keep trying. Jupiter will make it easy, easier. SO. You have to know where Jupiter is traveling in your chart. That’s the thing that will be easier than usual.

BUT ALIZA WHAT IF JUPITER IS IN A BORING HOUSE FOR ME AT THIS TIME? Dear star lovers, there are no boring houses, only boring people lol but seriously! Every house has value. Every house has good. And Jupiter brings a parade of flowers wherever he’s at. Believe it!!!

Jupiter is a green light. I know people like to be cautious about Jupiter, that Jupiter promises and doesn’t deliver and there is truth to that. I’m not gonna lie. But Jupiter can also make you feel and believe that anything is possible. And anything is. Kinda. Right? Right.

Jupiter isn’t about right and wrong. That’s Saturn. I mean, keep trying until you get it right FOR YOU. Big difference. And what’s right for you may not be what you think. It may not be what anyone thinks. It’s your own vision you’ve got to stick to. I can’t give you any details about my evening (I’m private like that) but Jupiter has this way of dusting you off. You can be covered in the thickest shit and along comes Jupiter and poof. Magic. No slime on you. The great transcendence is Jupiter in Pisces. 

What does this mean for the Pisces out there? Jupiter is in your sign. Well, I’ll tell you what I think it’s about, at least a little. Expect something big. Supersize. It’s gonna change you. And when it gets moving maybe you’ll be wishing it wasn’t but that’s only the old you. That’s some old fear not ready to roll but roll you must! You can’t stop Jupiter. You can’t stop any of the planets doing what they came here to do. They all make us cry in one way or another.

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Love you dear star lovers