That I Woke Up Thinking About The Three of Swords

"three of swords"

Well, it wasn’t the first thing I thought about but I did my morning card draws – started with three and now I add a couple more with specific card positions and then asked a tangential question and BOOM Three of Swords. 

What? Huh? Why? And I thought to myself: Girl? You need to explore the Three of Swords outside the usual sorrow somber interpretations so I took my Yoav Ben-Dov down off the shelf to explore and discover. Let’s take a look! (His book is called The Open Reading. Sadly, he recently left his earthly form. I say sadly because I wish he had written more books, alas.)

“Interpretation: a victory or breakthrough achieved without much difficulty. Pure intentions and righteous conduct win the day. Cutting through a dilemma or quandary.”

And that its INVERTED meaning is “defeat.”

So what do you think, Tarot lovers? For you, when is the Three of Swords defeat or sorrow and when it is BREAKTHROUGH and victory? How good are you at getting away from the Rider Waite heart pierced image?

Well, I think it may depend on the deck you use. Definitely harder to move into victory when you are starting at a broken heart, a deck that uses the pierced heart image, but for the Marseille deck, much easier although you may need to retrain your brain.

Another thought (of mine): the breakthrough idea is always present, no matter the deck. I mean, it’s always in my mind too BUT with clients it doesn’t reign supreme. It’s usually an “alternate” interpretation. Just as the Queen of Swords for **me** is often grief or mourning not the writer/editor/manager of words although for other readers they see WRITER EDITOR MANAGER OF WORDS first. Sharp thinker, she!

We cannot argue with other people’s systems of interpretation especially if they have a good track record of accurate fortune telling!

“In the 3 of Swords, the single sword is decorated with branches, and does not seem to be hindered by the pair of arches it passes through. This can indicate an easy victory. Alternatively, it can signify a new phase in which the protecting barriers are no longer needed. 

I love this and I know you do too.

Question: but if Three of Swords is not sorrow and heartbreak, then what? Do you feel you *need* the Three of Swords for this purpose? Or will you go case by case and use your intuition to divine the meaning in every situation? Well, that’s what you “should” be doing anyway, as a reader of cards. Makes you want to see it again, doesn’t it? So you can take this car out for a drive 😉

Are you expecting a breakthrough? 


PS I do not have any specials happening at this time. Folks are asking me. If you want a reading and are on a budget, just message me and we can see if there’s a number we are both happy with.