Love The Exorcism: Under Hard Transits? Look Here (Part Two)

It’s like an exorcism, Childbirth? It’s like everything coming out of you, violently. Everything coming out of you that NEEDS to come out, must come out. That’s what transformation (the hard transits) feels like. But the eclipses can feel like that too and we have two eclipses on the way.

The last couple weeks have felt like a roller coaster to me, a whirlwind and then it all slowed down enough for the car to turn, to shift, to change lanes and then BAM. The exorcism began and it was violent (always is). Now I’m on the other side of it. Slowly crawling to the other side but I feel like myself again. The car sometimes stops and starts but I’m a transformation doula and I was able to help myself give birth to this… star. That’s what it is. We give birth to stars, our new selves.

But I’m writing this part two (part one is here) to tell you about some of the signs that you are under a deep transformation and probably some hard astrological transits are responsible and also some of these signs might mimic other processes so keep that in mind. You might be going through/experiencing:

-uncontrollable feelings/sobbing/hot righteous anger
-the shock of grief/no feelings
-lines in the sand. That you’ve made your mind up about something. Finally.
-death drive
-you see the truth and it’s gutting you
-you’re walking into walls/accidents
-over and over you see Devil/Star in your cards

I know, I know. Dark night of the soul and transformation where you will come out the other side totally changed can seem like 1000 other things. I’m not talking about those 10000 other things. I’m talking about PLUTO. I’m talking about SATURN. I’m talking about Neptune THAT ASSHOLE.

Befriend the exorcism. Be kind to the exorcism. LOVE THE EXORCISM. Amen.

That’s if for now.
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