Venus Saturn Lessons

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart? A hard aspect?
Just posted this on my Facebook:Ā 

Protective in the right way, protective in the wrong way.

Saturn = limitation, safety, protection.

Thinking of Venus Saturn hard aspects in the natal or by transit –

Protective in the wrong way :
rejecting before you get rejected, “certain” it will happen because it always has or always will.
Pretending you don’t like someone when you actually do Fear (Saturn) you won’t be liked (Venus).

Protective in the right way:
TRULY KNOWING YOUR WORTH (Venus) thus having good self-esteem. INTEGRITY (Saturn). You know your worth. You teach your worth. You have integrity.

Not having sex when you don’t want to.
Not saying yes to a date when you don’t want to.
Not feeling like you have to tell a lie to get out of it.
YOUR NEEDS MATTER. You don’t EVER have to say YES to someone.
Your desires matters. Know what you value.

Protect (Saturn) what you value (Venus).

This came to mind because I had a revelation about a previous relationship — he did not value me.
I did not value me. I GAVE me. But value? Hmm.

My intention moving forward: it won’t happen again.

If someone wants me? If I want them back? It may take a while šŸ™‚

Saturn will trine my Venus while in Sagittarius but I have the square in my natal.
Learning the lesson, teaching the lesson.

TEACH (Saturn) your worth (Venus) – how? Behavior.

And this is different than being overly harsh or “bitchy” — that’s more like the square – putting someone in their place just becauseā€¦
that “just because” may actually be your own insecurity and fear they will reject you first.


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