When A Transit Happened And Nothing Happened ASTROLOGY

"Saturn trine venus"
I was waiting. I was waiting for love. I was waiting for money. VENUS RULES LOVE AND MONEY. I’m not gonna hide from you, hide behind some wall of I DO NOT WANT. Because I DO want. I want love. I want money. Just like you. Doesn’t mean I’m totally empty but I WANT.

And I’ve been under this transit for all of late degree Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn TRINE my Venus. Where Prince Charming? Where blank check?

WELL, there is much to consider and I’m gonna list just a few:

-the houses of the transit which are the AREAS OF LIFE to be affected
-other transits going on simultaneously which may hinder or help
-what the fuck is going on in your damn life! Transits happen to YOU, a soul in body
-the transit itself of course: which planets???? what is their NATURE????

I’ll use my own self as an example. Maybe you will relate! 

Transiting Saturn in my Fourth House (HOME) trine natal Venus in my Twelfth.

Can it get any more esoteric than this? Seriously? I mean, besides HOME. Fourth House is your home. That’s pretty practical but surely you can see that a 12th/4th trine is PROTECTION of the HOME. Spiritual protection thanks to your 12th House Spirit Guides.

And yet the 12th is also a money house. Did you know this? Despite my expenses TRUE STORY being MORE EXPENSIVE in Florida than when I was in NYC (!!!), all has remained stable. Money (Venus) has been stable (Saturn). DO I WANT MORE? YES. GIVE ME MORE. BUT. Here I am. Living life on my own terms (as a friend said to me).

Saturn will always TRY to create stability. This is Saturn’s nature to put ORDER IN YOUR LIFE. And yet this can be a problem of course. Because some situations need to be blown up but Saturn will tow the line, stick to the rules, be a good girl. Saturn is not a freak accident. Saturn is not pennies from heaven. Saturn is = work for it and get it IN PROPORTION. Saturn puts a frame around your life.

STABILITY IS NOT EXCITING. Or is it? Saturn is not Uranus. Saturn is not Pluto. Saturn is slow and not shocking. Saturn in a trine I would argue is still a lesson but not as sharp and not as hard. It will build you up. Easier to gain confidence than a Saturn square which seeks to make the lesson ache.

Strength training takes time. Steady increments. Go slow. Something about instant gratification culture. Consider that you may not feel or understand a long transit until after it’s DONE and you are NEW and one day you wake up with new skills fully manifested and you make decisions from that place. Consider that.

Some transits appear subtle or without fanfare, but make no mistake: something happened. OPEN YOUR EYES

But, MoonPluto, I’m looking! I HAVE been looking! And nothing, nothing. 
Look again, my friend. Look again.

"venus trine saturn"



From North Node in Virgo to North Node in Leo (Work Hard, Play Hard)

"north node in leo"
It would be an understatement to say that I’m obsessed with the Nodes
at the moment. That the Nodes are moving to Leo and Aquarius and that in my chart North Node in Leo = 12th House. Weird. And yet familiar. I have Venus there. Fire in a water house.

About the Nodes:
We are forced. We have no choice. We are forced. It’s a fact. Your Leo and Aquarius Houses are where THE lessons will come from NEXT but you may not even notice because:

1) it may be subtle for some of you

2) you may have other POWER transits happening and thus think: eh, whatever, Nodes.

I am relieved to have the Nodes out of my 1st/7th shortly, but the 12th House? What can this possibly mean? I have some ideas. Many fear the 12th House and with good reason but I have that 12th House Venus and to say that I’m a contemplative is another understatement.

The 12th House details don’t matter. Not for this post. What matters is this matter of FATE and no choice. Your Leo/Aquarius axis, THOSE issues, which  may not even be clear to you NOW, those issues, will become all important and once it’s all over? You’ll have learned. So much.

The tricky part is that… it’s not so neat. These lessons. I mean, there’s no diploma. It may not be clear to you what you’ve learned — just that you made it through. We don’t get an Akashic Record printout of it all.  At least that’s not how it works for me. MAYBE we internalize some of it. And then fate takes over. The Nodes move. Next!!!!

This is how it feels to me. So much happened across that axis. And then. Poof. New transit.

What those houses are ABOUT are where the lessons will be and I cannot emphasize this enough: what you think it will be about? Well, it may be about some other matter related to that house. Like you think your 8th House transit will be about SEX but instead it’s about you talking to the dead.

And this:
North Node in Leo: SHINE.
Be a star.
It’s not about the everyMan or everyWoman,  it’s about YOU in all your glorious uniqueness!
How will you shine and where will you shine? Check your chart!!!

After the modesty and the humility of Virgo comes CONFIDENT Leo.
After the work comes the party of LEO.
There is a party coming to your Leo House and YOU are the guest of honor.
It’s ALL about you, baby.

And yet… North Node. Which opposes the South Node. It’s an axis. We have to work both sides, elevate both sides. Royalty without petulance.  Drama without melodrama.

To be continued…

Part Two Of A Continuing Series On The Spiritual Life And Death Of The 8th House

"chiron in the 8th house"
Okay so this is NOT a new discovery of mine and perhaps not a new discovery of yours – but it is something I am currently experiencing.

I wrote poems about this as an undergrad – spiritual longing.

That was one way it found a voice. Poems. And then at Iowa, the same. Poems about the search for union with God. Over and over and over. (And then I think: what does that even mean? Union with God and yet that was the language I used at age 25.)

So really this is a rediscovery, a re-remembering and Jupiter in Libra is opposing my 8th House. And I have Chiron (with Eris) and also Ceres in the 8th House. There are other transits too to mention but I wanted to start with the 8th House.

The 8th House rules (among other things) intimacy and our deepest exchanges with others and I want to tell you that the deepest exchanges may not be physical or of the body or financial (we call the 8th other people’s resources i.e. the 8th is the 2nd to the 7th – the spouse’s money). If the 8th is about energy exchange then it’s about ALL intimacy, including spiritual. Closeness. Exchange. Union. (Oh I want to define my terms more but I just have to post this!)

Which is where I’m at now and why I tell the stories that I tell in Chat Room A (the Moon Lodge), stories that I don’t yet tell anywhere else but am starting to a bit, here. The revolution has started and it cannot be stopped and it doesn’t want to stop.

What I know for sure for myself — and possibly for many many Venus/Neptune people of which I am one (Venus Pisces, Venus 12, Venus Neptune aspect people): that ALL (yes all) love and especially sex is a spiritual SEARCH.

And it is up to us to find the right way, right path, right channel and from this correctness, the BETTER human to human partnerships of all kinds will result.

But I’d like to go a step further and say this task is for ALL of us. Not just the Venus Neptune people.

I think my 8th House transit is but one transit that is making this bloom for me. There are more including the recent Virgo Eclipse which was bang on my Ascendent and Vesta (exact).

To be continued.. 
Part One is here.. 

Venus Saturn Lessons

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart? A hard aspect?
Just posted this on my Facebook: 

Protective in the right way, protective in the wrong way.

Saturn = limitation, safety, protection.

Thinking of Venus Saturn hard aspects in the natal or by transit –

Protective in the wrong way :
rejecting before you get rejected, “certain” it will happen because it always has or always will.
Pretending you don’t like someone when you actually do Fear (Saturn) you won’t be liked (Venus).

Protective in the right way:
TRULY KNOWING YOUR WORTH (Venus) thus having good self-esteem. INTEGRITY (Saturn). You know your worth. You teach your worth. You have integrity.

Not having sex when you don’t want to.
Not saying yes to a date when you don’t want to.
Not feeling like you have to tell a lie to get out of it.
YOUR NEEDS MATTER. You don’t EVER have to say YES to someone.
Your desires matters. Know what you value.

Protect (Saturn) what you value (Venus).

This came to mind because I had a revelation about a previous relationship — he did not value me.
I did not value me. I GAVE me. But value? Hmm.

My intention moving forward: it won’t happen again.

If someone wants me? If I want them back? It may take a while :)

Saturn will trine my Venus while in Sagittarius but I have the square in my natal.
Learning the lesson, teaching the lesson.

TEACH (Saturn) your worth (Venus) – how? Behavior.

And this is different than being overly harsh or “bitchy” — that’s more like the square – putting someone in their place just because…
that “just because” may actually be your own insecurity and fear they will reject you first.


The Stars This Week + Blogging From The 12th House

"jupiter enters virgo"
this week I recommend ice cream

I feel like a snail. Snail’s pace. Hello blog. It’s been a while. A few days at least. And yes I blame, in part, the 12th House. I’ve got Mars in there now, by transit, and the Sun. And Venus. And Jupiter – for a few more days.

Mercury is now in VIRGO so my brain should NOT be on the 12th House drugs and yet…

"moon conjunct mars"
moon in cancer square uranus & opposing pluto


Looking at next week:

Monday:  mostly Moon in Cancer. Moon sextile Mercury. Moon trine Neptune. A good day. Not concerned. The less pleasant Cancer Moon aspects are on…

Tuesday: Moon opposition Pluto and square Uranus. Plus a Moon Chiron trine. There will be sobbing. Don’t let it distract you. JUPITER ENTERS VIRGO!! This is good news. We need the work ;)

Wednesday: Pay close attention. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Mercury opposes Neptune in Pisces. Our usual Mercury in Virgo clarity gets lost. Moon in Leo conjoins Mars = EMOTIONAL. Drama queen(s).

Thursday: Sun in Leo trine Uranus but also a handful of inconjuncts from Leo to Pisces. People are going to need you. You are going to prefer to do your own thing. You can try to do both. You probably will.

I don’t predict a horrible week (so far) but emotions definitely run high and wild and you definitely want to avoid settling any scores or signing any contracts or getting married on a Mercury Neptune opposition day. Lots of crying babies, hungry mouths, and Leos feeling unappreciated. Yes, that kind of week.

Friday: NEW MOON IN LEO at 21 degrees. I’ll do a separate blog post for this but take a mental note: the Moon will also conjoin Venus and square Saturn. Yeah I’ve had enough of SQUARE SATURN too.

"new moon in leo"
bright lights big city

I have a client with some BIG DECISIONS to make
. I kept getting the Judgement card for her. She’s going on a trip next week. Vision quest yes. Sometimes I think my job entire is reminding people that they have choices. We tend to forget.

And here is something I’m planning on sending an Email client tomorrow. I was washing the dishes, minding my own business, when it occurred to me that I had to tell her — so even though I didn’t have time to continue the reading today, I took some notes:

These transits that I’m talking about are not happening overnight. You have time. But in 6 months or 3 months or even in 2 weeks, re-read this and see where you’re at, and no matter what you choose to do, make a plan. Even if that plan is “do nothing.” Be conscious about staying put, about doing nothing.

What is your plan for your life? For the rest of your life? And if it feels like you can’t even go there, to that question, then don’t. Start smaller. It’s a big question, I know.

Be the King of Small Steps. Take a step back. Jupiter enters Virgo next week: the King of Small Steps.

I don’t do so many email readings these days. I raised the price of them and they are time consuming but working on this one reminded me of why I always liked them. I like best the part AFTER I’ve shared what I see from the charts and cards. And after I read their reaction. And THEN, only then, do we get to the core issue(s). Rarely is the core issue the questions asked.

"new moon in leo"
12th house shenanigans hi!

So. My snail’s pace. Could be 12th House shenanigans. I’ve also been busy with readings but BOOM Mars entered my 12th and… life’s boom turned into a whisper.

I should whisper my blog posts shhhhhh quiet revelations in the wee hours. Consider this them despite it being only 7pm in the Big City.

To be continued

My August Special is a JUPITER special – you and me talking about the Jupiter in Virgo transit and what it means for you + some September eclipse talk + Jupiter in Virgo Celtic Cross. Write me for additional details. No Email Readings with these.

Making Venus Okay And Then You Won’t Have To Work So Hard Because Venus ATTRACTS

"venus in leo retrograde"

I’ve got so many thoughts in my head today about VENUS.  I’m not sure where to start.

Deeeeeep breath.

I asked a question on my Facebook Timeline:

Did folks feel more “masculine” or more “feminine” or balanced?

I do know that I am “out of balance” and I had a reading this morning (yes I give them AND get them) and this topic came up in conversation — and actually this topic often comes up when I get readings, but with different phrasing, different words, different context. The many faces of the Goddess. Outside. Inside.

Perfect timing, Universe. Venus entered Leo today. My natal Venus is in Leo. (And my progressed Venus is in Libra HELLO). Venus will get to Virgo and then go retrograde so… I find this fitting.

And maybe it’s fitting for you too.
Maybe you need to do some Venus retrieval yourself. Venus Soul Retrieval. 

"venus square saturn"
The Night Porter

(Some other chart factors of mine: Venus in the 12th House conjunct my South Node. Past Life connection. And/or this life’s traumas making Venus hide her face.)

I want a flow chart. I want to plot it out, but first a few more scattered points: 

I have Saturn in TAURUS (a Venus ruled sign). Venus is my work (because Saturn is work). Everything that Venus is…  I cannot ignore. Ignore at my own risk. And this is in regards to INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

Small steps. Don’t get overwhelmed. Small steps.

So I started making lists… of ways I could begin to embody Venus (again), incorporate Venus, inside ways and outside ways, and also thinking of Venus as Goddess and all these keywords floated up and I decided to make a sort of Vision Board to accompany me through Venus’ transit through Leo because with the RETROGRADE comes introspection and I want balance. I value (Venus) balance.

I don’t know how it will shake out. I don’t know what will happen exactly. But I know I am having three Venus Returns! And I am committed (Venus Saturn trine today/tomorrow) to this Venus experiment until Venus enters Virgo for good.

You may want to try something similar for the summer (or winter, depending on your location).

"venus in leo retrograde"I finished exercising and then did a little qigong (a DVD I have from a million years ago). I took a magickal bath and was conscious of using my more Venusian oils (rose, gardenia). Then I went to the store but before I went to the store, I stayed in awareness of the Goddess and my representation of the Goddess (she has many faces). I had planned to wash my hair and I did so. Made sure to put “product” on afterwards to keep the curl happy and the potions smell amazing. I put on a little lipstick and perfume. I love perfume. Make-up I don’t always tend to. This may all be normal “leaving the house” stuff for many of you reading this (or a scaled down version actually). I was only going a couple block away, on foot, to the store. But my point is that I did it all with consciousness, awareness of Venus. Who knows what I’ll do next! Maybe shave my legs ;) (Say it ain’t so!)

The woman where I got my dinner complimented my hair. It was wet.

My notebook now is filled with stray thoughts and lists for Venus in Leo season and I think most important of all is the perspective part, the inside part, the mantras, the reminders to “soften.” And more. More that I don’t have figured out yet. The new spells I will do, the magickal part. The Vision Board to create. When I had my reading this morning, I remembered Pema Chodron saying that, about the heart — to let it open. To soften. Venus is soft, right? How does passionate bold Venus in Leo soften? She purrs. Kitten not Lion, right?

"venus square saturn"
In the Realm of the Senses

I am a strong person. Powerful, passionate. Moon Pluto conjunction in the First House. How my passion and power fits in with a more feminine energy of receptivity and vulnerability… I’m not sure yet. But I’m looking forward to the discovery.

Oh, and by the way, my old Taurus roommate was always telling me that I AM very feminine (in appearance and aura). I’m a soft-looking person. No hard angles. I had never thought about it either way — except that I didn’t look like or feel like the other girls (so I thought). Not a tomboy but an extreme lack of interest in “girls’ things” — unlike my roommate who was all pink and red and anti-aging creams and fashion model and dresses. I experience my Venus through Saturn (limitation, deprivation) and I also have a Venus Saturn square (more of same). But Saturn has many faces too. Not just limitation and deprivation but Mastery. 

And today when I went out, all clean and new, and smelling damn good, I made sure to wear my black boots. Thou shall not abandon thy black boots.

To be continued…

"mars sextile jupiter"

Decorate The Blindfold: Neptune Is The Drug

"saturn in sagittarius" I feel like I have to write about Saturn entering Sagittarius – to matter.  To matter as a consulting astrologer.

And I will. The bulk of my Saturn in Sag writing will be available on my Private Blog.

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And I promise I will I will I will write some here about this VERY important transit — and I’ll also be doing my December Workshop on this VERY important transit.

But for the moment :) I want to talk about Neptune and Addiction. (Btw, it will be interesting to explore Saturn in Sag aspecting druggy escapist Pisces, those with planets in Pisces, including Saturn hmmm.)

So I have this client. And she has an addiction. And she’s got some Neptune oh yes she’s got some Neptune but don’t we all. We all have Neptune somewhere!! Okay, some more than others. Off hand I actually cannot remember where her natal Neptune is, but she’s got Neptune ruling her 7th and she’s got a Pisces Moon on her descendent and Venus in the 12th and… if it’s not love that blinds and binds, it’s something else.

This is making me think of the Tarot and the various blindfolds and blindfolded and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tarot deck yet with ornate beautiful blindfolds. Why not? Instead we get the flowing hair and whipping wind or raging sea.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with decorating the blindfold.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to change one’s consciousness.

And I told her today: this impulse to want to cause a change in your consciousness is older than the pain of this lifetime, and it’s innocent! It’s pure! The motive is pure.

But somehow it got twisted. It got perverse. Diluted. And the addiction erupted. Neptune made it too easy.

But if she, you, can return to the original idea, then she, you, can discover so much more than the drug that leaves you with nothing but craving.

I am currently experiencing a little discomfort. Quitting smoking. I like it though. I like the longing without satisfying it, which is also very Neptune…



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Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship Without Losing Yourself (Part One)

"new moon in libra"I don’t know if men have this problem. I’m not a man.
I can’t and won’t speak for them. Not today anyway ;)
But I can speak as ME. As a woman, THIS woman, in a relationship.

To be free of this terrible longing and yet to remain IN relationship.

Dare I say it again. Okay. I shall. The list.

Sun in Libra.
New Moon in Libra.
Mercury will enter Scorpio but then RX back into Libra.
North Node in Libra.

Or maybe YOU WANT to lose yourself, hmm?
Such folk exist. I do not judge.
My Libra Season journey
My New Moon in Libra INTENTION: to reflect and write on this.

I’ve taken an informal poll. Apparently I know plenty of women who have experienced same. Even the same… emotional condition. Even ones who do NOT have Venus in the 12th House. Or Venus square Neptune. Or Neptune ruling their 7th. Or Neptune IN their 7th by transit.

Quoting someone here because she put it so well:  Please see me, please love me, please don’t make me feel needy.

Sometimes I listen to music to indulge this feeling. Because sometimes it feels good. I enjoy it. The masochistic 12th House. And then other times, well, there are other times.

"venus inconjunct uranus"What is it and, if needed, how to make it stop. I want to dive deep into this topic, make myself sick with this topic, get to the root of the root of the root of this lovesick topic :) Pluto, now direct, is transiting my 5th House. 

I do thus declare my LIBRA SEASON blogging obsession. It will be fun!


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Here Is Your New Moon In Libra Intention (Part Two)

"new moon in libra" To say that I was a little rough around the edges when I started my relationship is an understatement. My late 30s/early 40s were a bit busy romantically but before that? Not so much. So I was a little rough. Around the edges.

Last night I was listening to a recording of a Tarot reading I had back in June, a Celtic Cross. The card for the past (and not the recent past but something foundational) was the Hermit. Yup. Venus in the 12th House.

Not all Venus in the 12th House people are Hermits but I had lived a long time alone. Even with roommates I had lived a long time alone. Lots of longing. Lots of alone. And some strange bedfellows.

And then I stop to reframe. I was religious for a while and dating in “that world.” I came close to marriage then. Maybe. There was a Virgo. There was a Sagittarius. I forget who else now ;)

I remember one time an astrologer looking at my chart and thinking it was lonely. No planetary action on the right hand side. OTHER PEOPLE. That’s where my long-term transits are now though so… the people are here.

Here’s the trick though. Here’s the DARE. You have to let them in. And you have to do it differently. 

"new moon in libra" I was writing about this on the Private Blog: Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra. Uranus (energy) doesn’t follow the leader. Uranus doesn’t stagnate. Uranus keeps moving, pattern-breaking, pattern-crushing (especially when Pluto is involved and Pluto is going direct around the same time as Sun entering Libra and the New Moon in Libra).

You have to let them in over and over. You have to do it differently over and over. Not just once not just once not just once. You keep committing. 

And this doesn’t have to be about relationships or romance– it can be about an idea. Like, sanity. Commit to sanity.

Who/What are you committed to? Who/What do you want to be committed to? You have a choice here. 

And if you, too, are a Hermit, you have plenty of light for thinking (hello upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Libra!) — the light of the mind, starlight, lantern, moon.

It’s yours.

New Moon in Libra at one degree. Depending on your time zone this is happening on the 23rd or the 24th this week.

Love, MP

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Tarot spread in honor of the New Moon in Libra.
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PSA: Self-Respect Is THE Most Important Thing In A Healthy Relationship

"venus in the 12th house" Of course this is my opinion. Others may feel otherwise.

But if you don’t respect yourself, you will let others walk all over you, and you will go begging.

My Sunday Sermon advice: DO NOT GO BEGGING. If you find yourself begging? You’ve go the wrong man or wrong woman on your hook. You should not NEED to go begging.

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One way to find out the level of your own self-respect is to check out the condition of your VENUS. What kind of stress is she under in your natal chart? Is she too hard on herself and tends to feel guilty? Do you blame yourself for all the relationship woes? Could be a Saturn problem. Saturn likes to hit you with a stick ;) Does she forget her worth? Could be Neptune! Neptune gets confused. Neptune can also be involved in self-blame. You tend to disappear before your own eyes. Jupiter could bring an inflation of value but I think most of us could use a bit more of this. Squares and Quincunxes in particular show inner tension, uncertainty. You don’t trust yourself. Venus Uranus is going to make you run or feel restless and thus you will often fall for runners so THEY leave instead of you. So many ways to talk about Venus but I want to get back to my Sermon :)

If you find yourself in a hamster wheel relationship, having the same fights over and over again, having the same THOUGHTS over and over again (you aren’t even WITH your love but are obsessing), I want you to focus on these three things:

-stopping. If it’s an interaction, you must stop the interaction. Example: never bring up THAT topic again which gets you nowhere every single time. Instead, back away. Stop sending emails into the void. Shore up your boundaries and stop opening up the wound. Different story if they bring it up and actually have an action plan. My advice for you though — O Obsessed One — is to practice stopping. And I am talking about self control and mindful awareness. Stop yourself before you start that fight again, before you push to a painful point. Sometimes in my own relationships there would be topics that I would beat to death. Why? Because those topics would NEVER get solved. And I am INCAPABLE of pretending that everything is fine when it’s not. But eventually I learn to back away. Distance is helpful in this case. Whether you live with the person or not, create mental and physical SPACE around you. For your own sanity. You may say: but MoonPluto is this possible?? Yes it is. Takes a little time, patience, and discipline. You can do it.

-no begging. Why don’t you love meeeeeeee?? Why don’t you want meeeeeee?? Trust me, if you are at the point where you have to ask the person these questions then you don’t even want to know the answers. You’ve hit a wall. Okay, my three points here definitely connect but I wanted to list them separately. If you start to witness yourself begging, you have to stop. A self-respecting woman or man doesn’t beg. Doesn’t go chasing after others who don’t want you. “But baby WHY don’t you do such and such for me? Why aren’t you acting in such and such a way for me?” Bottom line: they aren’t. They aren’t acting the way you want. And maybe you are TOTALLY right and they are fucking up OR fucked up. Or perhaps it’s simple incompatibility. Or ridiculous expectations. Begging gets you nowhere and it decreases your self-respect. Stop chasing people who do NOT want to be with you. How do you know if someone wants to be with you? They give you clear undiluted ACTION. Words are frosting but it’s action we want to see. Consistent action that takes into account… YOU.

I dated a guy once with zero sex drive for me (or in general — who knows…). He kept swearing he was attracted to me!! But there was always an excuse for his lack of sexual expression or initiation. I had hurt his feelings and this decreased his desire. Or I was too angry. And YEAH I was angry. Because I got involved with someone (fell in love/emotionally attached) who had no dick for me! And oh boy I had passion for him. I used to initiate all the time. He RARELY initiated. And sometimes he would even refuse me. Or just not notice me as a sexual being. And we would FIGHT about this. It was maddening! There I was, in a close relationship with someone, fighting for them to show sexual desire for me. You can see how messed up this is. And messed up it can make you, even after you piece back together your sexual self-esteem. Advice: Find people who actually WANT what you want. And don’t take their rejection of you personally. Eventually, I got wise and backed away — but after a lot of pain and confusion. I kept TRYING. Sometimes we have to stop trying. Or try differently. Or just fucking walk away.

-self respect. You have to have self-respect. And if you have no clue what this is… well, use your feelings as your guide. I know you can feel that dip, when you dip below what feels right for you. But sometimes you just keep going, diving into the wreck (to quote Adrienne Rich). Yeah, think of self-respect as a feeling. I trust that you can tell when you are violating your own code. It will show up in your body.

Also please think about your Venus. What aspects do you have and to what planets and what themes arise? Do you go PLUTO? Does love become about who has the most control or power? My readers know I have Venus in the 12th House and one of my life’s goals is to… well it’s not even always about boundaries. I think I DO know how to say NO. And to fight for my boundary. But another insidious Venus problem can be CONFUSION i.e. what actually happened, what actually IS happening… Not trusting your own reality.

Okay, my friends, this blog post has gone on for long enough. Please read below for the latest in MoonPlutoNews.

Love, MP

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Neptune Problems: How to Leave the Guilt/Redemption Cycle (once and for all)

I am not sure it is possible to leave the Guilt/Redemption cycle once and for all — unless you avoid those people, eliminate them from your life. The people with whom you have these tragic tasty interactions. Why tasty? There is always a masochism inherent in Neptune – thus you must explore your masochism too. "neptune in the 7th house by transit astrology"

I have a friend taking DBT classes
and she reminded me of the phrase “radical acceptance.” God, I do remember this because I took DBT classes some 20 years ago. Skills groups. Neptune people may also need to practice radical elimination. Sounds like a laxative ;)

Radical Elimination — in other words: BOUNDARIES: who is good for you vs. who is not good for you. And if you have to deal with a boundary crusher… how to keep yourself safe from harm. 

Truth: you don’t need to be redeemed — because you are fine as you are.
You didn’t do anything wrong.
You don’t need to sacrifice anymore. (Sacrifice = accepting blame or punishment for what is not your fault).
And you never had to in the first place. It was your environment that created these feelings. It felt easier/less terrifying to believe it was all YOUR fault. That you had some control over your life. This was easier to take — than to believe your caretakers were responsible. Because that would mean… you were alone in the world. But it was a burden that wasn’t yours. And they were more than happy to make sure you took the burden. But you don’t need to be atoned. Because you did nothing wrong except internalize their neglect/abuse of you which is what you had to do — to not go insane, to not split.

Neptune person needs to hear these things. Lather, rinse, repeat. I have Venus in the 12th House. Venus square Neptune. Neptune ruling my descendent. Neptune and Chiron in my 7th House by transit. The life of service (or love) can turn sick. 

What happens:

You sacrifice:  you give too much because it’s your nature.
Then you realize you gave too much — someone took advantage (a common dynamic) and pretends it’s not happening.
So you start to give less or try to give less — which can make them angry. You took their candy away. They try to pull you back in.
And/or you get angry at yourself/them —
And then feel guilty for feeling angry (the other person felt uncomfortable by your anger). You are internalizing their temper tantrum.
So then you self sacrifice AGAIN and the cycle continues and you sacrifice more and more and more until there is nothing left of you. You are now smoke.

If you see yourself in these words, please pull yourself back today. Find a therapist and get your life back. And if you aren’t the therapy-type, then at the very least: 

-talk to supportive friends
-trust yourself. You aren’t crazy. You aren’t wrong. You had every right to be mad. In fact, it shows your strength that you FOUGHT THEM every step of the way when they kept taking from you. 

Also, there is nothing wrong with anger. It’s a feeling. Feelings are nothing to be ashamed of.

Remember my mantra from the video the other day:
I forgive you I forgive you I forgive you (directed towards YOURSELF).

Look to where transiting Neptune is to see where you may be exhibiting signs of:
-giving up and giving in
-self sacrifice
-letting yourSELF down

And start to build your boundaries back up.

Love, MP

For info about astro and tarot readings, look here! 

A Story For Venus In Leo: There Will Be Parties

"moon conjunct pluto in virgo"The cure for loneliness is to seek. And to keep on seeking until you find. Even if the search itself makes you feel more lonely. Please don’t fear this.

I went for a walk this evening, alone, and stopped off at a popular neighborhood restaurant for dinner.

I noticed another woman dining alone. Wiry thin. She was finishing her meal. Not sure how old. 70-something? Early 80s even? She didn’t look well. Probably strong as an ox though. She sat facing the room, the bar. I sat facing away. I wanted my privacy and to look out the window. They seated us at adjacent tables.

The older woman finished her meal and left, and the friendly Waitress sighed. I noticed the coins in the tray.

She left you a 35 cent tip?
Yup, said the server. Shaking her head.

And then explained to me that this woman is a regular customer. And always wants her soup just so. Not the way THEY make it, but they way she wants it. But they accommodate her because she’s a regular. For years.

And then the server shrugged her shoulders and said: she’s all alone.

It was compassion. Pure compassion from these restaurant folk. This picky stingy woman leaving her 35 cent tip — has ONE PLACE (or more? could be!) in the world where she gets treated LIKE A QUEEN. This is my Venus in Leo story.

Where do you get the royal treatment? Who are your subjects? :)

This incident put me in a mental tailspin though — at first. I saw myself as her. An old alone crone. Just a few more years and I’m there. Or maybe I already am.

I realize now: she taught me something. To sit facing the room. No shame, Crone. No shame. 

Venus entered Leo in the wee hours this morning.


What does Venus in Leo love?

The Grand Gesture. Romance. The Orient Express. Big beautiful flowers. Theatre, drama, showy. Expressions of love in word, thought, deed, gift. Appreciation. Admiration. Poetry. Passion. It took me years until I realized that I loved romance candy hearts flowers. Huge streamers of candy color. Whenever I would go to Esther’s house for Shabbat, I would always bring a HUGE cake. Whether they wanted one or not. Damn women always on a diet.  (This reminds me, I should blog about Esther…)

My Venus is in the 12th House (hidden from me and others) and I’m the least girly person on the planet (maybe)  but wine me and dine me and spoil me and I’m a happy cat, purring on your lap.

Hey Venus in Leo, there will be parties. If you’ve been having a hard time. If you’ve been missing your glow, know that there will be parties again. The kind you love — full of sweet people and delicacies and kindness generosity filling the air.

Hey hey Venus in Leo, this is your time. Live it up in your own special way xo

YES I do readings for a living. Single sessions and packages for frequent flyers are available! I prefer Tarot and Astrology together but either one on its own is fine.

THE TAROT CLINIC WILL BE OPEN LATER THIS MONTH. Start date, fee, length of class, additional details to be added soon! 

In Praise of Visualization: Jupiter in my 12th House

"pluto opposition sun"Oh wow. A client the other day suggested I teach a class about intuition, tips for improving, etc. and I thought to myself nah

And I just realized Jupiter in my 12th House is going to bring mega energy to all things meditation, visualization, spiritual, mystical. Also that Jupiter in the 12th is a meditation teacher. Jupiter, like Saturn = teacher.

See, I was about to post about visualization. How I felt sad last night and was imagining birds flying from my heart, releasing the pain, flying off with it, letting it go, and I fell asleep to that.

That reminds me actually: A NEW ASTROLOGY CLASS IF FORMING: these are the details, from my Facebook, and if you have questions please email me at moonpluto@gmail

The NEW CLASS (starting the week of July 21st) is gonna be heavy on the astro (with a smattering of Tarot).

What to expect from the FIRE: upcoming 2014/2015 transits: Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius (and more).

These transits will be ESPECIALLY interesting (I think) for folks whose charts are low in fire! More risks? More bravery? More foolish? More CREATIVE?

But you don’t need to be fire-low to take the class

Individual chart work/transits, discussion topics, rants, raves, and the usual awesome people that I am so lucky to attract!

More details as they develop. 

PayPal $100 gets you IN!

If you PayPal before/on July 15th, the cost is $90 (instead of $100)


The class is held in a Secret Group here on Facebook, thus you can come and go as you please (folks are often in different time zones) and participate when/if you want. Participation is not required by the way. Lurking is fine

I am SO ready to be done with the move and get back to class! My brain is HUNGRY for giving HOMEWORK!! (Of course you don’t have to do the homework but y’all know my Virgo Moon loves to give it. Or maybe it’s my 9th House Saturn ha!)

So I was falling asleep, imagining birds flying from heart, and I realized this is my go-to technique (visualization) especially while my physical/practical life is in transition (due to the move).

It is also said that that 12th House people (I have Venus and Black Moon Lillith there) have the gift for visualization/manifestation. All that energy in you — anxious OR hopeful — is creation energy. You get to choose what to do with your power so PLEASE be conscious of it. I’m telling myself this as much as I’m telling you because lord knows I have a lot of nervous energy.

Let this be a very hot year, my turtledoves. Jupiter in LEO. And that could mean sexual passion for you but overall I mean the flames of creativity. Jupiter expands what it touches and the fire signs symbolize intuition, faith, illumination! This is a deeply spiritual transit! And a fun one. I think I mentioned that on another post. Leo calls to mind the 5th House and its penchant for fun, risk, THE GAMBLE. Where will you gamble?

You guys looking forward to this one? 


My Summer Special is still going on – good for all of July. These are 40 minute readings by Phone or Instant Message, my special blend of Astro/Tarot. I will be back on track later next week once the move is completed!

New Beliefnet post is here! Tarot-scopes for your week ahead 

Do You Have Planets In The 12th House?

I want to go as deep as I possibly can with people. As I look over charts and comments in the 12th House class, I tell them:

I have Venus in the 12th House. I’m here to serve you. It feels good. Service feels good. Use me. Ask me questions. That’s why we are here. I can’t bear living on the SURFACE OF LIFE.

The 12th House: what we deny. What we repress. Those energies. If you have Venus in the 12th, you are withholding. No matter the aspects to it. You are withholding some piece of your love. You can’t seem to get it out. Can’t help it. It’s automatic.

And you know what? Maybe… just maybe… this is not a problem.


Helping people moves the energy. Helping just enough. Helping so that you make a difference but not so much that you… become workaholic and ignore everything else in your life. Right?

What are you denying? What’s in your 12th House? Venus? Enjoyment? Sun? Ego? Do you feel you need to deny who you are? That if you don’t keep denying it… someone will get hurt?

What about Saturn here? Do you hide your sadness? Or Neptune. You feel you need to keep your dreams to yourself. You learned that you had to.

And you know what? YES I CAN connect this post to the current sky :) because we’re in Pisces Season and Pisces/Neptune is associated with the 12th. It’s time to talk about all this (once again).

Love, MP


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Pisces Feelin’ Fragile

Are you feeling this? Are you? WOW. I am.

We are not that long into Pisces Season.

The Sun entered Pisces YESTERDAY and already.  Already I am feeling this… mildly painful open feeling. Fragile. Unprotected. Like that song Opening from Phillip Glass. Or maybe the softer stuff from Michael Nyman. There may be tears. And I’m not afraid of tears but usually my tears come with… thoughts? A storyline. Some grumble. Some angst. Some Pluto. But this Pisces thing… it has no words. Neptune rules sensitivity.

(I got out my Rex Bills to look up what rules SILENCE and Bills lists Saturn as ruling silence – which I get, I totally get – but the Neptunian silence is different. It’s because THERE ARE NO WORDS, we can’t find the words — and not because we are holding them back.)


We are three days into the 12th House class (you can still join us if you want) and I’m thinking: okay Pisces Season IS 12th House Season so indulge  — meditate more. Pray more. Do nothing more. STOP THE INSANITY!

But, MoonPluto: all my Pisces friends ARE insane (I hear you saying). Well, I think it’s easier for the non-Pisces among us to fully enjoy and integrate Pisces Season. After all, we don’t have to BE this all year long. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO BOUNDARIES, THEY HAVE NO SKIN. Can you imagine? (And no, I’m not saying that Pisces are crazy but a Pisces will go crazy without adequate alone time, quiet time, and thumb sucking numbing-out on a regular basis.)

I’ve been bringing the brilliance of Howard Sasportas to the class and here is (part of a) quote which stood out to me: rippling through all levels of meaning of the 12th House is… redemption through self-sacrifice. We give ourselves away. We feel we need to. We can’t help it. It’s automatic. So we do it, we do it, we do it, we do it, we do it, we do it. Until we wake up one day. Wake up to what our life has become.  I know this is true for me. I am just beginning, now, to really see it. What I’ve given away. The concessions vs. what I really desire.  The 12th House is evasive and indirect. EVERYONE with 12th House planets needs this lesson — in coming out from under.

Do you have 12th House planets?

Love, MP

There are lots of ways to work with me. My Independent Study/Mentorship is the most in-depth. But of course I do Readings/Consultations (astrology and tarot) as well as run (and participate in) supportive astro chat rooms. You can Subscribe to me as well. Or just leave a tip when you enjoy a blog post. It’s all good :) Please visit my new in-progress site, moonpluto.com

Advice For Newlyweds (And Other Marrieds) From My Venus In The 12th House

Once you get married (to another person, to yourself, to God) you must begin to understand that your husband (or wife) fits no preconceived notion. No fantasy. Stop trying to put them in a box. That pretty jewel blue and green box of your most treasured so-called wants, dreams, and desires. Stop trying to stuff them in there! They won’t fit. Not the box you wanted. Not the box you thought you wanted. Not the box you’re holding in your hands. He/she will not fit. Not the box of the culture you are from. Let it go.

You must let your partner breathe and become. You must let your marriage breathe and become. Too many preconceived notions will suffocate what the relationship MUST become, which cannot be contained in any container. This is true even when you have married yourself, committed to yourself, or to God.

Are you nodding your head? Know what I’m saying? Are you stuck in an 8 of Swords? Ropes you tied yourself?

I got married last month and every week (sometimes every day) I am faced with (astounded by) my preconceived notions of wife, husband, marriage, partnership, man, woman, passive, aggressive, masculine, feminine, fire, water, union. (Binary oppositions. The TWOs of the Tarot.) And also my notion of WHO AM I. Who am I really. After all these years.

AND THAT IS WHEN YOU DECIDE. THEN AND ONLY THEN. Once you have abandoned, trashed and slashed, your most precious notions.

Take all your little boxes okay? The image I’m getting in my mind is to set fire to them. Perhaps because the Sun enters Sagittarius tomorrow.

If fire is not your thing or feels too final or even too bright for your mood then… come up with your own ritual or visualization and share it here.

Venus goes retrograde December 21st (at 28 degrees). She turns back around direct on January 31st at 13 degrees. Right now you see straight ahead. Maybe. But soon you will be looking back, taking stock, reevaluating what is most important to you and what you hope to increase. Spotlight of course on love and relationships, self-esteem, and money.

Capricorn is ambitious, oh yes, but CAUTIOUS and brittle, fragile when you hold her.

I wouldn’t attempt to fence in your own Venus nature or your Beloved’s during this transit at all despite the circumspect feeling you’re feeling. Instead, I’d toss out the dung and OPEN WIDE THE GATES.

Love, MP


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Do You Have Regrets?

All my choices are the right ones.

Every decision I make is the right one.

There. I think that was the original quote. Gal in one of the chat rooms told us this. An affirmation. I thought it was brilliant and moving.

So I wound up canceling my Mars in Libra – Grand Cross 2014 class. I got overwhelmed. It was just too much for this newlywed to handle at the time. Needed to adjust to my new status and just breathe.

And I’m not sure now if it’s cancelled or postponed. In either case I let it go like a balloon. That class or possibly a different one will resurface soon enough but I’m not sure if Thanksgiving and Christmas become too all encompassing. Or maybe folks NEED the break from family madness.

Instead I may do a ONE WEEK intensive like I did with the Goddess class. And then extend a few days if need be. Short, sweet, and bright. I love doing the classes but only when I have the energy it takes. The classes are different than my chat rooms which are more relaxed. I don’t consider myself the “teacher” in there but with the classes I do have an agenda :) I think I charge the same no matter the length of time which is kind of funny. One week? 100! Two weeks? 100!

So I returned money and on Day One I thought: I definitely did the right thing. And then Day Two some additional folks told me they were going to take it, and I questioned my decision (as more students equals bigger community and better financials). Day Three I wondered if there could have been a way for me to do it… differently. Postpone a few days even. I can’t even blame PMS. All I know is that I felt exhausted and I just had to… STOP. At the time I was relieved. And I know in the future I can do another. But it’s almost like.. a baby that never was. But every decision I make is the right one.

Do you have regrets?

When I think of regrets I think of Neptune. Soft and slippery and helpless. Very 12th House. You feel like a prisoner, but you’re not. You’re not.

Love, MP


The reason “I’m here” is because I do Readings (astrology and tarot together) and this blog is my commercial. But it’s more than that. It’s a transit-watching, daily diary, philosophically musing and occasionally amusing home :) I have two Reading Specials going on now both, Instant Message (which I love. Although Email and Phone are still available).

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I think that’s the latest right now. Haven’t been up to video-making lately and until I get another class going, you can find me on Facebook and in the Big City :)

Sad Planets In The 12th House

This blog post is not about anyone in particular but lately I’ve had contact with clients with busy 12th Houses and the question I’m pondering is: does ANY planet become sad when in the 12th? To some degree, yes. The 12th House is a prison. But as I am fond of saying, the 12th also rules “escape.”

I am thinking of Mars there, Chiron there, Pluto there. These are all different, yes, but my main point today is to remind you that the 12th House is what is HIDDEN. The 12th House has secrets. Venus there? Secret love. The Sun there? You may hide who you truly are. Chiron? You keep your pain to yourself. Pluto? How self-destructive (or manipulative) are you? Mars there is rattling the bars, growling, but the thing is this: you don’t even notice it half the time because the 12th can be pushed So Far Down. It’s invisible energy until you FINALLY realize you are making yourself sick.

And, again, this post is not referring to anyone in particular but I swear this month I have seen 12th House after 12th House in client-charts and I want to quote Moses here LET MY PEOPLE (planets) GO.

How? How to redeem 12th House planets? Good question! The first thing to do is… admit that you have a 12th House. That there is stuff about YOU (or your life) that you don’t see or don’t want to see. Start there.

From my 12th House to yours :)

Love, MP


The new chat room/astrology group is off to a fine start (and there is room in there for you too). 


What Is Love? When Venus Is Not Enough

I am going to find the answer to this question today. At least an answer that will satisfy me. Because I am convinced that it is NOT Venus. Sure, Venus rules the stuff we like and value, are attracted to, the “capacity for enjoyment” and so on. But LOVE? Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus. Is that the answer? In Neptune themes and keywords?

I’m not sure. Welcome to my Saturday. Where Venus is in the 12th House, all day, every day.

Join me in the discussion if you want, on Facebook. Friend/Follow me there at Aliza Moonplutoastro. Or leave your comments here at the end of this blog post.

Someone in my chat room mentioned “acceptance” as part of her definition of love and oh yes I feel I’ve had a lack of acceptance in my life. When people try to change you/me, so that they feel more comfortable, more better :)

So yes, in interpersonal love accepting people for who they are, without trying to change them or push them to shape shift… must be part of love, right?

For example, a Cancer is a Cancer is not a Gemini. You can’t force a Cancer out of their shell, out of their emotional process. You can’t make a Gemini be quiet ;)

Venus is in Virgo and the Moon is in Cancer. Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are in Cancer too, sextiling Venus in Virgo. We can talk about this stuff. We can feel about this stuff. We can search for answers and information. And then there is Pluto. Pluto in Capricorn is arguing with all this Cancer goodness but holding hands with Venus so… it’s a perfect day to seek truth and depth. Anything less is too little. This is my version of fun. Love it or leave it.  And thanks for reading :)

You in? Share your thoughts here or on FB!

Love, MP


New class in August on the GODDESS ASTEROIDS look here. We will be learning and discovering together. Great for beginners! No knowledge of astrology is needed, just passion! 

Also I’m itching to start a new chat room. My recent Facebook status update has some thoughts about this so please check it out. The post is public so you can see it even if you aren’t on Facebook. Just look up Aliza Moonplutoastro

Venus In The 12th House By Transit (Or Natal)

Relationships are supposed to make your life better, easier. I believe this. But your (and my) Venus situation has something to say about how easy this is or will be for you. What the challenges are and so on. And where to look for the light.

My 12th House Venus is introspective by nature, loves solitude, loves the expanse of the quiet mind and meditation hall. The quiet mind IS the meditation hall. Venus 12 can get lonely though. We need solitude but we also need congress :)

So here I am in my 43rd year, navigating two worlds, for maybe the first time ever: me alone in my 12th, and me in relationship, with transits to my 5th, 7th, and 8th. I want them both. I have a feeling this will be my life for a long time.

On Facebook I entered a conversation about Venus in the 12th House, someone with a Venus 12 Solar Return placement.

From what I could understand, she was looking for something less depressing than what she was finding on-line. Not looking for impossible loves, secret love affairs, or martyrdom.

Well, all that IS Venus 12 (waiting by the phone SIGH) but it’s also… the key.

The 12th House is the locked door but also the key. The prison and the escape. Self-undoing and putting yourself back together because you can hear yourself think. It’s the still small voice. It’s the voice of the Divine. It’s the love which is so much larger than any human to human love… Venus 12 people must love BIG. Venus 12 love is BIGGER than the body, bigger than the heart, bigger than desire. It transcends (Pisces keyword!) anything we can touch. We move into the invisible. We rent to own :)

Now on a practical level this can mean that this young woman finds THE key or keys to any number of issues about her… mental health, physical health, daily life, work, and healing. How she can get better.

The 12th House is the house of silence. I recommend silence for Venus 12 transits. I recommend silence for everyone actually :) Otherwise, how can you possible know?

Are you having an interesting transit? 

Love, MP

P.S. Not long ago my roommate asked how did I know? How did I know I could go so far (i.e. as far as I have or that I am willing to go) with my relationship. I didn’t know how to answer her. To me, it felt like “of course” or “duh.” Or even “I don’t know” as in don’t know how to explain it. And I think that’s how you know. It is a big deal but there’s an “of course-ness” to the union. An ease (although sometimes after much difficulty). A sense of inevitability but it isn’t even that heavy. It’s lighter but not lightweight. A shoulder shrug. It makes sense. But again, not blase because if you lost them, you’d be bereft.


New class in August on the GODDESS ASTEROIDS look here. We will be learning and discovering together. Great for beginners! No knowledge of astrology is needed, just passion! 

Be Venus, Be Yourself!

There’s not a whole lot of flash and trash to my personality. Not a lot of surfacey baubles and jokes. I’m a quiet, serious reflective person, introspective. Always have been, yes since Day One. And I like myself just fine. I have a 1st House Pluto. Depth.

Also since Day One, people have found fault with my basic nature — too sensitive, too serious. “You need to be this, you need to be that.” Be light, be happy, be cheerful. But people are stupid ;) they expect MY happiness to look like theirs. They can’t fathom that the way I am is not a source of concern for me (like it is for them).

I don’t try to do or be anything. I just am. Not looking to please anyone. Empty 7th House. How you feel about this blog post doesn’t interest me thaaaaat much. If you like it, I’m thrilled. If not, eh. Whatever. I’m not an entertainer. I’m going to share my stuff and, again, if you like it? Great. Then we can talk. And I welcome you in. You get the best of me.

In the Venus and Mars class, the first week, I’ve been in charge of Venus and one thing we talk about when we talk about Venus is about VALUES. Our Venus sign and house has to do with what we value, what we consider worthwhile. And then the aspects can show how easy it can be to manifest… a beautiful life.

Well, guess what? My Venus in the 12th values meditation, solitude, reflection, the mystical.

There’s more to it than that but the point of this blog post is another Venus value. Venus, generally speaking, values love. And if you don’t love yourself and KNOW what you love, and respect it… you’ll be that low side of Venus that we talk about, the self-less one. Not self-less in terms of doing for others but self-less in terms of NOT HAVING A SELF because you are so busy shape shifting and pleasing others that you forgot to become YOU.

But here’s another complication: what if pleasing others IS what you deem important most of all? Then you’re always dependent on others. You’re a mirror.

Sometimes I get snarky comments on my blog. Why do people think I will publish them? This is my space and I value it. I’m not going to throw doody on it LOL.

Anyway, my friends, do you know what you value? And do you let yourself be who you truly are no matter who (friend, lover, family) stands in your way? Argh my Venus sounds Marsy doesn’t she?


Venus is sextile Jupiter today. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT. If only you knew what it was! Want an easy going day? BE easy going. Want a painful struggly day? Then be that. You choose!

Love, MP


New class in August on the GODDESS ASTEROIDS look here. We will be learning and discovering together. Great for beginners! No knowledge of astrology is needed, just passion!

What Do You Value Most? Virgo South Node Needs To Touch It

I woke up this morning thinking about resources and my Nodal axis.

I have a Virgo South Node. I am obsessed with the material world, what I can touch and taste and literally handle. PROOF.

I am also obsessed with the spiritual world — I have Venus in the 12th House. But if we follow the logic that the North Node is hard to get to then… there is a Pisces piece of the puzzle that continually eludes me (and others with this placement!) and how does one truly get there? Out of doubt and into faith for all time? Or is it continual. A daily promise. Gradual. Painstaking ;)

Now when I think of “resources” I think of the 8th House. What is mine (2nd House) vs. what is yours or ours (8th House) and even though the 8th House is as real as it gets (i.e. taxes), the 8th is mysterious, ruling “hidden things,” and death and loss and the mystical and sex and the occult. My South Node is not in the 8th (or in the 2nd) but my question/point here is… what makes you feel at home i.e. the South Node is your home. Is it something you touch? Or something that is out of your hands?

If someone is giving you spiritual value or spiritual information or mystical or esoteric or metaphysical or intellectual CURRENCY… is that a fair exchange (TO YOU) for what you can TOUCH.

And maybe this is the nature of the 8th House itself: energy exchange, no matter what is being handed over. And how easy or hard is it for you to engage with others, to hand over your energy or allow yourself to be penetrated?

Happy Sunday! Let me know what you think in the comments :)

Love, MP


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