In Another World: Venus Goes Retrograde Tomorrow

I have to spend some time every day in another world. I have to. For sanity.

Meditation, trance state, dream state, creative state. Call it flow. Call it gone. Call it away. Call it far far away. Travel. Journeying. Hyperfocus? Dissociation? Creativity? Imagination. I create therefore I am. 

And I’m thinking about this because that’s how my new book feels to me — the new book I’ve started writing. I’m about 700 words in. Can’t stop won’t stop.

I get to go to another world. (And have to hoist myself into that world and sometimes it’s a lot of effort.)

Yes it’s a creative process. Yes I am creating a world, need to live in that world part-time, but it feels… active and passive at the same time — like a shamanic journey.

And the more social I am (I was social yesterday), the more I have to make sure to get my “shell time.” Also, I have a 12th House Venus in Leo and Venus is about to retrograde so I imagine I will need even more time in there. It is a place. The Houses in the chart aren’t just keyword lists. They are places.

So I am writing this new book, taking on this new project, because I need to write something new for my beloved clients and students but also because I need to create a new world. After I finished my novel (which is sitting on the kitchen table right now — no bites from agents yet) I realized that I missed those characters and that world. I missed going there. So, now, here I am, making a new one — for you.

I don’t write for haters, believe me. I don’t write for haters and critics. I’m not motivated by spite. What motivates me is love. I remember the moment. I was ambivalent about the new book (despite good cards). But once I realized, once I found my WHY… then things clicked into place and I could move forward. I wrote about that more in depth here. 


You ready? Venus in Leo is about to go retrograde somewhere in your chart and will be retrograde ALL of August and a little bit of September too. You are going to review not just the surface Venus (your appearance, style, your look) and your social connections and your personal life/romantic life/love life but also… what you value i.e. what is meaningful to you.

Meaning. Hmm. Does meaning matter? To you?

To be continued…

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