Advice For The New Moon In Leo, New Tarot Class, & Getting Unstuck


"new moon eclipse in leo"
Hanged Man – 2015. Pastel. Staten Island.

In my current class, I’m starting to talk about Getting Unstuck (which is the name of a series of Pema Chodron talks so I started listening again) and asked them to draw cards for themselves:

Are they stuck? Actually stuck?

The cards will say yes or no and HOW (the how is embedded in the suit so you have to know your Tarot suits and elements) and then of course I drew a card of advice.

I wasn’t sure what would arise but I’m not surprised. I am definitely stuck and I think it will take me a few days to process just those two cards but I know I KNOW I am on the right track. An exercise like this can take you not only into the essence of “what you need to know now” but also into the essence of certain cards. I now NEED TO KNOW what those cards mean so I can know what my life means.

This getting unstuck discussion is related to the Nodes and the coming Eclipses – those areas of our lives which require our attention over the next 18 months or so.

It’s funny. Or not. What we want to focus on isn’t always what the chart and life requires. It’s not always good food, vacation, and romance! And maybe it’s that rarely or never or some of the time!

But what I notice is this – about transits – how they unfold. Especially these longish ones like where the Nodes are by transit and the Nodes don’t feel as scary as Pluto or Saturn so we can exhale around them – not seize up. Although I have written about my Pluto Sun opposition transit all along, it comes with fear. Not as much with the Nodes. There’s more wonder or fascination or hmm. But definitely a sign that says FOCUS HERE my dear.

So that’s my homework for you. Draw two cards AND ponder this:

What do you understand, about your life now, from where the Nodes are now, in your chart? 

They may be “problems” that have required your attention for years, decades, but you weren’t able to face them, clear them, SEE them, until now.

This week we have Mars entering Leo, the Sun entering Leo, and then the New Moon in Leo this weekend.

Card One: Am I stuck (how am I stuck)

Card Two: Advice for getting unstuck

And report back what you discover.


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