The Most Important Transit of 2022 (Uranus Conjunct The North Node in Taurus)

So many endings. We have a Full Moon tomorrow. Venus goes retrograde on Sunday.

What was it that you wanted? It’s changed already, hasn’t it.

I spent hours today writing and writing so I don’t have too many blog-thoughts now, but here’s the news:

it’s time to review your dreams, goals, hopes. I’m saying this because the ECLIPSES AND NODES are changing signs. From Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio. It’s time. And Uranus is in Taurus and will conjoin that North Node and oppose the Scorpio South Node in 2022 and I’m so sorry that some of what you wanted won’t happen, won’t come true, but there are other futures that were chosen for you. So to speak. Fate exists.

Fate exists.

Fate exists.

Fate exists.

Humans have this weird habit of thinking they’re in charge. I’m here to tell you (if you care to believe me) that we have this thin corridor of free-will and all around is chaos and a plan (for each of us) that is not of our creation.

So then why am I bothering to tell you to review your life? Because you’re about to go on a ride. Uranus and the North Node in Taurus will take you there in 2022.

I’ve been fighting my fate so hard. You think I wanted to be psychic astrologer? How embarrassing. But it gave me freedom, a living (I was/am incapable of working a “normal” job), an opportunity to use my natural ability and learned skills, to help people, and I think I’m going to stop fighting it. Or try to. After all these years.

Anyway, it will all become clear the summer of 2022. Prepare yourselves, dear star lovers.