Tarot Lessons Are Back

From my Instagram:

Yes I currently have room for Tarot students, but I do things my own way.

I am an intuitive, idiosyncratic, analytical, Tarot obsessed, Tarot-loving teacher + decades of experience with the cards as a professional reader etc etc etc.

45 minute sessions. We can work weekly or every other week.

We will eventually go through the entire deck, but this isn’t a “course” you can buy online. We won’t start with the Fool card.

I tailor the lessons to the student and yes I take the long way, in tarot and in life.

If you want to know what the Wands mean or what the Pentacles mean or the history of the cards, you can look online. If you want to study with a master (tarot lessons are life lessons), then learn from me.

Maybe you want to improve your intuition. Maybe you want to read only for yourself. Maybe you want to read for others. Maybe it’s professional. Maybe it’s personal. Maybe you just like the cards and want to get to know them with a serious and friendly guide. Maybe you just like talking to me 🤗 Hey, I like you too but we have a purpose and a mission here.

So let me know.

PS I realize I need to create packages so I’ll be working on that.