The Trouble With Love (Tarot Reading In Real Life)

"venus in taurus" There’s only one right answer for the girl or guy who wants love and been denied — that it’s coming and coming soon. Happily ever after.

Truth is I have seen it. Confused clients barking up the wrong tree (mismatches, bad synastry) and then boom love walks in without warning. I have seen it.

Regarding my love life, I’ve had psychics be dead wrong or predict half truths. Yes he will call — but then the thing explodes a week later.

Even though questions of love are common, they are not simple and they are the most difficult because hearts hurt. Few among us actually want to be alone, and as I wrote above, there’s only one right answer.

With so many planets retrograde or about to go retrograde, where does that leave love? Venus enters Taurus on Friday. We have a New Moon in Taurus next week, May 6th. Something about this part of your chart, despite the Mercury retrograde, is calling you. Sun. Venus. New Moon. The question is whether you are listening.


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