How I Teach Tarot

Some thoughts on how I teach Tarot:

When I started teaching Tarot again, it had been a while. The last time I think was… 2016.

I’d been holding little Tarot (or astrology or creativity) groups/classes on Facebook over the years, but one-one-one Tarot teaching was more sporadic until recently.

I didn’t want to do it again unless I could do it the way I wanted.

How it works:

*This is not a group. It’s one on one, over the phone. Private. Pets welcome 🙂

*Everyone begins with a three-month package.

*We do this work over the phone. I may be open to visuals (Zoom, etc) for those who want astrology lessons (offered only to my Tarot people). More details about that by request.

*You will be asked to keep a Tarot journal.  I do give weekly homework. Only work with me if you have time for a little homework and want to do homework and want to go deep into Tarot.

*We talk once a week. I have a Virgo Moon. I like a schedule. Although emergencies and non-emergencies happen (yours or mine) the goal is to meet once a week at the same time. 45 minutes sessions (Sometimes I go overtime and we use up an hour but no guarantee of that.) Students who need to reschedule a lot… I wind up not working with long-term. If we work together, I’ll let you know my lateness/no-show policies.

*I tailor the Tarot trajectory to the person. Everyone is starting where they are and I am growing as a guide/teacher (hopefully). Some people want to read for themselves. Some want to read for others. Some want both. Some are interested in increasing intuition. Some see it as a career path. Some want the Tarot for other reasons. Some are curious. And who knows where it will go, where it will lead you.

There are things I want to cover, but please know we will *not* cover everything there is to know about Tarot.

*Tarot is/can be a path of self-exploration. You will learn about yourself through learning (to work with) the cards. Which reminds me, I only work with real cards (not phone apps). Rider Waite Smith deck for learning but also I bring in the Marseilles.

*Before we begin, I will ask you some questions so I have a sense of where you are with Tarot and what you are looking for, and, again, your goals may change. It is a journey. It is spiritual. It is meaningful to you and to me. Helping you with this is something I take seriously.

*Tarot sessions are not the same as Readings and yet… there is an overlap. You may be asked to do or create Tarot spreads about your own life and of course I may chime in with my thoughts on your cards.

*Our sessions are a combination of:

-going over the weekly assigned homework (which varies of course)
-discussion/conversation about each individual tarot card
-experimentation with tarot spreads
-creation of your own tarot spreads
-topics as they arise regarding issues related to tarot, intuition, reading cards for self, reading cards for others, and more. No limit. I am happy to share my field notes on all of the above. I’ve been doing this work a long time and it has been my living (i.e high stakes)

*It’s actually impossible to say how things will go since… every tarot “student” is different.

*How I decide when and what to cover in our sessions: I’m guided by my intuition and your feedback.

*There is a flow to each session and to each relationship I have with each student so… it is hard to say exactly what will happen in a session and where you will wind up with your studies/practices in general. It depends on your goals and our shared consciousness during the session. I mean, we could talk about ONE CARD for a full month. If you want to do that, we can do that.

*I do NOT go in order. I will go in the order I am led. That said, I will construct a plan overall for you and session by session. It is an intuitive idiosyncratic process. Tarot is a practice and process. Learn by doing. I take your natal chart into account. Some folks like to skip and be wild. Some folks want more order. Some want a combination.

*Obviously our schedules will have to match up for this to work. I don’t work Saturday but do work Sunday and may have Sunday availability for new students. I also have some spots open during the week, depending what time.

*Yes I am crazy for doing something so old school but it’s how I’m doing it at this time. Will I keep doing it this way long-term? Hmmm we shall see. But by the looks of my own personal astrological transits, perhaps not so get it while it’s hot! Y’all know I dream/endeavor to get an agent and sell my third book and who knows what will happen then. Maybe things will stay the same and maybe they won’t… 🙂

I think that’s all for now 🙂 Email me if you have questions