A Celtic Cross For Mars in Gemini

What I’m thinking today about the upcoming long Mars in Gemini transit:

Mars in Taurus = needing things to stay the same.
Mars in Gemini = greater comfort with options and change.

In Tarot class, we talked about the NINES (among other things) and I brought some words from Mary K. Greer and words from Aleister Crowley, and I gave homework to create their own Celtic Cross (create their own meanings for the card positions).

And I thought to myself, after the lesson, why not a Celtic Cross creation for MARS IN GEMINI? 

Try this at home 🙂

Card One: Your Mars in Gemini situation
Card Two: What your soul truly wants

Card Three: Your shadow
Card Four: What is propping up your shadow

Card Five: Next step towards your destiny
Card Six: Temptation/Sabotaging influence

Card Seven: Who you are at this time
Card Eight: Who you need to be
Card Nine: Who/What is helping you behind the scenes
Card Ten: What Mars in Gemini has to teach you

(Shadow: blind spot)


"Jupiter retrograde"