Your Tarot Deck Says ENOUGH & The Latest From MoonPlutoLand

Sometimes your Tarot deck says ENOUGH!  Quit asking me that!

Usually it’s the Devil who shows up when I’m obsessing but any card is smart enough to say STFU.

This happened to me today, under this Cancer/Capricorn sky.

Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (not to mention Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries).

It’s a Cardinal Cross. I don’t care that the degrees aren’t PERFECT. I really don’t. It’s a Cardinal Cross and the cardinals (those lucky folk with plenty of planets in these signs) probably feel it the most. Raise your hand if you’re one of them.

My advice. Keep drawing your cards but maybe change the question. Maybe ask something less angsty. Maybe don’t ask anything at all. Maybe just listen.

"pluto opposite sun"

Which reminds me. I came up with a new Tarot spread today. A one card.

This is what I posted on my Facebook: 

How Do I Do The Impossible (Tarot Spread)

For this day, for this week:

With Mercury and Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto.
Your forceful energized MIND in conflict with, trying to find balance with, your very death and rebirth.

One card.

The question for the cards:

Holy One, tell me, how do I get over what I cannot get over?

"moon conjunct pluto"

Something else I want to share.

On my Facebook I am doing a Love Letter series. At first I wasn’t calling it anything and then in my head I was calling it ASK ALIZA but today I am calling it “Dear Witch..” 

And what I’m doing is answering love life questions from querents – I don’t go much into my methodology in the answers but I am using the Tarot (two different decks) and the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). And I do it as fast as I can.

Here’s a sample but to see more visit me on Facebook. Those posts are PUBLIC. 

Wow this is Love Letter no. 13!!!

Querent wants to know if asking for someone’s birthday made him think she was “interested”

Honestly I think there is a question under this question. Or maybe not. In either case, let’s get to it.

Hmm I would say HE IS GUARDED. VERY GUARDED. You could have asked him for the time and he may have responded the same and much more so for asking the personal info. Does he think you want to date him? Not necessarily. But HE IS GUARDED.

He’s also pretty intuitive, insightful. He knows you want information that’s for sure. For what purpose he’s not sure but that’s not the point. The point is HE KNOWS you wanted *something* i.e. you asked for the birthday. Yeah, very intuitive dude. And very guarded 🙂

You may not hear from him. He’s not forthcoming, not sharing. Can’t push him. If you try, he’ll dig in. Won’t budge.

I hope you aren’t trying to woo him because it looks really exhausting to me.

Speaking generally, many of these questions are from women who hope the men will “come around” in one way or another.

I say: don’t waste your precious time. Seriously.

Reciprocal relationships are far more satsifying. We are just not used to them. At all. We have to LEARN this. That relationships are easy. Not hard won.

Good luck!!!

Another sample: 

Love Letter #12

I couldn’t help but notice how LOADED this question is:

“Am I finally free or will he come back FOR ME”

Honey, do you think you don’t have a choice? There’s your probably right there. But let’s see what the Tarot and the Tree have to say:


I’ll tell you what I felt: that you have HAD ENOUGH. This thing hurts. You’ve had enough. Been through the wringer, etc etc etc. It’s heavy. I think you’ve mourned this thing more than once.

I want to say: I don’t know. Not sure. If he’s coming back. There is some free will involved in this. YOURS.

If you leave room for him, he sure will. I feel you, see you, struggling to come out from under a rock, from under this–

It will keep breaking you until you do something about that. Until you stop liking being broken so much.

Doesn’t feel done to me, nope. But I feel the heavy grief for sure. And like you’re living in a dream world around it, feels dreamy and unreal and yet –

it’s like thoughts don’t become action. Thoughts don’t become plan. They just stay “thought” or bright idea- you make a resolution or get an insight and then POOF.

If only you could take that insight to the bank, that sudden flash. Build on it.

This isn’t about freedom. This is about WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?

Good luck to you xoxo

"aliza einhorn"

My new post is up on PATHEOS 

And I am running a SUMMER SALE ALL WEEK in honor of my birthday 🙂

Summer Sale announcement <3 <3 <3

In honor of my birthday which is in July but my Hebrew birthday is this Wednesday night and Thursday, I am doing my SUMMER SALE on Readings ALL WEEK and this is the one that I know my folks wait for, yes it’s the BOGO!

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lunar return
Solar Arcs and/or Progressions
Nodes/Life Purpose
Tarot Teaching
Astrology Teaching
& More

Happy Birthday to all the fabulous Cancers 🙂
Send me a message and we’ll get you scheduled!

That’s all for now xoxo Love you

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