RETREAT: Welcome Pisces Season

It’s Pisces Season now and Mercury enters Pisces this week too, but you know what? It’s ALWAYS Aquarius Season for the next twenty years because Pluto is in Aquarius (except for another quick dip into previous sign Capricorn this year for a few months).

Pisces Season. What does it mean to you? What questions does it ask us? 

I’m teaching astrology to one of my Tarot people and we’re starting to work with that intense Isabel Hickey book and here’s a few things (just a few) that she has to say about Pisces (p. 28):

Pisces is the inner self preparing to retreat from the world. The world is not their habitat and the need to escape from it is very great. Pisces need to be alone and do need to retreat from contact with the world in order to regain their equilibrium. Everything for renewal must go back to its source.

Yesterday I was writing about Sixth House pain and my own North Node in the 6th and the above sentences from Hickey remind me of myself! Energy can show up in our charts in all kinds of ways. I’m not a Pisces *anything* but I have an active Neptune and 12th House planets (both the 12th and Neptune are associated with Pisces.)

Pisces Season: you may need to prepare your inner self. You may need to retreat. You may feel set apart. You may need to be apart. None of this is bad but could feel unfamiliar to you if your chart/soul is of a more extroverted, social variety. I have a week off from school and am looking forward to the retreat and restoration.

And this: Pisces needs to retreat but retreats in order to connect! Pisces nature tries to lose the sense of separateness. The only true freedom for Pisces comes through spiritual orientation.

So take that under advisement, dear Pisces. If you find yourself feeling… unfulfilled IN LIFE (and this goes for 12th House people and the Neptunians as well), you may need to beef up your spiritual life. Actually it’s not a “may need,” it’s a MUST DO.

From Hickey’s Neptune keyword list (one of her many lists):

Sensitivity, psychic and mystical capacity, cosmic consciousness that comes through devotion and feelings, chaos or cosmos, dreams (night or day), material bondage, illusion and disillusion, deception, alcohol/drugs/anesthesia, suffering, divine compassion. 

Obligation — in whatever area it is placed in the blueprint, one must serve the universal whole. 

It’s fun to go deep into astrology with a student again. Y’all know I love my keyword lists!

Do you identify with Pisces and yet have NO planets in Pisces? You may have… Pisces South or North Node (or Nodes across the 6th/12th axis), Pisces Rising, a busy Neptune (Neptune aspecting your personal planets), planets in the 12th!

To be continued…

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