Announcing Changes to TAROT PRACTICE GROUP

"Saturn in capricorn"
ANNOUNCING CHANGES to the new Tarot Group I was advertising.

In part I wanted to do this new Tarot Group for me.

Because I love Tarot, I love to teach Tarot. It’s part of my income yes but it’s also my deep love for these topics, devotion to these topics.

But now I’ve decided to scrap my original idea. The one I’ve been advertising.

I’m not liking some of the responses that I’m getting and it’s making me think – that I’m going about it the wrong way.

So I am REVISING my plan and the cost.

It’s Mercury retrograde after all. Was bound to happen.

If you want to be part of my two-month group. $200.
Two month group.

Message me if you want in.
If you want in then PayPal
No time to waste.
No worries if you were interested before and now no longer are

Time frame April 15th to June 15th.

Thank you and much love xoxo

PS For details on form/content/intent, just message me!

Tarot Practice Group! New!

"Saturn in capricorn"
From my Facebook:

TAROT GROUP FORMING. If interested, please read below.

There is a monthly fee and will be a sliding scale.

Sliding scale:
between $35 and $145 per month.
I prefer if folks can pay 4 months in advance – but I’m happy to consider month by month. Here’s what’s on my mind:

Secret Group here on FB. Not planning on leaving FB anytime soon.

What is the group:

Tarot card study (I love studying interpretations); tarot draws for each other, always reciprocal. No asking for cards unless you plan to return the favor.

Sharing favorite spreads, techniques, intuition skills. Anything and everything Tarot. I want there to be FLOW. Ideas for daily practice.

I view this group as ongoing not as a class-class from A to Z but immersion and learning by doing and living with the cards. REALLY getting to know the cards.

That said, we can go from A to Z if folks want. Start at the “beginning” … I imagine we’d prob do some of both. Order and chaos ;)

Message me if you have questions. With Tarot we are never done.

Thinking OFFICIAL start date is April 15th but… you can join anytime. 



The High Priestess As Advice: The Answer Will Come

I met with a friend in our second-choice restaurant.

We love restaurants. A meal, a snack, a drink. And Tarot!

And we have a first choice restaurant, especially for our Tarot draws, but it was a Sunday and the in between hours. I live in a small town now, no longer in NYC where there are no in between hours for any place I’d be likely to go.

So we were at Second Choice, drawing cards for each other as we often do. She’s my student, if I dare say that about a Leo, but becoming a good reader of cards in her own right. Amazing how that happens with a little practice and consistency. It can happen to you too.

And I know now, more than ever, that she’s tuned in. She’s THERE. How do I know this? Because it was a full on session with lots of shuffling by both of us and I asked THE SAME question twice, at different points during the time we spent together, and she got THE SAME card each time.

The High Priestess. Same question, same card.

My friend had her own valuable ideas about what this could mean for me as advice (it was advice I was seeking for something in particular) and I did take her ideas to heart and it caused me to fire up my altar which I had not done in a while but I kept thinking about her, the High Priestess, and was remembering various keys to her mysteries, everything I knew or thought I knew and then this morning I remembered one of the most common ones:

Intuition. Trust it. Use it. But don’t push. It’s the Magician who pushes. You don’t have to.

The High Priestess was describing a METHOD. A way.  Then came my aha moment. The answer arrived.

"moon conjunct pluto"

More thoughts on the High Priestess from when I used to write for Beliefnet

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Tarot Time In The Classroom + Busy Busy Mind! (The Stars This Weekend)

"mercury trine uranus"
So we are in Week Three of the Saturn in Capricorn class
and I had promised folks there would be a Tarot piece to the class – in particular Tarot structure, talking about layouts and spreads and design: where cards should go and then also what each card means, which questions are being asked.

Have you ever created a Tarot spread? 

I love this stuff, but I don’t think about it when I am actually doing Tarot readings. I am more free-form then. Got a question? I seek to answer it without too many structural bells and whistles. I do take time however to find the best wording for your question and sometimes we go specific and sometimes we go more broad.

Now THIS WEEKEND I think is an excellent time for Tarot and an excellent time for Tarot spread creation! 

Why do I say this?

Mercury is square Uranus AND sextile Chiron.

In plain English: your creativity is off the charts this weekend (Mercury square Uranus guarantees this) but it’s in service of something *higher* — like your HEALING.

Chiron is always about our “sickness” and our wellness and our healing and our wound and Mercury is your mind and perception and square Uranus is faster than the speed of light BRILLIANCE.

You could come up with something amazing so I hope you have a creative project to explore or a Tarot spread to create or… who knows!

If you need help in figuring out what you need to create, book a Reading here! 

If you want to support my LITTLE MOVIES BEAUTIFUL THINGS campaign, look here!

To become a Patron! $1 gets you access to writing and videos that won’t be posted anywhere else!

The newsletter is here! It’s FREEEEEEEE!

As always, thanks for reading and for supporting the work! xoxo 

SOMETIMES YOU SEE DEATH: Seeing The Dark Cards For The New Moon in Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio"
One of those mornings. Enjoying my coffee. Working. Email Readings, social media, the blog, to-do lists. The usual chatter of this self-employed life as an astrologer, card reader and all the other important stuff for which there are no words. Enjoying it too although tired. Was that a raccoon last night? Armadillo? Outside. Woke me up.

ANYWAY so I draw for my day. Got a DARK CARD.

Drew for the upcoming New Moon. Got a dark card.

Asked WHY the dark cards? Got the same DARK CARD. I know it’s a New Moon in Scorpio. I know it’s Mars square Pluto week I KNOW.

Okay Tarot. You are insistent. And that’s nice and all but it’s freaking me out. SHOW ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW in a way I can hear you. Be gentle with me. Because you keep coming up machete when what I really need is a butter knife. DO NOT USE A MACHETE ON THE KERRYGOLD!

And thanks in advance.

So I shuffled again and I drew and okay okay okay okay a message coming through in a way that’s easier to hear and thank you Tarot, but sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes you see Death. Sometimes you see Death. Sometimes you see DEATH.

What cards are you seeing?

PS You can pre-order my book from any of these links! 

"death card tarot"
2014 Hanged Man

Uranus Retrograde, Jupiter Square Pluto + Tarot Class Thoughts

This is what I posted on my Instagram this morning about my upcoming Tarot class.:

I may just draw the Hanged Man over and over when I create my Tarot deck.
72 Hanged Man.

Already I’m starting to think visually. And I’m the kind of person who will say: I don’t think visually. But already it’s starting and in the middle of the night I had a thought and the thought had an image that I wanted to draw.

This is what my upcoming class is for. Bloodletting. Self expression. Creation.

And this is not so much a commercial but wanted to talk about my process and how making pictures is this other form of self expression that I’ve been alienated from for decades except for two versions of Tarot cards that I drew in 2015 which was a very bad year.

So I’m thinking there’s a missing piece here. So I’m thinking that maybe I found something. And I got up just now to draw what had been in my head overnight. My head cut off floating in the water, just above the waves.

There is a poem I love that begins: I know there is a worm in the human heart. I like to quote it every so often.

That too is my Hanged Man. Sometimes our lives are one card and one card only for years. And other times we shift between two or three. Sometimes maybe the whole deck. And maybe other times our lives go so blank we are that No-Thingness card from the Osho Zen Tarot. Black canvas. Pitch.

What I know is this: Life is a constant process of falling apart and coming together (or the illusion of it )and there are waves and drawing along with writing can take you deeper into the waves which is ultimately healing. Why? Because it makes you feel. Which is different than not feeling. Maybe someday your head won’t be bobbing on top of the water. At the very least, take a picture while it’s there.

So basically the class is to crack open your heart but I didn’t know that before. 

I’ve been drawing a lot which means three drawings this morning after two (?) years of none. I’m one of those “I can’t draw” people.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"
The Hanged Man

My drawings are simple as you can see here! I don’t know if I’ll ever make a deck-deck. You know, have it printed, etc. In the meantime I like doing exactly what I’m doing and I like having IMAGES spring up in my head. It’s using a part of my brain (soul? body?) that’s been asleep for a very long time.

AND I’ve decided that my Tarot deck will have a Major Arcana but it won’t follow the Fool’s Journey. It won’t be Fool through World. And I don’t know where it’s going yet or how it will change, but I’ve begun and it’s a purgative. Here’s Woman in the Waves. Major Arcana card no. 2.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"

A couple weeks ago in my other class (the one that keeps getting extended, the one that’s gone on for months now) I drew cards about my stuckness and all these Cups came up, including the King of Cups, Mr Stuck himself. Has to master those emotions, right? Yeah but. Squashing and repressing and pushing away is NOT mastery.

Stuff is coming up now. Starting to. Through the waves. Taking an axe to the ice.

Uranus retrograde is a magical marvelous transit. Think I’m crazy? I may be. Uranus is crazy too. Uranus retrograde stops this damn hurtling from hurtling so much. We get a break from the tireless tiresome invention. Isabel Hickey (who I quote often) wrote: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Aquarius is ruled by both! And our Monday Eclipse is in Aquarius with Uranus retrograde! Something from long ago. Something from the deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep past is leaving your life. You won’t miss it. It’s an old deep tired pain. Retire it. Return it. Ground it. Give it away. It probably wasn’t yours to begin with. You borrowed it. Give it back. Hand it off. Let it go. Goodbye goodbye goodbye.

In other news, Jupiter squares Pluto tomorrow (exact) which I wrote about the other day and your Pluto is EXPANDING.

What is Pluto to you? 

I’ll tell you what Pluto is to me although I speak as a First House Pluto person. Pluto is regeneration. Intensity and volcanic passion. It scares people. Depth. Intuition. All this is good Pluto. We don’t stop searching for meaning.

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto tomorrow and yes bad Pluto (manipulation, coercion) can show up but good Pluto can also show up. Probably some of both will show up. You may feel overwhelmed at times if you aren’t used to this much Pluto, but there’s also much to enjoy about this aspect. Sex, for example.

As for me, I’ll be using my Moon Pluto conjunction to help clients find their way home and then it will be the weekend AND THEN THE ECLIPSE so rest up, my friends.


Ten Of Swords For Your Dark Night Of The Soul


"ten of swords tarot"
Ten of Swords

Yesterday drawing cards with a fellow witch.

We have these little sessions. We ask questions, find answers, hope for the best, and I was asking questions of various kinds and she drew this card for me and I’m not sure if it was advice or WHAT WILL HAPPEN but something is going to change.

End of cycle.

It also felt like: the way things are now. You are heading towards THIS. And then will come the new.

Is this the Eclipses talking? Could be. I am about to have the Full Moon in Aquarius eclipse in my 6th House of work and daily routines. Coming to the end which implies a beginning.

What cards are you seeing? 

"full moon eclipse in aquarius"
Ten of Swords from Sharman-Burke

Advice For The New Moon In Leo, New Tarot Class, & Getting Unstuck


"new moon eclipse in leo"
Hanged Man – 2015. Pastel. Staten Island.

In my current class, I’m starting to talk about Getting Unstuck (which is the name of a series of Pema Chodron talks so I started listening again) and asked them to draw cards for themselves:

Are they stuck? Actually stuck?

The cards will say yes or no and HOW (the how is embedded in the suit so you have to know your Tarot suits and elements) and then of course I drew a card of advice.

I wasn’t sure what would arise but I’m not surprised. I am definitely stuck and I think it will take me a few days to process just those two cards but I know I KNOW I am on the right track. An exercise like this can take you not only into the essence of “what you need to know now” but also into the essence of certain cards. I now NEED TO KNOW what those cards mean so I can know what my life means.

This getting unstuck discussion is related to the Nodes and the coming Eclipses – those areas of our lives which require our attention over the next 18 months or so.

It’s funny. Or not. What we want to focus on isn’t always what the chart and life requires. It’s not always good food, vacation, and romance! And maybe it’s that rarely or never or some of the time!

But what I notice is this – about transits – how they unfold. Especially these longish ones like where the Nodes are by transit and the Nodes don’t feel as scary as Pluto or Saturn so we can exhale around them – not seize up. Although I have written about my Pluto Sun opposition transit all along, it comes with fear. Not as much with the Nodes. There’s more wonder or fascination or hmm. But definitely a sign that says FOCUS HERE my dear.

So that’s my homework for you. Draw two cards AND ponder this:

What do you understand, about your life now, from where the Nodes are now, in your chart? 

They may be “problems” that have required your attention for years, decades, but you weren’t able to face them, clear them, SEE them, until now.

This week we have Mars entering Leo, the Sun entering Leo, and then the New Moon in Leo this weekend.

Card One: Am I stuck (how am I stuck)

Card Two: Advice for getting unstuck

And report back what you discover.


You can register **now** for the Tarot course that I am teaching on-line at SAW (the Sequential Artists Workshop). If you have questions, just send me a message! Still some information to add to this page but many details are up! I think it’s gonna be really wonderful. Moonpluto@gmail.

You can also message me for information about readings, bundles, 1:1 teaching and mentoring, Witch-Coaching, weekly Tarot subscriptions and… more! 

Your Tarot Deck Says ENOUGH & The Latest From MoonPlutoLand

Sometimes your Tarot deck says ENOUGH!  Quit asking me that!

Usually it’s the Devil who shows up when I’m obsessing but any card is smart enough to say STFU.

This happened to me today, under this Cancer/Capricorn sky.

Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (not to mention Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries).

It’s a Cardinal Cross. I don’t care that the degrees aren’t PERFECT. I really don’t. It’s a Cardinal Cross and the cardinals (those lucky folk with plenty of planets in these signs) probably feel it the most. Raise your hand if you’re one of them.

My advice. Keep drawing your cards but maybe change the question. Maybe ask something less angsty. Maybe don’t ask anything at all. Maybe just listen.

"pluto opposite sun"

Which reminds me. I came up with a new Tarot spread today. A one card.

This is what I posted on my Facebook: 

How Do I Do The Impossible (Tarot Spread)

For this day, for this week:

With Mercury and Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto.
Your forceful energized MIND in conflict with, trying to find balance with, your very death and rebirth.

One card.

The question for the cards:

Holy One, tell me, how do I get over what I cannot get over?

"moon conjunct pluto"

Something else I want to share.

On my Facebook I am doing a Love Letter series. At first I wasn’t calling it anything and then in my head I was calling it ASK ALIZA but today I am calling it “Dear Witch..” 

And what I’m doing is answering love life questions from querents – I don’t go much into my methodology in the answers but I am using the Tarot (two different decks) and the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). And I do it as fast as I can.

Here’s a sample but to see more visit me on Facebook. Those posts are PUBLIC. 

Wow this is Love Letter no. 13!!!

Querent wants to know if asking for someone’s birthday made him think she was “interested”

Honestly I think there is a question under this question. Or maybe not. In either case, let’s get to it.

Hmm I would say HE IS GUARDED. VERY GUARDED. You could have asked him for the time and he may have responded the same and much more so for asking the personal info. Does he think you want to date him? Not necessarily. But HE IS GUARDED.

He’s also pretty intuitive, insightful. He knows you want information that’s for sure. For what purpose he’s not sure but that’s not the point. The point is HE KNOWS you wanted *something* i.e. you asked for the birthday. Yeah, very intuitive dude. And very guarded :)

You may not hear from him. He’s not forthcoming, not sharing. Can’t push him. If you try, he’ll dig in. Won’t budge.

I hope you aren’t trying to woo him because it looks really exhausting to me.

Speaking generally, many of these questions are from women who hope the men will “come around” in one way or another.

I say: don’t waste your precious time. Seriously.

Reciprocal relationships are far more satsifying. We are just not used to them. At all. We have to LEARN this. That relationships are easy. Not hard won.

Good luck!!!

Another sample: 

Love Letter #12

I couldn’t help but notice how LOADED this question is:

“Am I finally free or will he come back FOR ME”

Honey, do you think you don’t have a choice? There’s your probably right there. But let’s see what the Tarot and the Tree have to say:


I’ll tell you what I felt: that you have HAD ENOUGH. This thing hurts. You’ve had enough. Been through the wringer, etc etc etc. It’s heavy. I think you’ve mourned this thing more than once.

I want to say: I don’t know. Not sure. If he’s coming back. There is some free will involved in this. YOURS.

If you leave room for him, he sure will. I feel you, see you, struggling to come out from under a rock, from under this–

It will keep breaking you until you do something about that. Until you stop liking being broken so much.

Doesn’t feel done to me, nope. But I feel the heavy grief for sure. And like you’re living in a dream world around it, feels dreamy and unreal and yet –

it’s like thoughts don’t become action. Thoughts don’t become plan. They just stay “thought” or bright idea- you make a resolution or get an insight and then POOF.

If only you could take that insight to the bank, that sudden flash. Build on it.

This isn’t about freedom. This is about WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?

Good luck to you xoxo

"aliza einhorn"

My new post is up on PATHEOS 

And I am running a SUMMER SALE ALL WEEK in honor of my birthday :)

Summer Sale announcement <3 <3 <3

In honor of my birthday which is in July but my Hebrew birthday is this Wednesday night and Thursday, I am doing my SUMMER SALE on Readings ALL WEEK and this is the one that I know my folks wait for, yes it’s the BOGO!

Buy one get one thus TWO HOURS for the price of one.

Possible topics could include:
transits + tarot
solar return
synastry (chart comparison)
lunar return
Solar Arcs and/or Progressions
Nodes/Life Purpose
Tarot Teaching
Astrology Teaching
& More

Happy Birthday to all the fabulous Cancers :)
Send me a message and we’ll get you scheduled!

That’s all for now xoxo Love you

That I Woke Up Thinking About The Three of Swords

"three of swords"

Well, it wasn’t the first thing I thought about but I did my morning card draws – started with three and now I add a couple more with specific card positions and then asked a tangential question and BOOM Three of Swords. 

What? Huh? Why? And I thought to myself: Girl? You need to explore the Three of Swords outside the usual sorrow somber interpretations so I took my Yoav Ben-Dov down off the shelf to explore and discover. Let’s take a look! (His book is called The Open Reading. Sadly, he recently left his earthly form. I say sadly because I wish he had written more books, alas.)

“Interpretation: a victory or breakthrough achieved without much difficulty. Pure intentions and righteous conduct win the day. Cutting through a dilemma or quandary.”

And that its INVERTED meaning is “defeat.”

So what do you think, Tarot lovers? For you, when is the Three of Swords defeat or sorrow and when it is BREAKTHROUGH and victory? How good are you at getting away from the Rider Waite heart pierced image?

Well, I think it may depend on the deck you use. Definitely harder to move into victory when you are starting at a broken heart, a deck that uses the pierced heart image, but for the Marseille deck, much easier although you may need to retrain your brain.

Another thought (of mine): the breakthrough idea is always present, no matter the deck. I mean, it’s always in my mind too BUT with clients it doesn’t reign supreme. It’s usually an “alternate” interpretation. Just as the Queen of Swords for **me** is often grief or mourning not the writer/editor/manager of words although for other readers they see WRITER EDITOR MANAGER OF WORDS first. Sharp thinker, she!

We cannot argue with other people’s systems of interpretation especially if they have a good track record of accurate fortune telling!

“In the 3 of Swords, the single sword is decorated with branches, and does not seem to be hindered by the pair of arches it passes through. This can indicate an easy victory. Alternatively, it can signify a new phase in which the protecting barriers are no longer needed. 

I love this and I know you do too.

Question: but if Three of Swords is not sorrow and heartbreak, then what? Do you feel you *need* the Three of Swords for this purpose? Or will you go case by case and use your intuition to divine the meaning in every situation? Well, that’s what you “should” be doing anyway, as a reader of cards. Makes you want to see it again, doesn’t it? So you can take this car out for a drive ;)

Are you expecting a breakthrough? 


PS I do not have any specials happening at this time. Folks are asking me. If you want a reading and are on a budget, just message me and we can see if there’s a number we are both happy with. 

Here Are The Details About The Tarot Group

"jupiter in libra"I am going to cut and paste here, straight from my Facebook so ALL the details are in one place and I will do my best to edit out repetitive info: 



Generally speaking: 

I am starting an on-going (no end date in mind) group for Tarot study.
Secret Group on Facebook.

For Tarot lovers/obsessives/learners.

There is a monthly fee and I ask for three months up front so we have a core committed group of participants this fall :) but you can join anytime. I can’t imagine this group having a limited number of people.

Lurking is fine but you know I love a lively discussion.

It is NOT a reading practice group — although that will probably happen at some point, in a structured way – in the future.
You will improve across the board, I believe, if you join us. There’s no way you can’t… in my humble opinion :)

I am also one of those people who DOES believe one can read accurately for oneself. So this won’t just be about Tarot learning but about us becoming better readers, helpers.

For the serious learner, I will stress routine.

But you can also just show up and glean whatever the heck you want from the space which will be kind and fun and interesting.

I plan for this group to be quite focused although of course some dovetailing will happen (I can’t help but mention what’s happening in the sky sometimes) but this is truly for those who want to be dunked in Tarot :)

Just please know there is no end to this group so — after three months you won’t know everything there is to teach or share. The group is ongoing until it reaches its natural end, hopefully a long time into the future.


This group is for those who want to:

-deepen tarot practice
-increase tarot knowledge
-deepen tarot routine (I will encourage tarot routines)
-exchange reading tips
-improve intuition by regularly working with the cards
-regular discussion with like minded souls
-share favorite tarot materials
-have a private place to discuss your tarot obsession
– increase confidence
– love tarot EVEN MORE!

And more.

Sometimes it’s hard to predict what you will get out of something.

*It will not be overly structured. But it will not be 100% loosey-goosey either. I seek to find a balance between the Virgo – Pisces axis!

And I will be seeking your feedback in terms of what you want to learn although of course I also have my agenda :-) I am the group’s facilitator.

It’s OK if you are an absolute beginner as long as you don’t mind the deep end. If you know me at all then you know I’m a bit eclectic and have my own rules and rhyme and reason so I will not be going “in order.”


What is not allowed:

*no selling your own services or products

*No one is obligated to read for anyone else. No posts that begin: I’ve had a bad day can someone draw for me. I don’t want anyone to feel put on the spot or obligated


Regarding the absolute beginner:

I think it will be FINE for any level. I don’t think we ever know it all. We are always beginning HOWEVER I don’t always start at letter A.

Sometimes I start with Q or P or E!


All group members will get 10% off readings with me as long as you are in the group


WHAT THE GROUP IS NOT. Important to mention. Stressing this: 

one of the MOST important things to know is that this is NOT the place to post a picture of your cards and ask people to read them for you.

“Oh I got this today – what do you think?”

That’s not what this is for.
This is not the “here are my cards, give me your two cents” type of thing.

STRUCTURED READING PRACTICE *may* be part of this group eventually but I am not 100% sure how I want to do it yet. Have to think about it. I think about things!

We probably will move to practice sessions for those who want but it’s NOT thing one.

This group is for learning and going deep into this amazing oracle and if you stick with me, stick with us, you WILL become a better reader.

This isn’t to say that you can’t ask about your own draws or cards BUT there is a line. There is CONTEXT.

It depends how you go about it.

Make sense???

And if you aren’t sure what type of posts are okay or not okay, it’s fine to ASK me privately first.


One of my favorite things to talk about is and will be real life experiences reading the cards for others. What makes us nervous, what gives us confidence.

Reading for people is more than fortune-telling. You are confronting hearts and souls and sensitivities And you have to be willing to go where they go But you also have to be willing to establish how you read, your own personal style.


Here is the loose structure that I’m going to be working with at least for the first month. Do remember this class is alive. We’re not working from pre-designed material It’s alive. We’re working from my experience my inspiration my creativity and yours too!! It’s a collaboration.

This is what I’m thinking once we get going because of course the first week or first few days I have questions for you :-)

Mondays will be for topics in Tarot (various!! and ongoing)
Wednesdays will be for individual cards. Going deep into card meanings.
Fridays will be for topics in reading i.e. issues related to reading for others or for self.

Participants are welcome to start their own threads at any time on the subject matter of Tarot.

It’s definitely not a race because the group will be ongoing. So I’m not going to try to pack everything in within three months. But if you love the cards and want to talk about the cards and need to learn and discuss at your own pace then this group is for you.

Any questions? Message me. $25 per month. $75 (three months up front) to start. 

When Your DO Is The Ten of Wands

"jupiter trine plutoA general card for the situation, a card for DO and a card for DON’T

Situation, advice, caution.

I do this spread daily. I got it from Rachel Pollack (got myself a reading from her a few years ago) but it’s been adapted a bit through use in the chat room – this isn’t strictly the spread she introduced to me.

And this morning my DO was the Ten of Wands. Always interesting when a “bad” card – what we think of as bad – is our advice.

I mean, wouldn’t you rather see Empress, Star, Ten of Cups, Three of Pentacles?

Ten of Wands. Okay. Seven of Wands (battle) as the DON’T.

don’t fight.
Don’t battle.
Pick your battles.
Don’t worry about victory.
Keep going.
Almost done.

Eden Gray has a cluster of bummer meanings before getting to the good one: PROBLEM SOLVED.

But maybe we need to explore the other ones too, such as:

carrying a burden of ill-regulated power. Hmm. Pluto IS opposing my Sun.

Refining test by fire (she writes). Heart tried by pain.

Sounds about right under my transits AND/OR this Saturn Neptune sky.

What transits are you under? Are you seeing any Tarot TENS? 


The JUNE Special is fast coming to a close. Not sure what’s happening in July yet, to be honest. If I will run it again, keep things normal or introduce something new. I do know I will return to video making. Mars retrograde in my 3rd House of communications has slowed me down…

Message me for details about the special, the Teaching Bundles, the Tarot & Astro subscriptions and other good stuff

Tarot for Trauma (#2)

"jupiter square saturn" Every step forward takes so much courage.

I am hard at work this morning and thinking about trauma and the Trauma Room which is not open yet and the tarot spreads I am creating.

These are simple spreads for DEEP thinking about the cards and how they can help, answers they can give.

Here is one I posted on Instagram and Facebook this morning.

‪#‎tarot‬ for ‪#‎trauma‬

How can things be good after being bad for so long? What to do with my body and mind so that I’m not always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Answer: practice dropping the shoe yourself. Take off your shoes as often as possible. Touch your ‪#‎heart‬ chakra. And this: three cards to give you the answer.

1 mind
2 body
3 spirit

All three cards are advice cards. All three answer what to do to help your ‪#‎PTSD‬

Here is the link to my Instagram post. 

And this for a one (or two or three) card draw:

This is the ‘Why bother” mindset. I think we have to NOT IGNORE the why bother mindset but actually ASK THE QUESTION. 

What is the point?
And the Tarot will give you an answer.

Thinking one of the most important things in trauma work is to ask the questions – to figure out the questions and to ask them – out loud – give the questions to the OPEN AIR –

Really asking the question that scares you is the hardest part!!!


Tarot For Trauma (#1)

"jupiter square saturn" The “Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop” Tarot Spread 

1. This is the root of the trauma

2. This is a SKILL you now have because of the trauma or a PURPOSE for it i.e. I have all this painful experience so now what do I do with it???

3. Do this when you feel afraid

Let me know how you like this one…
More to come.

The Trouble With Love (Tarot Reading In Real Life)

"venus in taurus" There’s only one right answer for the girl or guy who wants love and been denied — that it’s coming and coming soon. Happily ever after.

Truth is I have seen it. Confused clients barking up the wrong tree (mismatches, bad synastry) and then boom love walks in without warning. I have seen it.

Regarding my love life, I’ve had psychics be dead wrong or predict half truths. Yes he will call — but then the thing explodes a week later.

Even though questions of love are common, they are not simple and they are the most difficult because hearts hurt. Few among us actually want to be alone, and as I wrote above, there’s only one right answer.

With so many planets retrograde or about to go retrograde, where does that leave love? Venus enters Taurus on Friday. We have a New Moon in Taurus next week, May 6th. Something about this part of your chart, despite the Mercury retrograde, is calling you. Sun. Venus. New Moon. The question is whether you are listening.


Devil Canyon (Hard Cards In The Tarot: The Devil As Your Do)

"saturn square neptune"So this just happened and it surprised me.

Drew for advice. OH TAROT WHAT DO I DO (about such and such)?

Devil? Hold on? Chain myself? Huh? REALLY????

Yes, says the Devil. Hold on. Chain yourself. And then came the Four of Wands.

The cards change, but they are always right. BUT THE DEVIL AS MY DO?

From Yoav Ben-Dov: the Devil grows from the abyss. And just now in class, one of the participants used that word, abyss.

So happy to be here. Always enjoy these forays into the mystical abyss that also has ties to the earth. 

Abyss: deep or seemingly bottomless YES and yes I know this word is negative according to my Mac dictionary BUT let’s focus on what is endless which is very 12th House (where my Venus lives in paradise).

When the Devil is good: when you shall not let go YOU SHALL NOT. Maybe sometimes we need to be wiped out. Slate clean. The Devil grows from the abyss. Do NOT let go. Do not.

Synonyms for ABYSS include CANYON.  When the abyss is good. When the abyss is love. How can this be? For a Pluto person? Perhaps routinely.

GIVE ME MORE: an immeasurably deep gulf or great space. This is poetry.

From Ben-Dov: the sense of movement in the card is upwards, so that it may represent forces originating in the hidden depths of the soul and coming out into the open.

Four of Wands is the bloom for me in this case.

Do you understand what I’m telling you? (Share this post so more people can understand.)

Hello all you fallen angels. The Devil is a card of “reparation and healing.”

I hope that helps. The next time you get the Devil as your DO in your Tarot spread. I am coming to believe there are no bad cards in Tarot, just ones we don’t want to see.


PS Class has started. Email me if you want to join.

Faith When You Can’t See The Way (On Drawing Tarot Cards For Yourself)

"south node in pisces"That’s how it feels to me right now. Faith when you can’t see the way.

I just drew a bunch of cards for myself with one question in mind, one question I am super passionate about and I got all major cards, all good (although of course with their own complexities) but from Judgement to Strength to Empress to Star, I’m giving this a YES HAVE FAITH PLEASE.

And be patient too.

The thing you want may be in the future (Strength, Star) but you’ll get the rebirth (Judgement) you want and luxuriate (Empress) in that.

And then I asked: anything in particular I can DO? Four of Swords. No. Wait. Rest. Gather strength. Go within. Meditate. Sleep the sleep.

We have to trust the cards we draw for others.
We have to trust what we draw for ourselves. Every day, every single damn day takes trust. To wake up. Trust. It’s all around us, opportunities to trust.

Do you trust?


MoonPluto On The Radio (Paramania Radio)

"paramania radio"So tonight I made my radio debut. It turned out to be super fun and I think will only get better.

A few years ago (hello Uranus Pluto square!) I was supposed to have my own radio show but it didn’t happen. Transits of chaos! The next year I tried again, but it also wasn’t the right time (more transits of chaos!).

So the guy who was going to produce my show (the one that never got produced) has a new show and invited me on.

I said yes AFTER drawing cards for it. I hope to be a regular guest on his show and now… thinking of my own again.

Conquered any fears lately? 


PS If you want to hear the show, here it is. I think Part Two (after the break) is better than Part One fyi…

My Repeater: On Seeing The Same Tarot Card Over And Over And Over

"new moon eclipse in pisces" And you aren’t sure what it means – and it’s a good card but you fear you are over thinking it – and it’s a reading for yourself. It is a message to hear and understand but maybe you’ve hit a Tarot wall. When that happens what to do?

Meditation. And trust the answer will be given. Right timing.

Do not ignore the repeaters. In my experience, the repeaters have double triple infinity meaning. It’s not your imagination. And this goes for good, bad, or confusing cards.

I am thinking that my repeater is related to the first eclipse this March 8th:


18 (almost 19) degrees
New Moon Solar Eclipse

It’s right around the corner, people! (And yes I am already doing Eclipse Consultations.)

It’s gonna be big. It’s gonna be interesting.

Jupiter North Node opposing New Moon and Sun and South Node. And we talk about Eclipses setting up an energy pattern for three months, six months, a year. I have a feeling though… some of you have already gotten your Eclipse. And some will get on the day of. It’s that potent. Right timing but no waiting.

So what is going to start for you (and actually I think it’s a continuation of last year’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces) has to happen. It’s as fated as fate can be. South Node time.

How will you make this New Moon South Node story fit into your already existing life? Truth is, this story IS your life.


Don’t Over Think Your Tarot : Ten Pentacles

"venus square saturn" I am a teacher of Tarot.

I do readings for myself and for others, professionally.
I do this daily.

Today’s advice:

don’t over think your Tarot. Figure out a system for yourself. Are the good cards good cards? Are the bad cards bad cards? What are the bad cards’ silver linings? What are the good cards’ shadows?

Example: I did a Celtic Cross for myself this morning. Yes, I decided to go for it. On a sensitive topic, meaning I care about the outcome.

The outcome was a GOOD CARD.

Or was it? WAS IT? Was I over thinking? And what did my gut say? And what did the clarifying card say?

Beware of Tarot second guessing. Go with your gut. You want to have some rules. You want to at least establish, to yourself, okay such and such is GOOD or such is such is good but with shadow.

I’m not going to tell you the card in question :)

But here is an example — for the sake of elucidation:

Say you are hoping for a positive outcome card and you get the Ten of Pentacles. THE TEN OF PENTACLES. Wealth. Security. Family.

The Ten is NOT the Five. The Ten is NOT the Four. The Ten is not… ANY of the others. The Ten is not even the Nine. The Ten is the TOP of the Minor cards. It is real and stable and wealthy. How can we complain?

Well, perhaps you have encountered a reader who saw something “wrong” with this card — not as happy as the Ten of Cups or… any number of shadows but my point is this:

establish the good and the good with shadow from the bad or bad with silver lining or neutral etc etc be VIRGO about it and then of course be Pisces during the actual reading i.e. let your intuition in.

Example: let’s say my final Celtic Cross outcome for a LOVE READING is the Ten of Pentacles, am I going to sit there and muck around in the possible shadow interpretations OR am I willing to take a good card at face value.

I think this is an issue of readers i.e. some readers don’t want others to be happy. Some readers don’t want to be happy themselves. Some readers want to turn all the good cards into the Five of Pentacles. And some readers don’t genuinely see the Ten of Pentacles as good but as problematic. They may read it more like a Six than a Ten. That’s okay!

And of course, as always, context matters! But at least have an idea of what this card means for you, before you sit down to read for yourself or someone else.

If you want to study Tarot with me you can – or we can do a Tarot/Astrology combination, MoonPluto style :) Message me