Everlasting Light: Venus Goes Retrograde

Feeling something else now about this upcoming Venus retrograde, that you might go quiet, solitary, so quiet, so solitary, and need some space or room for yourself, for a while, and more than usual. So that you can think. So that you can understand. Less social, more introspective.

Chiron goes direct on the same day (this Sunday) and I was talking about this in a Patreon video last night, how Chiron going direct signals to your chart, to your life, where the healing and understanding has happened (at least a little, a little), and you’ll see, experience, what you’ve planted. It will be that direct. If you planted a rotten seed, it will be a rotten fruit. And so on. And remember this, dear star lovers, Pisces (where Chiron is) and Capricorn (where Venus is) make the sextile aspect which is good and plays well with others but here we are on the verge of GOING WITHIN like the Hermit card in the Tarot. What was restricted will be a boomerang and off into the universe we fly.

But Aliza (you may say to me) how can we fly forward when Venus will be retrograde and looking back back back. Well, dear one, I don’t feel the contradiction. Le me explain and quote Morrissey: there is a light that never goes out. And that’s Venus in your chart. Always and forever everlasting. She’s not dim or dull for being retrograde but she is a little different. Her needs are different. Her thinking is different. She looks at you different because she sees deeper and into the distance. None of this is a problem.

Take this transit as your Big Love Review: what you love, who you love, how you love, what you want, who you want, how you want. All of it. What you value. What’s important to you. Be honest with yourself. You can lie to everyone (I don’t advise it) but at least be honest with yourself. And this: She wants you to stop in your tracks and survey the tracks. How’s it going so far? Where are you at now? Do you think you can get what you want? Do you think you can get what you want? Do you think you can get what you want? And do you know what you want? Think about it.

That’s all for now. More later.

"Aliza Einhorn"