Time (Again) To Think About The New Nodes/Eclipses (In Scorpio/Taurus)

Through certain houses of the chart and through certain times in our lives, the eclipses and the Nodes are a battle. Maybe it’s all the time. I don’t remember. But I was reflecting this evening on the recent Gemini/Sagittarius Nodes and eclipses and all they were for me was a battle. All I did was fight. And I thought to myself tonight: did I win? Is it over? I don’t know yet.

In other news, Jupiter is already at 2 degrees Pisces. In other news, I’m what I call an extreme introvert (INFJ). I know people don’t really understand it. They think they know. And I think I should spell it out in all my bios and profiles but does anybody read those things? I mean, I do my work. I want to do my work. I’m happy to do my work, usually, and that’s enough talking, enough people-time for me, plus maybe one social occasion per week. Social media overwhelms me but I’ve been on it since I started my business, since I started this blog. The blog is what drew so many clients to me and now for some reason I’m on Instagram talking about pens and posting selfies and promoting books and I’m fantasizing about the day when I’ll be not there at all. I think it’ll be like being dead. Please god may there be no social media in the afterworld.

And here come the Nodes and eclipses to a very talky/communicative parts of my chart. The astrology has a sense of humor. I was on a podcast the other day. I have another one planned for February. I’m working on a new book which I want to sell when it’s done so it can find a good home and there will be more podcasts and more talking. My ideal moment is to sit with a loved one in silence and never speak. Yesterday saw an old friend and she touched my hand, touched my shoulder. That was good. That was real. I don’t have words for it. Electric but calm. I don’t know why some people have this magic. Anyway.

Something about the world now. This coronavirus world. Something about the intense violence in NYC which I think is worse than coronavirus. I saw a picture of someone somewhere where it was snowing snowing snowing and a wild animal in the backyard and I thought to myself: I belong there. I am there. I am the snow. I am my old friend Esther squeezing my shoulder as she passes behind me on her way to the kitchen.

In other other news: Mercury goes retrograde this week and it starts off in the sign of Aquarius but will go direct in early February in Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in late Capricorn in early February will trine the North Node in Taurus. I always say this about retrogrades. There’s something you forgot. Now you can retrieve it.