On How I Teach The Tarot (i.e. a blog post wherein I convince you that I’m not the teacher for you)

So I took a break from teaching when I started writing books. I’ve taught on-line tarot and astrology for as long as I’ve been an astrologer. Remember all the Facebook groups and classes we used to do?

Now I’m teaching again, one-on-one, and it’s a special time because I imagine I’ll have to transition out of the individual stuff at some point. Each Tarot student is an apprentice; I am hoping to add to your witchcraft.

What’s on my mind though is that I’m seeing, noticing, more and more, how I teach, how I think, and how it’s not in a straight line. It’s creative. Concentric. Immersive. Intuitive. Strange. Ordinary. Tactile. We have to touch the cards. I have to teach in ways that I don’t even have the words for. I tune into you as I teach. I listen.

I have a newish student who definitely wants structure (there’s always structure with me) but I know that if he ultimately craves that super Hierophant-y order, I’m definitely not the one for him and our partnership won’t last. Fool = this. Magician = that. High Priestess comes next. That there is a right way to do it. That’s not how I teach. Not how I want to teach. Not how I can teach.

And I was thinking to myself: going “in order” is NOT even the best way to learn or understand the cards. What helps is a helpful guide who will lead you and help you get lost and then help you find your way.  Don’t get me wrong; we will talk to and about all the cards in the deck but I don’t have a McTarot course for anyone.

I am aware that we all learn differently so my approach could be completely wrong (or right) for you and if you want the usual, then read a book, visit a site. There are plenty. Plenty good ones. Great ones. I recommend a few in my Llewellyn book. Also, I’m not a scholar. I’m not a historian. I forget any history I read a minute later. I’m not a visual artist. I haven’t created a deck except for two primitive drawings.

What I am is experienced — in reading for others (professionally i.e. I get paid) and for myself.  I’m alive. The Tarot I teach is alive.

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"