Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: Too Much Hope

I associate Neptune with sadness and melancholy and that far away look you get when that sad song comes on and you need to switch it off because it’s just too much. Neptune people do that. I do that. I have to be prepared for music (and I do love music).

So I was thinking about Jupiter Neptune again, just an hour or so after the first blog post (catch up here with the first in my series of Jupiter Neptune blog posts) and how you could feel swept away and not by romantic visions but by an unmitigated sorrow. We’ll just have to see, but you probably already know. I mean, we’re already living under this Jupiter Neptune sea. How are you feeling? That’s the question. The answer is already there.

And I’m not trying to balance anything, certainly not on purpose, but another manifestation of Jupiter Neptune came to mind just now and that is hope.

Hope is such a… word. It shows up in the new book I’m writing. Hope. Therapist has mentioned this word more than once (and I’ll save those summaries for another day). Jupiter Neptune, of course, is big hope. You have no right to feel THIS MUCH HOPE that will come from Jupiter Neptune (is how it might feel). It won’t make sense. You’ll feel you have no right or don’t deserve or that you’ve gone mad. It reminds me of the second before death. We feel so much hope in that light. Don’t ask me how I know….

And in the previous blog post I was starting to talk about how Jupiter Neptune could feel OVERWHELMING to you. Overwhelming sadness or hope or devotion. Jupiter by definition is TOO MUCH. Jupiter inflates. But maybe that’s exactly what we need right now, right? Too much hope. Might be nice.

These aren’t our only options and I’ll keep writing about this. To be continued!


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