TAROT TOPICS: Sometimes The Cards Are Drama Queens & Sometimes You Need To Obsess

"uranus in taurus"
This gets talked about in Tarot circles a lot
— at least in my Tarot circles: drawing cards too much. Asking the same question over and over. The cards getting sassy. The cards getting sick of your shit.

Are the cards sometimes drama queens? YES. People will say this about the Nine of Swords or the Ten of Swords. Your reaction is exaggerated. This is sometimes true. Sometimes.

And yet we sometimes need to obsess and keep asking until we are DONE, until we have exhausted that initial impulse. This is how folks wind up going to Tarot reader after Tarot reader. It’s not necessarily looking for a positive answer but for some… key to the whole thing. They want reflected back what they feel but cannot put into words and maybe if they hire someone for insight, it will all come spilling out. Often this is the case.

So this is just a quick blog post but I wanted to let you know that YES sometimes the cards are dramatic and their drama may not be the full reality picture AND it’s okay to obsess. It really is. You’ll wrestle with the question, get to the bottom of it, and move on. Life continues.

Unless you are a Scorpio or a Taurus 😉

But seriously. It’s okay to to seek, search, wrestle, and keep penetrating the mystery until you solve it!
Good luck.