Shabbos Table Astrology Plus Sun Conjunct North Node In Taurus

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REMINDER: Mercury is retrograde in Taurus. It’s Taurus Season. The Sun is conjunct the North Node in Taurus today. What’s up with your Taurus House? What House is it? Do you have planets there?

The other day, at a friend’s Shabbos table, I was trying to explain the astrological houses. The kids (grown and teenage) always ask me astrological questions. Who does Aries get along with? Who does Gemini get along with? Who does Libra get along with? The questions come so fast I can’t answer any of them.

My friend’s son is a Virgo Rising and knows enough about his chart to know he’s got “everything else in Leo” (as he puts it) and thus I got to expound on the joys and miseries of being what I call a “twelfth house person.” ┬áNot sure if it made much sense to them (I was full on challah and cholent and perhaps making little sense myself) but they looked like they were considering my treatise.

And then they all started to discuss two signs in particular (I won’t name them) who they don’t get along with. Seemed no one at the table did. The pregnant daughter-in-law (“big as a house” in her own words) a Gemini with Cancer Moon announced a Cancerian due date.

“All Cancers need is food, love, safety, security. That’s it,” I chimed in. Easy. (Yeah right.)

Looking back, I should have mentioned Mercury was retrograde and that the North Node Sun conjunction was coming. Why? Mercury retro is always good conversation but the North Node/Sun thing is, well, what is it? All the astrologers are talking about it.

The North Node is where we make steady increments, the direction we need to go in, and the Sun shines a light, illuminates. And there’s all this talk about fate. There could be something you NEED to do. There could be something that WILL happen. You might receive direct revelation. Let me know!

To be continued…