Part Two Of A Continuing Series On The Spiritual Life And Death Of The 8th House

Okay so this is NOT a new discovery of mine and perhaps not a new discovery of yours – but it is something I am currently experiencing.

I wrote poems about this as an undergrad – spiritual longing.

That was one way it found a voice. Poems. And then at Iowa, the same. Poems about the search for union with God. Over and over and over. (And then I think: what does that even mean? Union with God and yet that was the language I used at age 25.)

So really this is a rediscovery, a re-remembering and Jupiter in Libra is opposing my 8th House. And I have Chiron (with Eris) and also Ceres in the 8th House. There are other transits too to mention but I wanted to start with the 8th House.

The 8th House rules (among other things) intimacy and our deepest exchanges with others and I want to tell you that the deepest exchanges may not be physical or of the body or financial (we call the 8th other people’s resources i.e. the 8th is the 2nd to the 7th – the spouse’s money). If the 8th is about energy exchange then it’s about ALL intimacy, including spiritual. Closeness. Exchange. Union. (Oh I want to define my terms more but I just have to post this!)

Which is where I’m at now and why I tell the stories that I tell in Chat Room A (the Moon Lodge), stories that I don’t yet tell anywhere else but am starting to a bit, here. The revolution has started and it cannot be stopped and it doesn’t want to stop.

What I know for sure for myself — and possibly for many many Venus/Neptune people of which I am one (Venus Pisces, Venus 12, Venus Neptune aspect people): that ALL (yes all) love and especially sex is a spiritual SEARCH.

And it is up to us to find the right way, right path, right channel and from this correctness, the BETTER human to human partnerships of all kinds will result.

But I’d like to go a step further and say this task is for ALL of us. Not just the Venus Neptune people.

I think my 8th House transit is but one transit that is making this bloom for me. There are more including the recent Virgo Eclipse which was bang on my Ascendent and Vesta (exact).

To be continued.. 
Part One is here.. 

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