Stop Shrinking: Jupiter Enters Pisces December 28th!


Are you becoming energetically smaller? In response to something? In response to your WHOLE LIFE?

You know what I’m going to say next.

That the current sky can help you with this. Or maybe it’s just you. Maybe it’s not the collective sky, the collective astrology, but something you’re going through, some beautiful thing, and you feel like your aura needs to expand.

I know you know what I’m talking about even if you use different words. I want to yell at you now: TAKE UP SPACE. YOU PROBABLY ARE NOT TAKING UP ENOUGH SPACE IN YOUR LIFE. TAKE UP SPACE PLEASE. And I don’t mean this has to be in the positive way. I’m not talking about laughing and dancing. It can be however it needs to be, whoever you are in this moment. It can be tears, sure. Or scowls. Scowling tears!

Call it whatever you want – your aura, your energy body, etheric body, your vibration, your soul, spirit, and maybe it’s a Venus topic. Maybe this is about self worth, self esteem, that it’s okay for you to take up space and it’s time for you to do a Venus retrograde review on this matter. Do you feel you are allowed to live? But it’s more than that too. It’s about Jupiter entering Pisces NEXT FUCKING WEEK Y’ALL.

Maybe you don’t realize it – what you’ve been doing: crouching, shrinking. Until you realize the kinds of problems you keep facing, that they are always the same and they are always about being bullied or people walking all over you or correcting you or leaving you out, but I have news! Some people are dolts no matter what you do or don’t do, but energetically it’s time for an assessment. How much space do you take up? Do you hold your breath? All the time? Is that you shrinking and making yourself small to the point where you are like a tiny dot in your life and all around you are, well, monsters pushing you are around, but this is a matter of perspective and you can change yours and you can ENLARGE.

But back to my preaching:

You have the right take up space and I wonder what would happen if you just started doing it – that you visualize your aura, the edges of you expanding expanding expanding. Keep growing, keep expanding.

Jupiter enters Pisces next week; this is a spiritual enlargement. You know I love Virgo but in a way this is an anti-Virgo transit in the sense of how Virgo opposes Pisces on the zodiac wheel and Virgo is all about the detail and the miniature and Pisces has no boundaries. It just keeps getting bigger – in spirit, in love, in aura.

Be big. Be bigger than your problems. Be bigger than what confines you, what you feel confines you. Be so so so so so so much bigger and I am certain Jupiter in Pisces will help you with this. Jupiter is lucky. And Jupiter in Pisces is luckier and you are about to roll around in some serious good luck and it’s so beautiful so beautiful. I’m so happy for us all. It’s a good wave so you should ride it. I sound high, don’t I? That’s the affect of thinking about Jupiter entering Pisces on this Virgo Rising, South Node, Moon Pluto conjunction.

Jupiter is in Aquarius still as I type this, late Aquarius. Saturn is in Aquarius will be for all of next year. Aquarius is the mind, intellect, the inventor. And the soul, the spirit is bigger and broader, my darlings, and has no limits, none, no boundaries. This is Pisces. Aquarius is limited by its thinking (and thinking is very powerful and fine, yes) and we as humans think that thinking is the best or the top but it has a limit Even genius Aquarius has a limit. We need all the signs, all the energies in us.

So find that Pisces part of your chart — it’s there where you need to and will dissolve the boundaries, the walls you’ve grown and solidified. You thought they would never ever come down but they are coming down with a crash like a wave, the biggest wave of all.

Talk to you later

Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28th.