Work, Actually: Hard Saturn Transits

There are battles that you get tired of fighting. I can think of a few myself. It’s very Seven of Wands, Ten of Wands. Until you stop with the Wands already. You just stop. Or therapy changes your brain or something changes your brain and you stop fighting. Maybe you just get annoyed. Minor annoyance even. This is progress. And this is what I think about when I think about Saturn squaring my Saturn. Yes you’re trapped but you’re kinda… not okay with it but… and not a feeling of resignation but… and not acceptance or surrender but…

I want to quote that Dylan Thomas line: and I sang in my chains like the sea but there’s nothing at all romantic about Saturn or about hard Saturn transits. There is no Saturn sea.

Ten of Wands. You think you’ll never get there. You think you’ll never get out of it, never finish. That’s what hard Saturn transits feel like. Interminable. That’s it. That word fits.

What will help? 

Work, actually. That’s it. Do your work. And you gotta know what your work is. You might need to remember or review. That’s Thing One.

I’ve got more thoughts on this. I’ll be back.

Love you so much xo

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