Ask Aliza: Why Are Libra Men So Compelling?

"full moon in capricorn"
Dear G: 

So I’m well aware that his Sun is on your Moon and your Moon is on his Sun and this will create affinity and affection but I’ll tell you something else, dear G:

you’re a late degree Scorpio Rising who doesn’t let go and your Libra Man’s Venus is in your Twelfth House!
What does this mean?

He’s your secret unfathomable love.
He can’t be caught.
He can only be caught by the limitless Twelfth House dream.
You long for love. You pine for it. And you go for the one you cannot keep.

Why are Libra men so compelling? I know a few, smart and gentle. Funny. They wiggle or evade instead of saying no. Then they get pissed (passive aggressively so) when you didn’t read their mind. Is that compelling? Ha. But the real question is why this torch. No, not a torch. A FOREST FIRE for your Libra Man.

Is it him? Or is it you? Did you ever stop to think that maybe you are in love with how you feel? Rather in love with the real Libra Man?

Can you be friends? You have been.
Can you be lovers? You’ve tried.
What’s the pattern?

Thoughts of him may be a distraction. An escape. Life is hard. I get it. No shame. It’s fine to have a man in your heart and head, but then what?

One thing I know for sure:

anyone worth having makes an effort in your direction, consistently, persistently, even when they get angry. Even when they get scared. Even when they get their feelings hurt. Even when they’re confused and especially when they know the woman loves them. Aren’t you worth sticking around for?

Yours truly,