From North Node in Virgo to North Node in Leo (Work Hard, Play Hard)

"north node in leo"
It would be an understatement to say that I’m obsessed with the Nodes
at the moment. That the Nodes are moving to Leo and Aquarius and that in my chart North Node in Leo = 12th House. Weird. And yet familiar. I have Venus there. Fire in a water house.

About the Nodes:
We are forced. We have no choice. We are forced. It’s a fact. Your Leo and Aquarius Houses are where THE lessons will come from NEXT but you may not even notice because:

1) it may be subtle for some of you

2) you may have other POWER transits happening and thus think: eh, whatever, Nodes.

I am relieved to have the Nodes out of my 1st/7th shortly, but the 12th House? What can this possibly mean? I have some ideas. Many fear the 12th House and with good reason but I have that 12th House Venus and to say that I’m a contemplative is another understatement.

The 12th House details don’t matter. Not for this post. What matters is this matter of FATE and no choice. Your Leo/Aquarius axis, THOSE issues, which  may not even be clear to you NOW, those issues, will become all important and once it’s all over? You’ll have learned. So much.

The tricky part is that… it’s not so neat. These lessons. I mean, there’s no diploma. It may not be clear to you what you’ve learned — just that you made it through. We don’t get an Akashic Record printout of it all.  At least that’s not how it works for me. MAYBE we internalize some of it. And then fate takes over. The Nodes move. Next!!!!

This is how it feels to me. So much happened across that axis. And then. Poof. New transit.

What those houses are ABOUT are where the lessons will be and I cannot emphasize this enough: what you think it will be about? Well, it may be about some other matter related to that house. Like you think your 8th House transit will be about SEX but instead it’s about you talking to the dead.

And this:
North Node in Leo: SHINE.
Be a star.
It’s not about the everyMan or everyWoman,  it’s about YOU in all your glorious uniqueness!
How will you shine and where will you shine? Check your chart!!!

After the modesty and the humility of Virgo comes CONFIDENT Leo.
After the work comes the party of LEO.
There is a party coming to your Leo House and YOU are the guest of honor.
It’s ALL about you, baby.

And yet… North Node. Which opposes the South Node. It’s an axis. We have to work both sides, elevate both sides. Royalty without petulance.  Drama without melodrama.

To be continued…

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