Pluto Hates Your Guts (Another Blog Post About Hard Transits)

How to let it go and move on?

That’s my question tonight as I contemplate leaving a relationship and realizing that Pluto is about to make (I think) it’s LAST pass to my Mars. Pluto has been opposing my Mars for YEARS, the last of three Pluto transits to my Cancer planets. It’s a constant attack under this energy. I can say the sky is blue and I’ll get taken to task. It’s not everyone all the time, but it’s a lot and consistent and exhausting. What to do?

Well, I drew a card, but before I talk about that I want to say that during such challenging times, it’s likely that only the most secure confident Aries/Mars type people won’t be threatened by you.

So I got the King of Pentacles (Coins in this deck). How to let go. How to leave. This King, to me, actually suggests doing nothing. Let them leave. You? Detach. And maybe that’s the way. Remove the emotionality if possible but is it ever possible? Still, the cards can lead the way. King of Pentacles is secure in his seat. He’s a king after all. I’m not very strategic though. It’s not my nature. Yet I’m getting accused of it these days. Projection. This king though… he sits, he waits, he eats. He isn’t in a hurry to do any one thing.

The answer? How to leave? Don’t. At least not yet. Not until the cards change. And this: let it fall apart of its own accord. Don’t tip it over. Let it fall. If it needs to fall, if it is meant to fall, it will fall without your help, without your tears, without your pulling the pin. And anyway, if someone is, well, out to get you, or make you the bad guy, or passive aggressively push you to act, all the reason to be patient.

I’m not saying it isn’t painful. All of it is painful. But there’s different ways to deal with the pain, you know? One way is to strike, to make a move. Another way is the way I describe above.

Then I ask: is it going to end or is it going to transform?

And another question: why is this happening? What is Pluto up to? Why do we (those of use with Mars in Cancer) need this reforming? Why do we we need this disgusting death? Haven’t we already paid and paid and paid?

For the first question, I got the Six of Cups (which I don’t quite believe) which is a card of friendship. Reaching out. Olive branch. Suggests a possible transformation.

For the second? The planets do what the planets do and I get the Hermit. Self-imposed isolation. We had to be ostracized. Why? Again I ask why. Why this refinement of the nature which only leads to bitterness?

Ten of Swords. End of cycle. We, you, will rise from these particular Pluto ashes. So let me ask what comes next, once Pluto is done: Three of Coins. The building of something indestructible.

I know it doesn’t seem worth it. I’m not sure it is. But it’s what we have to work with. More to come…