THE FEEDBACK: On Seeing the Three of Wands

"three of wands"
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The future.

Does it scare you. To think about it?

Do you get anxious? What’s the concern? Well this week we are being urged to look ahead.

The THREE in the Tarot is the first flowering of the suit.

The ACE begins.

The two invites someone else in (a “Marriage”).

The Three is what has arrived, developed, manifested, been born, come to pass.

But what exactly *has* arrived, developed, manifested, etc. with this Three?

Sometimes when I see this card for a client, I think: “not yet.”

You have to wait. “Waiting for ships to come in.” But you’re in a strong position. Maybe.

In other situations it’s waiting in vain (as Bob Marley sang).

So all our magical plans have brought us to this point of… ??? Nothing yet?

No. Not at all.
You have done it.
You have accomplished.
You have grown.
You have LIVED.
You have made plans.
You have set plans in motion.
You have put the word out.
You have let people know.
You have gotten it all together.
You did it! Crossed off the list!

And now you stand at the TOP.
Notice that. She/He is not at the bottom but at the top, looking down at those ships, that water, the water coming in, going out. Those are the messages, the communications. The FEEDBACK.

Do you get feedback?

This week isn’t for setting new boats afloat. This week is for the distance, which includes a call from that distant place. A call that comes back and back and back, like a wave.

Do you hear it?
What ships are *you* waiting for?

Have a good week