Libidinal: Venus Goes Retrograde This Summer (Part Two)

It’s been such an honor to do this work. It’s always been more than “chart reading.” I don’t even like doing natal chart readings. What I like and what I do… it’s always been deeper. There are some clients I’ve been working with since… 2011/2012. I’m so much older than I ever thought I’d be. Yesterday I was at the dentist and his wife who works the desk told me I look the same as twenty years ago and she said it was due to my “positive attitude.” This really struck me.  I don’t think of myself that way but I guess I am generally cheerful when I’m on my adventures, but really I’m just happy to see them. She’s a Libra (of course – it’s so obvious) and he’s a Pisces. How could I not be happy to see them? I love my dentist. Maybe that’s the key. Love. I am, essentially, love. As are you. Are you? Maybe not. Maybe you are more hate than love. Do we get to choose?

This post isn’t about dentists though. What’s on my mind is the past, just in time for another retrograde. Venus goes retrograde July 22nd, in Leo.

Venus is, among other things, what you value. This summer you will be reviewing all things Venus: your appearance, your relationships, your money, what you hold dear, your voice, your art.

Who are you? It’s 2011. Wait, no, it’s 2023. I started this blog in 2011 although last year I deleted years of posts. Who were you then? Who are you now? The book I wrote, the one I’m trying to get an agent for, is, in part, about aging, but the entire thing in so many ways was precognitive. When I started that book, in the summer of 2020, my feelings were forming and now they are in violent full bloom and I have no idea what’s coming next. The usual questions: will I stay in school? Will I transfer schools? Will I quit altogether? These days I often start sentences with, “I’m too old for….” And it’s all kinds of bullshit I’m too old for. I’ve lost patience. Did I ever have it? I have patience for some things and less for others and I can see, out of the corner of my eye, that the shape of my life needs to change. Rilke wrote “You must change your life” and this line comes to me during these crossroads moments.

This upcoming Venus retrograde is a *really* important transit. It will tell you what you need to know which will lead you to what you need to do when Venus gets into Virgo. It will show you what you love and give you the chance to figure it out.

Venus in Leo is pride. Venus in Leo is fierce. Venus is Leo is love and loving and loyal and courageous and if you have Venus in Leo in the 12th House like I do… there’s a way you love that cannot be matched except maybe by another Venus in the 12th House person, no matter the sign it’s in. Yes I am biased but there’s an emotional tone to us Cancer/Leo/Virgo people. Love and loyalty and intensity. But enough about that little club (for now!) because Venus retrograde is for all.

To be continued…